Little Snow Trickster


Fury sends the Avengers to obtain the a power source similiar to the Tesseract but they're surprise to find out that it'a human...and a kid?!

Action / Humor
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A kid?

New York, Central Park, 5th Avenue, The Plaza hotel.

It was 12 o'clock in the evening and the 5 avengers waited at the hallway at the penthouse floor. Bruce didn't want to come since he was afraid that he'll just destroy the place using the Hulk and that left Tony, in his Ironman suit, Steve, Natasha, Clint and Thor all waiting and preparing for their attack. They all decided to sneak on the roof so that it would cause less attention to the public. Tony didn't really mind it but he had to admit, they all looked a tad bit funny when they would all just barged in the hotel wearing their uniforms. It's going to be pretty embarrassing. So the rooftop was the best choice second to Tony's idea of breaking in the penthouse window.

Fury ordered the avengers to capture anyone who was involved with the energy source. Someone had to be involved, otherwise, they wouldn't be looking for it at a 5 star hotel at the most expensive room. Whoever's got the energy source was awfully rich.

Or maybe just really crafty.

What confused Steve though was the lack of information that Fury gave to them about the power source. No details and no records just, "the energy source is at the penthouse suite at the plaza hotel." Was all he said for the place.

When Natasha tried to read Fury's expression when he gave the this mission, he seemed a bit worried. And he could really do used some sleep. Well, he did mention something about nightmares. So that was probably it.

Natasha ordered Tony to show how many people were in the room, the scans said that there was only one. And the power source was present too. Although he could be wrong but he swore that the when he did the thermal scan the energy source was where the same person was standing.

The Avengers sneaked up quietly inside the living room and Steve ordered them to guard the place in every angle. He didn't know how much of a threat Fury though it was but it probably would be big since he sent the 5 avengers to go and collect and capture it. He was about to set the plan into action when what he saw confused him.

A little girl, about the age of 12 was jumping up and down on the couch wearing headphones as her source of music.

They certainly didn't expect that. She's...a child.

"Lower your weapons. She's just a child." Steve pointed out. Fury better be wrong about this. If that little girl was the threat then he might just have to question his place at SHIELD. "Stark!"

"JARVIS? Where is the energy source?" Tony questioned the AI from underneath his metal armor, his tone was really confuse by all of this.

"It appears that you are looking at her, sir." JARVIS replied.

The Avengers looks were all filled with confusion. A 12-year-old kid?

Fury worried about a kid? Tony thought, chuckling in the inside. This was certainly a new one. He could understand if she was a teenager a bit but—a 12-year-old child is way out of the question. What's next? 5 year olds would go running around with little toy guns as their superpower?

The girl was busy jumping up and down that she didn't really notice the 5 avengers in her home. How did she even afford this anyway? They didn't know. Rich parents perhaps?

She automatically stopped and looked at the Avengers with looks of fear and confusion. The fear evidently passed and she just stared at the 5.

The little girl had long black hair..wait no, light brown? blonde? grey? Platinum blonde! was black.

okay what just happened. Tony thought.

Her hair was tied into a simple, messy fishtail braid and was slung over her right shoulder and bangs poorly cut bangs that were covering her dark green eyes that looked sly, mysterious and mischievous. Like she was thinking on how she would solve a puzzle or discover your secrets. It kinda reminded Thor of Loki's eyes. She had an athletic built and for some reason had the aura that said mess with me and you die. she was also rather small for her age but still she looked very pretty with her porcelain skin.

she looked like a child model who for some reason had very messy(but straight),i-don't-bother-to-comb-my-hair, hair.

The little girl sported a long and grey button up hoodie shirt and black skinny jeans that stopped at her calves. She wore no shoes and instead had some kind of white cloth that was wrapped all around her ankles.

Her choice of outfit seemed odd for normal 12-year-old kid though. The girl finally spoke and her voice was soft yet had a hint of mischief in it, "wrong room?" She raised an eyebrow at them while taking off her blue headphones and plopping them down on the couch beside her.

"I wish." Tony said.

"What's your name, kid?" Natasha asked with a strict and firm voice. She clearly wasn't amused but the situation and just hoped that this was all a Huge joke by Fury, then again Fury wasn't the type to pull jokes so it had to be Tony or Clint.

"I don't know your name, why should I tell you mine."

"You are just a child. Tell me man of Iron, is this not what you Midgardians refer to as a joke?" Thor boomed.

"I was about to say the same thing" Natasha said coldly and glared at both Tony and Clint. They raise their hands in defense and stated that it wasn't them.

"Look Nat, we're just as confuse as you are." Clint said quickly. He thought that Natasha's death glares weren't to be messed with. Thor stepped forward and loudly announced that they 'are the avengers' using his "inside voice" that was considered in this realm as yelling.

The girl eyed Thor for a bit, she was thinking or rather planning something from the looks of it. She then giggle lightly and shook her head. "I know that. Your like famous and all. What I want to know is, why are you doing here?" She crossed her arms on her chest and continued to scan at the group for their behavior.

"We just wanna ask some questions." Nat said calmly this time.

The girl moved towards the kitchen where she took a blue sling bag out of the cupboard and then slung it over her shoulder. This gave the avengers more questioning looks. Even more so when she took out a small silver stick about 10x5 measurement that frost markings. She started humming and then moved to where the couch was and then sitting on it and turning on the tv.

"Avengers huh? That means, Nick must have sent you" she snorted before adding, "I don't get why he couldn't just come her himself. What chance does a 13-year-old girl with a silver short stick against a Norse god "alien" whatever you are..." She pointed the stick at Thor before pointing it at Clint then Natasha,"...two master assassins, a super soldier, and a human automaton. It's rather low don'tcha think?"

The girl said it all in a bored tone. Tony had to say that she was different from the other pre-teens. No normal child her age would not scream and panic and call for their mommy when 5 random strangers(well, they weren't exactly strangers. they were The famous Avengers. A kid her age would most likely squeal and ask for an autograph.) bust into her room..or house.. or penthouse. Whatever. She didn't care if they were all famous superheroes. It looked like she talked back to people who had more higher authority.

"How do you know Fury?" Steve questioned. The girl shrugged and turned off the tv after searching throughout the channels and not finding one that she liked, "she told me." She said dryly.


"Look if he wants answers, tell him to come over here himself. No wait, scratch that. OI, NICK, COME ON HERE YOURSELF." she shouted and Tony and Clint couldn't help but chuckled. "He treats you like errand boys...and girl. Can you believe that, it was worse when the go—"she suddenly stopped. This only made the avengers more curious.

What was she going to say? Go..gone..Gomez?

Fury commanded them to detain her. But nobody wanted to fight a little girl. Perhaps if they could just talk her out of it. Seems pretty easy enough. "Hey, Nat. How good are with children?" Clint whispered to her. But Natasha ignored him when she moved to grab the girl while saying, "Come with us kid and you won't get hurt." Nat said grabbing her free wrist.

"Question answered; apparently, not good." Clint stated.

The girl jerked her wrist away from Nat's tight grip and them glared at her before sticking out her tongue. Then something happened. Her stick magically turned into a long silver staff that was bigger than her. She pointed the staff at Natasha and then a blue light appeared. Nat was flung over by a strong gust of wind, that came from the staff. She slammed the end to the ground and the. Suddenly the room temperature drop.

"How did you do that?" Tony had to ask. She didn't get a chance to say though when Clint raced towards the girl, attempting to grab her with no skill at All. What she did surprised the avengers again, she jumped or rather floated up in the air just above Clint's head and them she smack the staff hard on his head and then she sent a strong gust of wind to him causing him to fall backwards, covered with frost. The girl giggled as she landed on the ground.

Tony failed to capture the girl though, because she was quick. And she fought really well with the staff. She jumped towards him and hit him with the end on the side of his armor. The sad part was. It actually hurt. What is that metal made of. He just had to have it. His armor froze unabling him to move, temporarily. Thor attempted to grab her from behind but the girl had fast reflexes. She ducked and got under him so that she was on his back, stepping on his cape causing him to tumble backwards. She also frosted his cape to add effect.

Steve didn't know if the girl fought well or they just underestimated her. Who wouldn't? She's 13! He could use his shield to knock her out but he guess she didn't deserve that. She's just a kid after all. He attempted to grab her from behind but was surprised to see that he was hugging Tony.

"Umm...Cap, mind telling me WHY YOU'RE HUGGING ME!"

"But I did she..." He swore that it was the girl that he saw. Was something wrong with his eye? He let go of Tony. He saw the girl laughing beside the fallen Clint. " look so good together." She cooed in a mock tone. She was busy laughing that she didn't notice Clint, who already recovered from the hard blow that he received from her a while ago, grab her from behind and locking her in his arms.

"Hey let me go!" She protested.

"You know, you sure are a handful." Clint said. He was still in pain from the blow the girl gave her. He just hoped that he didn't have a concussion later. The girl kept on squirming. "Don't even bother—"

And then poor Clint was thrown forward by the girl. When he looked at her, she had a smirk on her face. Thor was behind her but he failed again in grabbing her. She hit him in his crotch.

Real hard.

Thor knelt, grabbing his crotch from the pain. Tony and Clint couldn't help but chuckle in amusement. "What do you know? My brother was right." She commented before giggling again and running towards the door. She was in the hallway, looking at her work, she smiled before slamming the tip of the staff on the ground again causing it to ice the entire floor. "Well, it was nice seeing you folks. Have a snowy day!" She waved the staff and the room was engulfed with a thick cover of snow. The girl ran quickly towards the exit on the rooftop.

Tony had enough of this. He was irritated. And embarrass that he was taken down by a little girl. Not as embarrass as Clint who was judo thrown by the back by the little girl or when Thor hit him hard on his manhood. That was funny. He had to give her points for that.

Ironman rushed to the rooftop where he was still able to catch up to the little girl. She was panting from all the running. She was exhausted. It was the perfect time for Tony to grab a hold of her, but maybe he could just talk to her, she was probably scared out of her mind that she had to defend herself. Although he questioned on how she learned how to fight like that.

"Look kid, we don't want to hurt you, we just wanna ask you some questions." He said calmly.

"And by questions, you mean trapping me In a prison. Why? I'm not a threat or anything. And I haven't done anything evil." She said, her voice was shaky now.

Now Tony was guilty, he scared the poor child. "If you come in quietly, I could give you a room with everything. I'll even give you sweets. Do you want that? Plus, I wanna talk to you about how you did that ice stuff, and what you did with Clint and Thor was hilarious."

The girl smiled and them laughed softly, Tony sighed a bit knowing that she was starting to get comfortable. "I do like sweets...I'm still not coming with you though." She said the latter quickly before running towards the edge of the roof and jumping.

"NO!" Tony screamed. He flew towards her so that he could save the girl. Why would she jump? Tony tried to grab her by the ankle. He heard the girl laughing as if jumping off buildings was a normal phenomenon for her. She turned so that she was already facing Tony. Giving him a large grin and a salute.

"Maia!" She the girl shot up and flew. After all that has happened today, Tony was still surprised. His best guess on what this girl was is a mutant. Tony flew up trying to catch her but was sent backwards when she sent a cold gust of wind and ice towards him. Tony however easily was able to recover. "See ya later, Tin man." But instead of chasing after her, he stopped and waited and inside his metal mask, he smirk. Because he knew who was behind her.

When the little girl turned to fly, she bumped into the large chest of Thor, who was hovering right in front of her. Tony quickly flew towards the two and grab the girl's staff before she could go and use on Thor. She trashed around and stretched out her arms to grab her staff.

"Gimme my staff!" She glared at Tony.

He ignored it and looked at Thor who wasn't having a hard time keeping the girl in place. "Let's bring her down at the apartment, Thor." He instructed. They flew towards the penthouse's window of which Thor smash because he thought it was the fastest way to reach the two.

The girl still kept on squirming and struggling, but Thor was just too strong. He hoisted her up from the hoodie. She looked so tiny compared to the huge Asgardian. The girl only kept on reaching her arms to grab her staff. Tony, being his immature self, only raised the staff higher so that she couldn't reach it, giving her a smug look. The girl glared and stuck her tongue out at her.

Natasha looked at the girl and was slightly angry at what she did to her. Her body still felt cold from the wind, ice and snow that she released moments ago. "I underestimated you bunch." The girl mumbled.

"Ah...shouldn't that be the other way around." Said Clint who was rubbing his back from the pain that the girl had inflicted on him. He still wondered in how a small built like that was able to throw down a grown and experience assassin/archer. "We better take her to Fury." Nat took out a syringe filled with green liquid. The girl stared at the needle with horror. "Can we just...take me to Fury without all the needle and whatever is in that stuff." She squeaked.

"We would but from the fiasco that you pulled today, I'm going to have to deny it." Natasha said firmly.

The girl felt a sharp pain in her neck and then...everything was black.

A/N: this is a an inspired story from lilwolf12321's Not what we had expected story in Fanfiction. It's a recommended read guys.
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