As Long As We're Careful

What The Fuck Is Going On.

Chapter 12

Emily POV

You have got to be shitting me, I really didn't need this now.

How do I explain 'What the fuck is going on' to Katie Fucking Fitch, not only was Katie the bitch Fitch, but she was still adjusting to me being gay, sucking face with a girl, scrap that, woman, who happens to be my teacher, wasn't going to help the situation.

I was really fucking hoping Naomi would keep her mouth shut.

"I'm just going to make some tea..." Thank Jesus for that, I really like Naomi and I don't know what I was thinking about giving Spencer another chance, but Naomi was NOT going to help this situation.

Naomi walked off into the house but Katie didn't take her eyes off me. I was really fucking hoping Katie wouldn't know who Naomi was or what Naomi was...because knowing Katie, she would kick off big time and blurt it out, she was my twin, but she still hurt me, extremely often, purposefully or not, I don't know, but it's just the way it's always been, Katie Fucking Fitch, the puppet master and her puppet.

Ever since coming out though, I've kind of cut the strings, more freedom because my darling sister doesn't want people thinking she's gay, because if one twins gay, the other must be...imagine that? Queen Fitch with a girl, who would she be with? Effy? The most unlikely pair, ever.

Naomi had long gone and I was just having a staring competition with Katie, waiting for her to talk, I certainly wasn't going to break the silence, she'd come here, which reminds me, how the fuck did she know where I was?

"Emily what the fuck are you doing?"

Greeeeeeeat. She was here for a moan, she obviously was going to, but in all honesty, she sounded, almost tired, empathetic and she sounded like she actually cared for the answer...

I don't really know what I was doing, I was following my gut instinct and getting Naomi into a lot of trouble, it was extremely selfish of me, but I can't help myself, I mean, it's Naomi.

"What do you mean 'what the fuck am I doing'? What does it look like i'm doing?"

I was hoping she wasn't going to play stupid like I am, but then I was hoping she wouldn't give me the most obvious answer, which was clearly the truth..."It looks like you are or were getting it on with a teacher."

Oh shit, how does she know?

"How did you even know that Katie?"

"That stupid bitch you were with phoned me in tears and said you had to her neighbours house, so I came her to find you because you didn't answer your phone and I fucking recognized her when I got here, you can't do this Emily."

I'm actually going to fucking kill Spencer, yeah sure, we went back to her house and I left her in the house and came to Naomi's to sort things out because I can't be without her, no matter how hard I try.

"How did you know she's a teacher?" I was quite curious because I never really saw Naomi around school, and Katie didn't have her for any lessons so I was really fucking curious.

"Because I've seen you like staring at her at school Emily, I'm not stupid, when you're with your stupid lezzer friend Effy and she walks past you pretty much drool, I think everybody knows."

I don't really know what she's talking about because like I said, I never really see her around...

"First off, don't talk about Effy like that, she's done nothing but be there for me, when you weren't. Secondly, I never see Naomi around so fuck knows what's going on there. Did Spencer tell you she was a teacher?"

I don't know if Spence knew Naomi was a teacher, but as they were next door and her mother didn't know about their arguments, I imagine she probably knows.

I'm going to fucking kill her, we've broken up and she's still making my life hell.

"Katie, are you staying for tea?" Great fucking timing Naomi, I was just about to find out if Spencer grassed us up.

"No, come on Emily, we're going home." Katie could be so cold and controlling.

"No Katie, I'm not, I'll be home later and we can talk about it then okay?" This whole standing up to Katie is fairly new so I don't know how she's going to react.

She looked as if she was deep in though, it made me nervous when she was like this, Katie was never quiet, and Katie definitely never thought about things before saying them, it's why she was such a bitch and cold, she just hurt people because she didn't think about the majority of stuff she was saying.

"Okay, fine, but don't say I didn't warn you Emily, look after my sister yeah?" I assume she was talking to Naomi, who just nodded, I think she was scared of my twin sister.

Katie just walked off and I turned to Naomi,

"I'm so sorry, I'm goin-"

"Don't apologize, but, I think you should go home and talk to Katie, I'll call you later."

With that she gave me a quick kiss and went inside.

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