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Smart little omega


Rosé has been smart as a whip since she was born but what happens when everything is taken away from her

Other / Drama
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Chapter one

No ones POV

The parents were in the car rushing to the hospital because Sam ( female beta) was about to give birth to a new baby girl. Sam was halfway panicking because she didn’t want her baby to be born in a car.John( male Alfa,sams husband,father of the baby) was trying to calm down his wifey while at the same time trying to rush to the hospital. John had to drive faster because Sam said she felt the baby starting to push. So when they finally arrived at the hospital it only took a couple of punches to get the baby all the way out.they decided to tame their baby Rosé.Rosé was a tiny bundle of joy.

(Now their will be a few time skips because I am the author and I can controls time and space here)

When Avery was only three months she said he first words which was “I want pizza “ that was the most funny thing her parents have ever heard of.

When she was seven months she took her first steps and soon after at eight months was running around the house.

When she turned one years old she was able to have full conversation with people.(damn she was a smart kid)

Present day(Rosé is five and is about to start kinder garden)

Sam P.O.V

Today is the first day of school for Rosé. She’s been so happy about it since I told her she would start today. Right now I’m on my way to her room to wake her up. But suprisingly she was already awake and fully dressed when I got to her room. So I made breakfast the we started walking to her school. When we got there I met her teacher and dropped her off at her classroom before saying good bye

Rosé P.O.V

Today is the day that I start school I was so excited so I woke up extra early to get ready. Mommy was kinda surprised that I did it myself today because normally she helps me get dressed. So after that we went down stairs to eat breakfast. When we were done we had went to the school.mommy met my teacher then she had to leave.

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