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Trust No One

By ambidextrious_witch

Romance / Mystery

The New Arrrival

Chapter 1

The New Arrival

Who wrote the journals?

It's always been a question in the back of my mind, every second of every day. Who wrote this mysterious book that I've been keeping in my jacket all summer? Where did they go? What happened to them? Bill said I was on the verge of some real answers, yet every time I feel as though I'm getting closer to those answers, they slip away…

I need help.

It was just another sleepy, summer day in Gravity Falls, Oregon. The Mystery Shack was normally pretty packed with tours, since their defeat of Lil' Gideon. However, today was what could finally be considered a slow day and not just "a normal day". Dipper Pines was behind the cashier desk "watching it" for Wendy, while she was casually sneaking her way towards the ladder to the roof. He watched her as she pretended to be rearranging the various merchandise, until the second Stan's back was turned and she could sneak up the ladder.


He let out a scream of shock as his sister, Mabel Pines, appeared beside him. She was clad in a forest green sweater covered in different sizes and shapes of buttons, with the phrase "Cute as a Button" stitched across the center in rainbow colors.

"Stop staring at Wendy. You've got to let her go, bro."

"I wasn't staring at Wendy. I was writing stuff down about that one thing over there." He looked down at the notepad and realized he had been writing, "I'm most definitely not looking at Wendy. I'm pretending to write something, pretending to write something, pretending to write something …"

"See, Mabel." Dipper added, even though it only weakened his argument.

"Come on, man. You've got to get back out there. You think I just gave up on boys after Bipper caused me to ruin my sock opera designed to impress Gabe, or when my first boyfriend turned out to be a bunch of gnomes in disguise. NO! It's time to rebound!" she yelled, pounding her fists on the desk with enthusiasm. Mabel looked around the vaguely occupied gift shop, until her eyes settled on a target. "What about that cute, honey over there?

Dipper sighed and gazed up at the girl Mabel was pointing at. She looked like Lazy Susan, only more wrinkled and minus the lazy eye. The only reason he would ever even think about walking up to her was to check if she was still alive. She'd been checking out the same snow globe for thirty minutes now.

"Mabel, she's even older than Wendy." Dipper added, wondering what his sister was even thinking by suggesting her. Then again, his sister was, according to herself, an expert matchmaker. I mean, she was the one who duct taped Waddles and Gompers together and threw them a wedding. Nothing was off limits.

"If you're looking for someone our age, how about one of my girls? Or maybe Pacifica?" Mabel tried suggesting.

"No. Definitely no, to all those choices," he replied, quickly, mentally shuttering at the thought of dating any of those girls. Candy and Grenda were too much like Mabel, yet managed to have their own quirks that made them even weirder. Then, there was Pacifica, "Why would you even mention Pacifica? Isn't she still your arch nemesis?"

"She's been a bit nicer, since we almost got killed by talking golf balls. I think she just longs for real friendship and love." she reasoned. Dipper couldn't argue that. Ever since the mini golf incident, she'd stopped laughing and whispering about them with her "friends" when they passed her on the streets. When she was alone, she'd acknowledged them with a head shake. However, that wasn't enough for Dipper to be swayed from his hatred.

"The answer is still no. She's a bleach-blonde Barbie, who I still don't like one bit."

"What about her, then?"

Dipper rolled his eyes and looked to yet another unsuspecting Mystery Shack tourist Mabel was pointing at. She looked to be about twelve, her wavy auburn-brown hair hit her shoulders and was wearing a plaid babydoll dress. She was reading out of a book entitled, "How to Cope with Your Supernatural Paranoia." and kept looking back up at the case with the "Why?" monster in it with curiosity.

"No, Mabel. Look, I'm not interested in finding some summer love like you are, there are bigger things to worry about right now." Dipper stated, firmly. He didn't care about finding some new girl to like, he cared about finding the journal author. It was about halfway through the summer and he didn't have a clue about who the author was. Dipper was determined to figure it out before the "big things" Bill was talking about actually happened. His intuition told him whatever they were, they were not good things and he needed to stop them, despite Bill saying he couldn't.

"Come on, Dipper. I'll go warm her up for ya'."

"Mabel! Don't!"

However, Mabel was already on her way to go talk to her. Dipper shrunk down behind the counter, in case she decided to point him out and further embarrass him. The girl was now looking at one of the postcards off the postcard rack, when Mabel walked up behind her and shouted,

"Hi! I'm Mabel Pines. What's your name, stranger?"

The girl naturally jumped up and let out a small scream, just like Dipper had earlier when Mabel had snuck up on him. Except, she took the postcard rack down with her. She stared at up at Mabel, who was hunched over waiting for her answer, probably wondering if she should give it.

"Abbey McCorkle." she answered, a little uneasily. Mabel offered her a hand up and hoisted her back onto her feet.

"I love your bracelet! It looks like candy!" Mabel shrieked, as she noticed it hanging off her right wrist as she picked her up. It was band of pastel-colored stars in a rainbow that surrounded her wrist.

"Thanks, I made it before I had to leave all my craft stuff back home in Piedmont." Abbey replied, holding it out for Mabel to have a better look.

"You're from Piedmont. So are me and my brother. We're staying here for the summer cause are parents thought we could use some fresher air and all that," Mabel explained. "What about you?"

"My parents thought my obsession with the Labyrinth was getting to dangerous levels and also wanted me to get some fresh air."

"I'm obsessed with the Labyrinth too. Omigod, you're like my soul sister!" she gasped, pulling the girl into a hug. Suddenly, Mabel was dragging the girl in his direction and he ducked back behind the counter, hoping they didn't see him. "Dipper! She's a good one. Come meet her!"

"Ugh, Mabel!"

A good one in Mabel's eyes was Candy and Grenda status, which meant this girl was bound to be yet another whack job like his sister and her friends. Also, the Labyrinth. He hated that movie. He groaned and reluctantly stepped out from behind the counter.

"Abbey, meet my brother, Dipper."

"Nice to meet you," Dipper stated, although not very sincerely. He originally had no intention of getting to know her. However, further examination of the book in her hands made him wonder about her personality a little more. "That's a strange book your reading for a visit to a supernatural hotspot."

"Well, it says to go to one of these sort of places to see how fake the supernatural really is," Abbey explained. She flipped through the pages, until she found the page she was looking for, "The supernatural is really made up by money grubbing, con men, trying to sell you crap you don't need."

"Sounds like Grunkle Stan," Dipper added, remembering Stan say pretty much the exact same thing before they found out his knowledge of the supernatural. "But I wouldn't discredit the supernatural so easily. The Mystery Shack maybe some fake tourist trap, but I've seen some things in this town."

"Really? You've actually seen things."

"Yeah, loads of things. This town is full of the supernatural," he added. She was looking up at him with that sparkling interest he got when he discovered something new. Could it be she was really that interested in the mysteries of the town? "I could show you some of my findings, if you want."

He could just show her a few things. Not like the journal or anything super major, for now, but enough to keep her belief in the supernatural alive. Ever since those government agents had shown up, he was actually looking for someone else he could trust and share all of this with. Unfortunately, they got dragged away by zombies. Mabel and Soos weren't always a great help and things between him and Wendy were still pretty raw. He needed someone more like him, someone with that supernatural instinct. Who knows, she might become a strong ally to him if he let her get involved. It seemed like she had the drive for it.

"That would be amazing!" Abbey exclaimed, with a broad smile.

"Sppsh, you don't want to listen to this guy bore your brains out with his nerd talk and crazy conspiracies," Mabel remarked, adding a farting sound effect at the end. Dipper glared at her, but she ignored him. "Listen, the girls and I are having a classic sleepover tonight you should totally come."

"Yeah, that sounds great. I love sleepovers." Abbey replied, turning her attention away from Dipper to Mabel.

"Be back here at around six with your wackiest pajama bottoms, ready to dance, magic dance!"

"Alright, I'll see you later then."

"Mabel, how could you do that? She was actually interested in my research on the town," Dipper shouted, once Abbey was completely gone. For once he had found someone who actually believed him and Mabel had just snatched her away. "I thought you wanted me to rebound."

"That was before I found out she's my soul sister," Mable argued, even though she'd just met the girl like fifteen minutes ago "You can't date my soul sis, Dip. That would be incest."

"Okay first off, she's not a blood relative of ours, and secondly, I don't want to date her. I just want to talk to her."

"You're just going to scare her off! Look, I know you want a supernatural girlfriend and I haven't been a very good Mystery Twin lately, but I saw her first," Mabel argued. Dipper scoffed. It was a childish argument. Mabel scowled at his resilience. "It's girl's night tonight, which means I better not see you trying to talk with her and poison her mind with your conspiracies. Got it?"


"Dipper, pick up all these postcards! What'd the pig go berserk again?" Stan interjected, from over by the fallen rack.

Dipper groaned and went to go pick them up, while Mabel retreated to the den in a small sense of victory. This conversation was not over, however. He wasn't about to let Mabel get in his way just because she wanted another weirdo best friend. He could sense that this girl was more like him then she was Mabel and he planned on drawing out that fact and gain a true ally to help him solve this town's mysteries. He was talking to this girl. Tonight.

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