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Sweet Desire | Yoonmin


In which Yoongi, a runaway vampire accidentally enters the territory of Jimin, the head alpha of the Crimson Moon pack. 𓂺 slow updates 𓂺 short chapters

Drama / Romance
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It was nearing daybreak when Yoongi decided to run away from the palace he once called home. After almost being caught by the guards he ran out the huge gate only to active the alarm.

After cursing at his stupidity for not even thinking of disabling the alarm before leaving, Yoongi decided to just run even faster into the deep and dark forest that surrounded the palace. With a lot of guards following him, he tried to use the darkness that the tall trees provided.

Yoongi was slowly becoming tired, not used to wasting large amounts of energy as he grew up with everyone giving him whatever he wanted and being provided everything he needed. He now regrets living that lifestyle but if he wanted to escape his horrid fiance then running away was his only solution.

“Please your highness, we need to bring you back to palace. The king commands it.” A guard said loudly making Yoongi huff as he avoided running into multiple thick branches that could’ve given him bruises as they were sharp.

He would never go back. They would have to kill him first before he would ever willingly marry the cruel king he was unluckily enganged with.

Yoongi continued to run deeper and deeper into the forest until the first few rays of the sun hit the ground and soon the sun began to rise as the night faded slowly into day. A small hiss of pain came from Yoongi’s lips as his hand was exposed to sunlight causing them to itch.

Sunlight wasn’t a weakness of a vampire but Yoongi had been born weak. His immune system was barely helping him as he was often sick in bed but as he grew up he was no longer bedridden most of the time but he had an abnormal illness that made sunlight unbearable for him if his skin were to be exposed to it. He could walk under broad daylight just fine but it made his skin itchy and if he were to stay under the sun for a long time then his skin would begin to burn slightly.

Because of this Yoongi had an irregular sleep schedule as he was forced by his parents to sleep in the day and be awake at night but he didn’t want that. He wanted to be awake when most were awake, and not be awake when he had no one to talk to.

It wasn’t fun growing up with an abnormal illness but other than his restrictions with going outside during the day, his parents allowed him freedom. He was free to do anything he wanted as long as he was safe and Yoongi couldn’t be happier. Well that was until his parents announced that he would be marrying a rich vampire who was not only obsessive but also one who wanted to control him for the rest of his life. The man wanted to make him into his own puppet, his personal toy, and Yoongi didn’t want that.

Due to Yoongi being desperate because of the wedding that was drawing nearer and nearer each day, he ran away from his home. Now here he was hiding on a tree branch high enough that he was sure that the guards couldn’t find him.

He could still hear the boots of guards searching for him but he was confident enought that he was safe in his hiding spot that also provided him shelter from the sunlight.

After a few minutes when Yoongi was sure that he could no longer hear the voices of the guards nor the sounds of their boots, he jumped down the branch and landed on the muddy ground with a loud thud. He winced at how loud he landed but he was more focused on his black boots being covered in mud. It was disgusting but he couldn’t do anything about it at that moment.

Yoongi decided to walk in the forest to maybe find a few bushes that had fruits because his stomach was growling quietly out of hunger. He had not eaten his meal when he was still at the palace as he was already planning his escape at the time.

It had been a while before he found a bush that had red berries growing from it. Yoongi was approaching the bush and was about to pick out a few berries when he was suddenly shoved to the ground by force.

Yoongi closed his eyes when his back hit the muddy ground causing him to whine inaudibly because of how disgusting he felt that his clothes were now tracked in dirt. Yoongi could feel a body hovering over him as well as the harsh breathing coming from the one who shoved him to the ground.

Out of curiosity Yoongi opened his eyes to see a male growling at him. The male had midnight black hair and golden eyes that made his spine shiver in fear. He was wearing a white button-up shirt and grey sweatpants that were put to shame by Yoongi’s seemingly expensive and extravagant clothing.

The male’s face slowly moved closer to Yoongi’s own before he heard him speak.

“What are you doing in my territory blood-sucker?!”

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