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As Long As We're Careful


Emily is a teenager at college when her new teacher turns out to be drop dead gorgeous, Naomi Campbell...What will happen when Emily begins to confide in Naomi?

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The Meet.

Chapter 1

Emily POV

"But mum! Its got nothing to do with you! You can't change who I am, or who I'm interested in!" I screamed at my mother who was yet again, giving me a lecture on who I should be dating.

"Yes, but Emily, Dear, it's just not acceptable, you're just going through a silly little phase and that girl isn't helping, now, toast or cereal?" Jenna asked dismissively.

"Leave Spencer out of this okay! And who are you to tell me its just a 'silly little phase', long ol' phase mother, 5 years. Besides, I'm 16! its about time you accept its who I am."

Jenna just lets out a sigh of exasperation.

"Alright Lezza what's got you so-" Katie said as she waltzed into the room but soon interrupted by Jenna.

"Katie, Darling, why don't you invite James for dinner this evening?"

"Erm, yeah, ill see if he can..." Katie said curiously, her mother never approved of 'James' who most people knew as Cook...So why was she inviting him around for dinner she thought.

"Ill invited Spence too then yeah?" I asked hopefully.

"Sorry Emily, but, its only a six seater table, what do you want me to do?" Jenna answered smugly.

"Eurgh, go fuck yourself!" I growled under her breath, I really didn't understand why my mother was being such a bitch, my dad was clearly accepting of my relationship with Spencer, or any girl in fact, as long as I was happy. Katie didn't care because she was never around any more and then James (her brother, not Cook) just perved on me.

I just left the house on my bright orange rust bucket that I was spending my time restoring, and headed to college.

When I got to college, I was fairly early, given my row with my homophobe mother, so I went to my locker, got my books for the day ahead, I had double English first, then Politics and History.

I was fairly excited for English as it was my favourite lesson and today would be the day I got a new teacher. The old one was a boring old fart and he must have been in his 50's, but he had a breakdown, so he left last week.

I didn't really mind the other 2 lessons as all of my crazy friends were in them, I was all alone in English.

History and Politics both included;

Pandora – Commonly known as Panda, the crazy girl who had a mental age of 10, who said incredibly dirty things but didn't even realise. She was with Thomas.

Effy – She was my best friend, she was extremely mysterious, didn't say much, but could read people with no difficulties. She was with Freddie, well screwing him anyway.

JJ – JJ was autistic but also genius-like. He got locked on but he was awfully kind and caring.

Freddie – Freddie was just Freddie, all he did was lust after Effy and smoke Weed.

Thomas – He was from the Congo and he was infatuated with Panda, and honestly, they were perfect together.

Then there was Katie (my twin sister who was just a slut, but still, I still couldn't stand up to her) and James a.k.a Cook, they were part of our group but just spent most of the time together.

That was my friendship group, they were all of my good friends and we did everything, partying, drug taking, everything and anything together.

When I got to English, I just sat down in my seat and waited for my lesson to begin. There was an enormous amount of chaos down the hall – presumably from students all searching through their lockers and rushing to their lessons.

*BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* My thoughts were interrupted by my phone vibrating, so I quickly popped out my phone and read the message on the screen.

'Hey baby, how are you?' I read the text off of my girlfriend Spencer, who attended a different college, I could realise Spencer was up for a chat but I wasn't keen to get into one considering the mood I was in, Angry with my mother, Jealous of my sister and Excited to meet my new teacher. So I being the kind soul I am, simply replied with no depth, 'I'm okay Spence, ill give you a text later, lessons just about to begin'. I felt a tiny bit bad - we hadn't been together that long, a month at the most – so I didn't really mind what she thought of me.

*BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* Oh! For fuck sake! I thought as I ripped out my phone from my pocket, 'Okay, Ill call you later babe' Spencer was smitten with Me. I just smiled and was brought out of my thoughts by a cough and then a silence, I looked up and saw the most beautiful, breathtaking, heart stopping sight.

Stood in front of me, at the board, was a tall woman, I started from her feet, she was dressed in a casual manner, she had slightly worn converse on her feet, not tied, tucked. Then, she carried on her journey, up the longest most elegant legs, which were covered with dark blue skinny jeans, which also, showed the perfect shape and clung to her in the most incredible way possible, at this point, I was biting my lip, I carried on stripping the clothes off of this person, I presumed she was just a new girl, anyhow, I moved up to her torso, there was a 'Kings of Leon' band shirt which was half covered by a black leather jacket. Perfect. I thought.

When I got to the woman's face, I noticed the blondest hair I've ever seen, which was drawn into a messy pony tail, but with a neat quiff at the front. Then I noticed the eyes, Jesus fucking Christ, the eyes, they were the most brightest blue I'd ever seen, they were also warm, and made my tummy flutter.

Then, down the perfect nose, to the lips. That's when I panicked, I saw the smirk spread across those perfect, plump, red, kissable lips.

Wow, this girl is just perfection– my thoughts were interrupted again, this time by a slight giggle, I shook herself out of my trance and finally realised, this woman I was undressing with my eyes was my teacher.

"Are you okay there?" The blonde teacher asked.

"um, yeah...I'm...um...fine" I embarrassedly stuttered out after being caught staring.

"Okay, well, if you are um fine" the teacher chuckled, "then pop your phone away and get ready to begin the lesson please" the teacher smiled and turned and began to write.

I watched as my teacher wrote on the board, N-a-o-m-i, I said in my head, Naomi, a beautiful name for a beautiful lady.

"Now, as we're at college level and I'm no different to you lot, you can call me Naomi, you respect me, I respect you, okay? I'm not strict, but if you fuck about then expect the punishment required okay, right, so, onwards."

Naomi POV

"Now, as we're at college level and I'm no different to you lot, you can call me Naomi, you respect me, I respect you, okay? I'm not strict, but if you fuck about then expect the punishment required okay, right, so, onwards." I said just to introduce myself as their new teacher and to let them know what kind of teacher I was, I was only 24 and this was my first teaching job fresh out of uni. I'm not entirely sure what the protocol is on swearing but I was the only adult in there so why the fuck not eh?

"Naomi?" somebody called out so I went to address them but the girl who was very much staring at me and on her phone at the start of the lesson caught my eye, she seemed...almost, upset? Maybe, I'm not sure, I'll ask her later if everything's okay, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to care about my students, and their well being or some shit like that.

So I just turned back to the boy who had called out my name,

"Yes?" I shortly answered, I hadn't learnt any of their names yet considering I'd only been in here for half an hour.

"If you don't mind me asking, how old are you, because, babe, you're the fittest teacher I've ever seen" he asked with a cheeky grin on his face, I assumed he was saying this for the attention of his peers.

So I just answered as I normally would when a little prick thinks he's being hilarious.

"Well, lets just put it this way, when you were still wetting yourself, I was in uni, so, considering that was 3 years ago, I'd say I'm 24." I said with a wink, and the whole class burst into giggles, except for 2, the quiet girl who was perving on me, and the boy I had just belittled and embarrassed. She was really quite intriguing.

The rest of the lesson was just simple, a few questions and some explaining, answering some questions, but that girl, she didn't say anything to anybody, she just sat there, making notes.

As it came to the end of the lesson, I began speaking.

"Right, so ill see you tomorrow so we can carry on where you left off with your old teacher" I said dismissively as the bell rang, it was now break, so I quickly took my chance, "Excuse me" I said to the girl that hadn't said anything other than telling me she was um fine.

"yeah?" she answered in a small husky voice, I didn't think that small girl had a voice that deep and low and husky.

She was small, dressed pretty similarly to me, just no leather jacket and a different t-shirt. She had vivid red hair, deep chocolate brown eyes that you'd get lost in. A cute little mouth with a dainty smile, a small button nose.

Shit, I shouldn't be thinking like this. I thought as I approached her.

Her name was Emily I think, when I called it from the register she didn't speak, just nodded.

"Emily, isn't it?" I asked hoping I'd got the right name, she just nodded, and when I raised an eyebrow questioningly, she continued...

"Erm, yeah, it is, Emily, that's it, just Emily, well, I suppose not just Emily, I have a middle name...and a last name...haha, but then again doesn't everybody? I mean-"

I cut her rambling off, I'm guessing she was nervous? Or worried she was in trouble for something.

"Emily!" I said, she just looked up and smiled shyly

"Sorry...I sometimes ramble when I'm nervous, not that I'm always nervous, just now, I think I don't really get-"

"Emily! You're doing it again!" I laughed to try and make her feel a bit more comfortable.

She just laughed with me, then shyly looked away like she'd been scolded or caught doing something she shouldn't have.

I sat down on the edge of the table opposite her and touched her shoulder (appropriately) and then I felt it, the surge of electricity just as we touched, it almost made me jolt, like a shock!

"Emily, is something wrong?" I asked her in a caring voice and looked up at me with those big brown eyes and then, a slight tear fell.

"No, nothings wrong" she said as she wiped a stray tear, I looked at her disbelievingly and she sighed.

"My mother is just getting on top of me" she said with a tired voice, but, with my little immature mind, I just looked at her with a quirked brow.

"NOT LIKE THAT!" She shouted as if she quickly had to clarify things, I knew what she meant of course, I was just trying to lighten the mood, and I did so, she gave a slight giggle.

"Okay, so do you want to talk about it?" I asked, hoping she would say yeah so I could find out some more about this small girl who seemed upset. And help of course.

"Really? You don't mind?" she asked almost taken aback by my offer.

"Of course I don't, so go on, what's going on at home?"

"Well, my mother, if you can call it that is a homophobe, long story short."

"Okay, so how is she a homophobe, if you don't mind me asking?"

"No, I don't mind, she's just never been the accepting type, when I first started dating this-" *BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* she was cut off by her phone I presume it was, she glanced at me apologetically, and I nodded, telling her she could take the call.

'Hey Spence...Yeah, sorry I didn't reply...Yeah, I had to put it away...listen babe, can I call you back?...Na, I'm just with my teacher...okay, ill call you later...bye...yeah, you too.'

"Sorry about that" she looked like she was really gutted

"Oh, don't worry about it, Boyfriend?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't mind, but with the pet names and the you too, I could only assume that, that was the reply to I love you? Maybe, im not sure...she shook her head.

"No, far from it" she laughed awkwardly.

I tipped my head to ask her to continue, with the story but she must have thought I was asking her to tell me who was on the phone.

"Girlfriend, she's been texting me all morning and if I don't text her on my break, like straight away, she calls me" she said like she was annoyed.

"Oh, sorry, no, I wasn't intruding, I meant, to continue with the story" I laughed to break the tension.

"Oh, sorry. Yeah, so when I first started dating Spence, my mother would throw a hissy fit but I just assumed she didn't like her, because usually she'd been okay with me seeing girls, not pleased, but not offensive, but one day she came home and erm..." she stopped and looked at her shoes clearly embarrassed, it made me curious as to what she was going to say.

"she caught me in a compromising position with Spence, so I guess that really hit home, you know, seeing your little girl with another girl between her legs haha" she stopped then, I think she realised what she had said, I felt a little awkward, that may have over stepped the boundary a little.

"Sorry, I didn't mean for that to come out" she said, and then grimaced at her words, nice pun Emily.

"It's okay, so what happened when it 'Hit home'?" I said, trying to take her mind off of her little slip up.

"well she doesn't her come around any more, especially not in the kitchen haha, and she tells me I'm going through I phase and she lets Katie bring her boyfriend 'round even though mum hates him because of the 'type of guy' he is, but, with Spence, there's not even a greeting or a smile and mum has started telling me she thinks I'm a stupid little girl and that it isn't acceptable" she said and she looked almost heart broken. When she said the part about the kitchen, I assume that's where she was caught. And I'm guessing this 'Katie' person was a sibling.

"Have you asked her why she's suddenly changed?" I asked...

"Yeah, but she just says 'Don't be silly Emily' and then that's it, do you think it's wrong? You know, being gay? Dad doesn't, neither do my friends, or Katie, nor Spence ha ha, she loves it, I cant really blame her either it is-" I coughed to interrupt her, making her realise she was about to overstep the mark again. So I just answered honestly.

"I probably shouldn't say this as you're my student Ems, but, I'm gay, and people who don't like it, well, they can fuck themselves, if they don't like it, then they know what to do, but with your mother, It's a lot more difficult, especially as she's your mother and even if she is the one being extremely rude and unacceptable, you still should respect her, however, you can't let her push and shove you around and let you feel like who or what you're doing" I stopped to wink "so, maybe just don't push it in her face, make sure she knows that you and this Spence figure, are together, or whatever you are but until she's properly comfortable with it, don't force it, and if she treats you differently because of it, then maybe you just shouldn't care what she-" *BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* I was cut off by her phone again, I nodded to say she could take it yet again.

'Babe, I said I'd call you back...yeah I know...normally yeah...well I'm in the middle of something...no!...Jesus Christ Spence, not in the middle of somebody, in the middle of something...don't fucking cry...of course I'm only with you...what do you mean can I show you?...but we've never done that...if you really want me to...calm down Spence...yeah I want to, when don't I...okay, well mums out after college to get dinner...yeah...you can...as long as you're gone when she gets back...because I don't want us getting caught again baby...okay...ill cya later...you too, bye.' Okay, so was she just arranging a shag whilst she's sat in front of me? Jesus Christ, and what was 'that'? I thought just as she put her phone away.

"I am so sorry, she just gets a bit clingy and worried..." Emily told me as she fidgeted with her hands.

"Not to worry, anyway, you'd better go, you know, other classes and stuff" I said in case we we welcomed with another phone call from the clingy worried 'Spence'.

"Oh...okay, I didn't mean to upset you?"

"No! You didn't...I don't want to talk up all of your break and it sounds like your girlfriend wants a chat"

"Oh, nah, don't worry about her, it's fine and I don't mind, my friends will probably be smoking anyhow" she said as if she didn't want our conversation to end.

Emily POV

Me and Spence are going to have serious words later I thought just after I had answered Naomi, Jesus, she was perfect.

"Okay, well if you are sure" she answered unsure

"Yes! I mean, yeah, of course I'm sure." I stated a bit too quickly and lowered my face to cover my blush

"...Okay...well, is there anything else you wanted to talk about other than your mother being stubborn and not accepting something great?" she said with a cheeky wink

"Yeah, kind of...I feel, a little...I dunno shy? I'm not really sure if it's appropriate though...?" I wasn't really sure how to go about this considering all my friends were 'friendly' with Spence.

"Okay, well, if it's anything about sex, I'd rather you didn't. But anything else, shoot" Okay, now I'm thinking about sex with my English teacher...not good Emily. I suddenly thought.

"Okay, well I wouldn't say it's about sex per Se, it is In 'that' area, I was wondering...how do you break up with somebody that's totally smitten with-"


'WHAT! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT NOW?' I practically screamed down the phone

'Actually dear it's me, your mother and I would appreciate it if you didn't talk to me like that, now, please could you help with the shopping after you've finished?'

'I have plans, sorry' I answered as coldly as possible

'Oh, with that...'friend' of yours?' Like I couldn't hear the emphasis on the word 'friend'

'Yes, with her, I have to go now, ill talk to you when I get home, bye' I soon ended the call.

I growled in frustration

"Sorry, she really knows how to piss me off"

"She calls you a lot, is that why you want to break up?" Naomi asked me, oh, she must have thought that was Spence again, I did at first...

"Oh, no, that was the beloved mother that's so awfully kind to me" I said sarcastically

"Oh so, quick then, your break is over soon, so continue"

"Okay, well she's just over protective with me and every time I'm even with another girl, she practically sits on my lap to say I'm hers, like a trophy. But because of how she is when it's just us, like she's caring, and like smoking hot, and she knows what to do, and wow man, her perfect ti-" Naomi very quickly cut me off

"Woah! Don't need that much detail Ems" fuck, I love that nickname she's called me twice now.

"Sorry, but yeah, she's totally smitten with me, according to everybody around me, and I'm discovering, the novetly's wearing off and I'm not actually into her..." I confessed and felt ashamed that I had lead this poor girl on. Naomi just looked like she was deep in thought

"Well as much as she's got nice 'aspects' of her, you need to be honest, before you get in to deep because she'll soon make you miserable and things well get dull, that's when people start cheating and finding better things" Naomi told me matter of factly

"So, I should end it?"

"It's entirely up to you, but hey" she stood up and touched my shoulder again, "be kind about it okay?"

Jesus this woman was a god send.

"Okay, thanks, ill see you tomorrow..." I began to get up and she walked to the front of the class, "and thanks, Naomi, it helped." she nodded to say it was okay, and just as I was walking out the door, I heard footsteps, quickly...then, Naomi hugged me and then she froze, I guess she'd realised what she'd done..

"Shit, I'm sorry, you just looked upset and like you needed a hug" she looked away embarrassed

"It's okay, thanks" I hugged her back

"Bye Em's" she said and that nickname made my heart swell

"Bye Naoms" I said not even thinking about what I was doing...

She just smiled and turned around...

Shit, I think my schoolgirl crush had just begun, not only a schoolgirl lesbian crush, but a schoolgirl lesbian crush on a fucking teacher.

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