That sexy dress

Chapter 9

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"Nozomi-chan!" Honoka exclaimed as she ran towards the shrine helper who's carrying a box, followed by the other girls behind her.

"Oh, happy new year!" the emerald eye girl smiled.

"You too!" she smiled back.

"You look busy.." Kotori said while smiling at the her hardworking senpai.

"It's like this every year but I have a helper this year!"

"Nozomi!" Nico called from behind while struggling with the box she's carrying, "Do I take this over there?" clearly, she didn't the notice the others.

"Nico-chan!" Rin called startling her small senpai making the box slip under her grasp.

"What?! You guys came?!" she asked while picking up the box.

"You're so cute!" the orange haired girl complemented.

"You look great in the shrine maiden costume.." Umi seconded.

"Y-You think?"

Rin then pushed Maki towards the latter, "You could make a traditional Japanese duo with Maki-chan!"

"A duo?" the red haired girl then imagine the two of them, and they looked weird.

"That's it!" the brunette slammed her fist onto her other hand's palm lightly.

"Don't be silly!" Maki retorted.

"Yeah! We're not entertainers!" Nico shot back as well.

"Oh, hi everyone.."

After looking at the source, they all went in awe in what they saw.

"Eri-chan!" the brunette exclaimed.

"You look so cool!" Hanayo commented.

"You look charming.." Umi smiled, 'Indeed she is..'

"Eri-chan, let's take a photo together!" Rin jumped from behind the blonde excitedly.

"I can't, I'm busy right now.." she smiled apologetically then taced her bestfriend, "Nozomi, you should hurry up too.."

"Hai.. hai.. see you later!" Nozomi bid goodbye and so does the other two, they all then left leaving the other girls stared behind their backs.

Umi kept her gaze only on a certain blonde.




"Sorry for making you wait Umi!" Eri hugged her girlfriend tightly, "There really are lots of people who visited the shrine today.."

"I-It's okay.." she hugged back while smiling, "It's nice seeing you helping out.."

Seconds later, the blonde pulled back. "by the way.. happy new year, Umi.." she smiled sweetly making the bluenette blushed in the process.

"Happy new year to you too, Eri.." she smiled back.

"Shall we go?" the blonde intertwined their fingers as she tugged it forward.

Umi blushed more, she knows it's embarrassing but she just let what her girlfriend wants to do since it's new year and all. 'Just for now..'

"Umi.. c-can I stay at your house right now?"

"Eh?!" the bluenette stopped walking and shot Eri a surprised look, "Wh-Why all of a sudden?"

The blue eyed girl faced her with a blush staining her cheeks, "W-Well.. Arisa is staying at her friend's place, s-so.." she looked away.

"Well, it's okay.. I guess.." she scratched her cheeks while glancing away, "Though my parents are curren-" "Really?! Arigatooouuu~!" she hugged the baffled bluenette tightly, "I'm excited to see your home!" she pulled back with a huge grin on her face.

"Eh? just wanted to see my house, do you?" deadpanned, she then recieved a wink and a playfull tongue sticking out. "Matakku.."




"Tadaima!" Umi notified while removing her shoes, followed by Eri who closed the door and hurriedly removed hers. After the bluenette gave her slippers, she then followed the latter heading towards the living room.

'So, this is Umi's home huh?' she glances around, 'It's really in Japanese style, just as I imagine it would be..'

"Father! Mother! I've bought a friend of mine!" Umi called out, as they went in the living room they were then greated by the head of the Sonoda family, none other than Umi's father, who's currently sitting on the sofa while reading a newspaper, he then glanced at them.

"Welcome home, Umi.." her father smiled.

"Father, this is Eri.." the bluenette introduced.

'Whoa.. this is her father? They looked so similar! He's like Umi's male version..' gulping in nervousness, she panicked and quickly bowed. "H-Hello! Ayase Eri desu.. It's nice to meet you fa- I mean, Sonoda-san.." she immediately burst into beet red and curse under her breath, she almost called him 'father'!

Umi looked away trying to hide her amused smile, her father chuckled.

"Ahh.. Eri, just call me Yukki.." he smiled, "Or father, if that's what you prefer.."

Eri's blush are now overlapping and it's ten times more thicker than earlier after she heard him chuckle, "G-Gomenasai!" she quickly bowed, "I-I didn't mean to! Please excuse my rudeness!" ..what a way to start my new year!

"Father.." she pouted while looking at her amused father.

"Sorry.." he chuckled, "She's too cute to be teased-Oow!" he yelped when a fist lands on her head.

"What are you doing?" the woman glared at him, "She's our guest.. stop being childish.."

Eri blinked, she looked at the woman. 'She's really pretty..'

"I'm sorry for that.. please excuse my husband's rude behaviour.." she bowed lightly then smiled at the blonde, "My name is Sonoda Mio, it's nice to meet you Eri.." she smiled, "Just call me Mio.."

The blonde's blushes were slowly reducing, "I-It's nice to meet you too, Mio-san.." she bowed lightly the gave a smile.

"We'll just be in our room.. please excuse us.." Umi bowed, as she grabbed the blonde's hand her father interject.

"Umi.." he called making her daughter looked at him, "Nice catch!" he then winked while her mother giggled as she walked towards the kitchen.

"Father!" she exclaimed while blushing like mad and the girl beside her did the same but more redder than the usual.

"What?" he smirked, "We kept telling you to bring Eri here so that we can meet her."

"Heh?" Eri blinked furiously.

"Eri, as you know.. Umi talks about you a lot.. well.." her father was then cut off.

Her mother's head sticked out of the kitchen door frame, "She talks about the Muse members as well but she talks a lot when it comes to you.." she giggled.

"Mother!" Umi went even redder. 'What are they doing?!'

Mr. Yukki then stood up and went towards the blonde, Eri's eyes went wide as the man hugged her. "Welcome to the family Eri!" he exclaimed joyfully making the quarter Russian burst into beet reed while her daughter did the same.

"Uhh.." the blonde gape, she really didn't know what to say.

The man pulled back, "Sorry.." he chuckled, "Though, I know Umi is like that.." he glanced at his daughter's red face with an amused smile, "She's awfully boyish even though she wears girly clothes.."

"Father!" she exclaimed, "Please stop saying such embarrassing things!"

"Dear~!" Her wife yelled from the kitchen, "It's two in the morning, so please minimize the teasing.."

"Hai.. hai.." he chuckled, "Off you go girls.." he patted their heads gently.

"Mou.." Umi pouted.




Both sat on Umi's bed in silence, still red til the ears.

'My father just embarrassed me in front of Eri! Great..' the bluenette thought while biting her inner cheeks.

'What just happened?' Eri blinked, she was then brought back to her consciousness when the girl beside her cleared her throat.

"S-Sorry about that Eri.." Umi kept her stern look while eyes close, "I apologize for my father and mother's behaviour, I didn't expect the outcome of your sudden visit would turn out like this.."

"N-No! It's okay! I was just surprised.." she smiled awkwardly, "..I can't believe I've got accepted in your family that easily.." she smiled.

"Me either, I thought we'll have to sweat our way out to talk to them about our relationship.. " she sighed, "But I'm glad they like you.." she smiled at her.

"Yeah.. by the way, are your parents always like that? I mean, do they always tease you?"

"At times when I.." she blushed, "I.. t-talk about you.." she whispered making the blonde blushed.

"Ahh.." she scratched her cheeks, "I hope my parents are like that also.." she sighed, her hands was then grabbed by the bluenette she then looked at her.

"We don't have to hurry.." she gave an assuring smile, "We'll be able to find it out along the way.."

Eri's heart skipped a beat, she immediately launched herself to the bluenette and kissed her deeply. Umi's eyes widen because of the blonde's advances, but seconds later she returned the kiss but gently. She wrapped her arms around the blue eyed girl's waist and pulled her closer, their tongues danced slowly while Umi's hands caressed the blonde's back. But they still need air so they parted, they then panted while looking at each others eyes with a blush painted their beautiful faces.

"You know what.." Eri smiled while resting her head on the bluenette's chest, Umi then caressed her back. "You got your father's teasing side and your mother's formalness.."

The archer flinched, "I-Is that so?" her brows furrowed in worry, she didn't notice that she got her father's attitude . Much to her dismay.

"Yes.." she giggled while pushing herself off the latter, "And you even looked liked your father.."

"So, when are you going to start calling him father?" she teased making the blonde blushed to the ears.

"Umiii~!" she pouted, "See! You really got your father's attitude!" she stick out her tongue playfully.

"Well, I guess I did.." she smiled.

A knock on the door came.

"Hai!" Umi answered.

"Umi-chan, Eri-chan let's have snacks!" her mother called.

"Hai~" she answered again, seconds later she heard her mother walking away.

"Umi? Don't your family go to sleep every new years eve?"

"Of course we do.." she stood up, "I don't know why they're still up when we got home.."

"Hmm.. maybe they knew I'm coming?" the blonde said jokingly.

"I don't think it is the reason.. I'll ask them later, come on.." she smiled as she held out her hand to the blonde which she gladly accepted.




"Well, I just knew you'd bring Eri along.." her father smirked while glancing at her.

"How come? Eri's visit is sudden, I didn't even know she'll be coming.." she reasoned.

Eri on the other hand, sweatdropped while watching the father and daughter argue.

"I think you forgot what your family is.." he grinned, "I can sense your presence even with my eyes close."

"But we don't have prediction abilities.." her daughter shot back, "Or, you followed me all the way and got back here before we did."

Her father sweatdropped.

"Thought so.." Umi sighed, "That's very rude father.."

"Sharp as a tack.." her mother mumbled, but Eri was able to hear her since they sat beside each other. Mio then glanced at Eri with a smile making the blonde flinched, "Don't mind them.. they're always like that.." she giggled.

"Oh.." she then sipped her tea.

"So, Eri-chan.." Mio started making the quarelling duo stopped, "Where's your family now?"

"Uhmm.." Eri immediately got nervous, "T-They are in Russia because of work.."

"Oh yes, Umi-chan did mention that your grandmother was a Russian.." she took a sip on her tea, "So, When can we meet them?"

Eri choked on her tea, Umi then hurriedly patted her back. "S-Sorry.. I was just surprised.."

Deadpanned, "Mother..don't you think it's too early?"

"Not really, I just wanted to meet her family.. we'll soon be in-laws of course.." her mother giggled.

"Mother!" she exclaimed while her face burning up and so does the blonde.

"S-Sorry.. but I don't think talking to my parents about us will turn out good.." Eri lowered her head.

"Eri.." Umi looked at her with a concerned look.

"B-But it's still too early to talk about it though.. we still have time.." she smiled at the woman who smiled back.

"I really like you.." Mio pulled her into a tight hug, "Very mature yet still young.."

Eri blushed more, 'Umi! Helped!' she silently pleading.

"I don't mind if you call me mother also." she pulled back while giggling, "It would be unfair if you'll only address Yukki as father.."


Everything went black.


"Hnn.." the blonde groan, she then slowly opened her eyes. 'What just happ-Oh.. I fainted..'

"Glad your awake.." Umi smiled down at her.

Eri directly shot herself up, "I'm so sorry for that! T-That was totally embarrassing!" she blushed immediately.

The archer moved closer to her and kissed her cheeks, "It's okay Eri..I.." she stopped herself after recalling the part where after Eri fainted, she instantly went enraged and blew fire on her own parents, she started to get red also. She really doesn't want the blonde to know that she lectured her own parents. "I told them to stop teasing.." she awkwardly smile.

"T-They're not mad?"

The bluenette shook her head, "Not even close.." she then gave an assuring smile, "Let's head to bed?"

"Oh yes.. I'm also sleepy myself.." stifling a yawn making the archer chuckled.

"We're heading to Honoka's family store later at ten.." Umi said.

"Oh.. yeah, I almost forgot.."

"Here are your pyjamas.." she handed it to her.

"Arigatou.." taking it while smiling back, "Be back in a sec.." she then went to the bathroom.


"Haaii~ thanks for the wait!" Honoka's mom exclaimed as she bought out the rice, she then poured it to the giant mortar.

Honoka then wore their family vest, she then grabbed the mallet-like and readied herself.

"Are you sure you can do it Honoka?" her mother asked.

"Dad taught me how! Here I go!"

As she raised the mallet high, Umi is guarding below and preparing to flip the soon-to-be rice cake.

"Hai!" Umi exclaimed.

As the brunette kept pounding the rice, Umi then kept flipping it til it's like a dough. The muse members just kept watching them.

"The rice is shining!" Hanayo drooled, currently holding a chopsticks and a plate while looking at the rice. "I can't wait for the rice cakes!"

"You're so ready to eat them!" Nico deadpanned.

The brunette sropped pounding them glanced at the oranged haired girl, "Rin-chan, wanna try?"

"You bet nyaa~!" she grabbed the mallet, "Maki-chan, you too!"

Maki waved her hand, "No thanks.. why are we making rice cakes all of a sudden anyway?"

"Getting rid of the old inventory?" Nozomi seconded.

"Not at all! I realized we haven't thanked our classmates at all.." Honoka looked down.

"Thank them?" Eri asked.

"Yeah!" she looked back at them excitedly, "We wouldn't have made it through the final round of preliminaries without all their help! But thw winter break started right after, and the new year passed.."

"That doesn't mean we need to aake rice cakes!" Nico retorted.

"It's the only thing I could think of!" she shot back, "And we might just come up with a catchphrase when we see our classmates!"

"With rice cakes?" the idol fanatic tilted jer head in question.

"A catchphrase that takes the cake?!" their small senpai exclaimed.

Hanayo dropped the chopsticks, then ran behind Rin with Kotori beside her.

"Nico-chan, that's really bad!" the orange haired girl said.

"Well, excuse me!" Nico hollered, "I couldn't help it okay?"

Rin started to raise the mallet.

"Watch out!" Arisa jumped on Umi making the other muse members baffled and so does the bluenette, "We don't want any injuries in muse!"

"Arisa?" Eri looked at her sister then giggled, everyone then did the same.

"I wasn't trying to hit her nyaa~!" Rin smiled.

After making the rice cake, they then gave the younger blonde's share.

"A rice cake? Slime?" Arisa asked.

"Try it! You'll love it!" Hanayo smiled.

The younger blonde took a bite, "It's great!"

"Oh, really going at it!" One of Honoka's classmate called while approaching them along with their other classmates. The brunette then ran towards them.



"Our catchphrase is really nice." Eri commented as she settle Umi's tea in front of her, "I really liked it.." she smiled as she took her seat beside the bluenette.

"Yes, it was indeed suitable.." Umi smiled back as she took hold of the cup. They then heard the doorbell chime.

"Just a sec.." Eri then pressed the camera button to see who her visitor is, her eyes went wide when she saw it was her parents. 'Bozhe moy!' she ran back to the bluenette, "My parents are here!"

"Eh?" Umi panicked, she quickly straighten herself up while the blonde scampered towards the door.

Eri cleared her throat and breathed deep, she then turned the knob slowly then she was greeted by her parents. "Mom, Dad.." she smiled awkwardly, "Dobro domoy!"

Her mother hugged her immediately and kissed her cheeks. Her father patted her head and smiled down at her.

"Mom, Dad.. Come on inside.." she stepped away, "I've got a visitor.." her parents stepped inside and removed their shoes.

"Oh? Is it your boyfriend dear?" her mother exclaimed making the blonde beet red.

..yes, but a girl.. "N-No! I don't have a boyfriend mom.." she then lead the way towards the living room. They were then greated by an amber eyed girl.

"Oh, hello." her mother started, she then stared at the bluenette.

Gulped, 'Why is Ayase-san staring at me?' her sweat began to race down but still she kept her smile. The archer blinked, Eri's parents are good looking, she took her father's eye and hair color..

"Oh! You must be Umi-chan!" she exclaimed joyfully, she then hugged the baffled bluenette.

"Uhh.. Y-Yes, I am.." ..Did Eri told her parents already?

The woman pulled back and looked at her with a big smile, "My future daughter-in-law, right?"

The woman giggled, the man on the other hand, then spoke and stared down at her with a serious face. "You are her girlfriend?" the man still has his Russian accent making his words more creepy.

..What? When did they know about us?! "Uhh.." she gulped.

'Oh my God!' Eri's eyes went wide, "Dad.." she called in concern making her father shot back a cold glare. 'Crap..' she bit the insides of her cheeks.

"I'll ask again, ARE YOU ERI'S GIRLFRIEND?" he kept his killing stare at the bluenette who trembled in fear.

Gulping more, sweating more. 'Be brave Umi! Show them you deserve their daughter!' she encouraged herself, taking a deep breath and stared back at the man with the same killing stare. "Yes.."

Eri's eyes grew wide and directly went red to the ears, 'What are you doing Umi?!' she became more concerned since the bluenette opened up their relationship, knowing her own father who's very strict, Umi certainly is digging her own grave. 'Umi..' but she didn't expect what the bluenette will be saying next.

"I intented to stay with her for the rest of my life.." her golden orbs shone with bravery, "And I'll prove it to you Ayase-san that I am worthy of being with your daughter.." fine red lines marked her delicate cheeks. "If you are in doubt about my love for your daughter, I'm ready to prove it to you.."

Umi shot fire after fire making Eri agaped. The woman just giggled while the man kept his stern gaze.

"You are brave enough to stand against.." he stopped midway and kept staring at the bluenette, 'Such a brave little girl..' he smirked internally, "..against your father.." he smirked.

Both teens eyes went wide, Eri agaped. "What did you say dad?" she whispered.

Her dad chuckled, "I was just testing Umi-chan.." he smiled, his stern look faded and replaced with a smiling facade. "And her glare made my skin crawl.." he chuckled again.

"G-Gomenasai! I-I didn't mean to!" Umi bowed immediately.

"It's okay dear.." the woman patted her head, "Oh, sorry for the late introduction.." she giggled, "I'm Ayase Mayuki and this is Ruslan.. and you can call me Mom!" she grinned.

"H-Hai! I-It's nice meeting you Mom!" she blurted. 'Wait, what?'

Eri looked away while covering her mouth, trying to hide her giggle.

"Oh God! I'm very sorry Mayuki-san!" she bowed again while getting redder, "I-I-I didn't mean to! I-I wasn't on my-" she was then cutted off by Eri who covered her mouth, "I-It's okay Umi.." she smiled, she still has her amused smile making the archer more redder. Umi just looked down in embarrassment.

The man laughed, "Such a cute girl.." he patted the bluenette's head, "How 'bout calling me dad also?" he grinned.


Everything went black.


"Hnn.." the archer blinked, blue concerned eyes greeted her.

"Glad your awake.." she sighed, "I know it must have been a shock.."

Umi sat slowly, "I understand how you feel.." she sighed as well, "When did they know?"

"Uhh.. actually, the thing is.." she scratched her cheeks while looking away, "They were just bluffing.."

"Ohh.." she blinked, then seconds later it sank on her. "Wait, what?!" she exclaimed.

"After we brought you here, they talked to me about us.." she looked at her girlfriend, "They said they were just bluffing and they can't even believe it themselves that you would break the ice.." she smiled weakly, "But they said it's okay.." her smile grew.

"Oh my God.." she blushed hard then directly bury her face on her palms.

"Don't worry about it.." she kissed her cheeks, "Look on the bright side? We don't have to hide anymore.." she said making the bluenette looked at her.

"I..I guess you're right.." she smiled weakly.

"Aren't you going to call them mom and dad also?" she snickered.

Umi's face puffed out smokes, "Eri! T-That's embarrasing!"

The blonde just laugh at the archer's pouted face.


Later that night, they then recieved a message from Honoka.

[Minna! We're gonna practice tomorrow! See you!]

She then type another message.

[And we're gonna do something about Eri-chan and Umi-chan! hahahaha] she sent it again except for the two subjects.


Dobro domoy means welcome home :D

Thank you for reading! :)

-Raine1o1™ out-

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