As Long As We're Careful

Well; shit.

Chapter 13

Naomi POV

Well, shit. Now Emily's hit of a sister had caught us. I had no idea what Em had said to her, because I left them to it and I actually didn't hear anything they'd said, but after I had offered her tea and she'd left, I thought it was best to give them space.

I really didn't want Emily to go, not after we had sorted stuff out. But, now somebody had caught us this early into our relationship, I had some things to think about.

Emily was actually mine now, we were going to give this a go, great. However, if her sister could keep her mouth shut, with might be a problem because even I knew who Katie was, it might be fine. But the more people knowing, means the more dangerous it is.

I'm seriously hoping Emily and Katie can talk it through calmly and I hope Emily's okay.

So now I'm sitting here 2 hours later, spinning my phone in my hand with a bottle of beer in the other deciding whether I should call Emily, I need to check she's okay, but would she have text me if her and Katie had sorted things? I was just getting more and more worried, but maybe phoning her might infuriate Katie...I decided to do the thing I thought was best, I text her.

'Hey Em, I hope you're alright, is it safe to call?xx' Maybe texting her asking if I could call was a bit pointless as I'd only worry more if she didn't reply, but I wasn't left waiting for long,

'Hey babe, I'm okay, yeah. Yeah you can call xx' Her texting back so fast had to be a good sign, here goes nothing...

I dialed her number and waited and she picked up almost instantly;

'Hey Em, you okay?' I was so anxious

'Not really, can we go somewhere?'

I hadn't drank much so I was okay to drive.


'Anywhere' I knew where I could take her...

'Sure, I'll pick you up, where shall I meet you?' I didn't want to pick her up from her house, might give a few things away.

'Tesco? Half way to college?'

'Sure, I'll leave now, cya in a bit' and with that I grabbed my jacket, and my keys and left.

Driving gave me a bit of time to think about what I was going to say, I obviously had to find out what was going to happen next, but more important than that, I had to make sure my Emily was okay.

I was driving a bit fast but I wanted to get to Emily, what if she was already there? in the cold? shit.

I pulled up and saw her sat on the grass looking small, and hunched over and I could see her red hair sticking out from under her hood...

I got out the car so quickly, grabbed my jacket and ran over to her. I sat down on the floor with her and put my jacket around her and then my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. I was a bit foolish to do this, especially when we were this close to college but Emily was upset and cold and I had to make sure my girl was okay. god, my girl. that sounds so right.

"Em, babe, what's going on?" Stupid question Naomi, her sister caught her kissing her teacher you dumb fuck,.

"I'm really cold, can we get in the car?" It had gone a lot colder since we were sat in the garden earlier...

"Sure, come on, I'll help you up..." I held her hand and pulled her up but she looked down at it and bit her lip and smiled, so I didn't let go, we just stood there for a few moments, until I pulled her chin up with my free hand, then brushed her fringe out of her eyes, glanced at her lips, and gave her a soft kiss.

I pulled back and smiled at her,

"Come on, let's get you warmed up" I walked her to the car and opened the door. She got in and sat in the seat so I gave her a quick smile and shut the door. I walked around and got in and started the car, and I drove, I knew where I was heading so I carried on driving.

"Naomi..." Her voice sounded so small...

"Yeah, babe?" I looked over to her, I was a little nervous as to what she was going to say if I'm honest...

"Where are we going?" She put her hang over mine on the gear stick, and rubbed my thumb with hers and it sent tingles up my spine

"Just some place..." This place wasn't just some place, this was my place, whenever I needed to think, I'd go here.

I looked over cautiously, not wanting to keep my eyes off the road for too long but I needed to see if she was alright and I had to ask;

"What happened when you got home Emily?" I was so nervous, what if she told me she couldn't do this? Or she had to end it?

She let out a sigh and ran her right hand through her hair..."Katie kinda just asked me to explain, which really isn't like her, normally her method is just screaming at me, telling me what to do and when to do it...but I just said that we had something and we were going to give us a go..." she looked at me for confirmation for whether to continue so I just gave a nod so she knew to carry on, "and she asked how long we'd had something so I said for a bit but we only decided tonight we were going to give us a go, which is right yeah?" I swallowed and nodded, I wasn't sure what was coming next, "so then she asked if you were forcing me into anything" my heart stopped "So I said no, it was my choice so she said okay, and she asked if I was happy and I said yes and she just nodded and said as long as I was happy she'd keep our secret..." really? This was way too good to be true, she was going to keep our secret...

We were finally here, perfect timing, Emily had just finished talking so I turned of the ignition and turned to her, I took her hand, "So that's it? she's going to leave it?" Emily just nodded with a smile. I was so relieved.

I reached over and put my hand on her cheek, and she looked at me, I leant over and kissed her, her lips were so soft and warm and I had a feeling this was my new favorite thing.

"So where are we Naomi, I can't see a thing..." she asked as I pulled away from the kiss.

I looked around me and there was nobody else here, "This is my place, it's where I come to think, to calm down, to just sit and look, it's my peaceful place"

I looked over to Emily, she had this devious smirk on her face, "Is anybody else here?"

I had an idea why she was asking so, I looked at her and bit my lip and shook my head. There might be some tosser walking their dog, but you could always tell if anybody was parked because they have their lights on normally.

I heard her seat belt un clip then I felt her lips on mine and an Emily wright on my legs. She kissed me softly at first but then she deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue through my open lips, she started massaging my tongue with hers so I pulled her closer, my hand started travelling under her shirt, then up her side. I ran my cold finger tips across her ribs, I felt her shiver and she started rocking her hips and my thighs were in between her legs.

I was seriously turned on.

I carried on with my hands, whilst she was still kissing me passionately. I grabbed her boobs and started palming them and I felt her nipples harden through the cup of her bra. Emily leaned back and moaned and it sent a rush of wetness through me. She started kissing my neck as I was rubbing her boobs..."Take it off" god her voice was so low and husky and it made me even wetter. I pulled her top over her head, because she'd already taken her hoody off without me even realizing. I stopped all my actions and looked at her chest, god she had good boobs. "See something you like?" cheeky cow, "Very, very much..." I leaned forwards and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her chest, she reached behind her and unclipped her bra, it fell into my lip and she bit her lip seductively and I couldn't stop myself, I sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth and she groaned, I pulled one of my hands round and thumbed the other one and they were both so hard. "Fuck Naoms" I loved that name, especially when it was panted at me. I carried on alternating between her nipples, sucking, nibbling and licking.

Em came close to my ear, licked up by my ear lobe and then nibbled it, "I want you..." I really, really wanted her too, but I wanted her to be ready... "Are you sure Em? Now?" I wanted her to be sure, I didn't want her to regret it. "Yeah, I really want you..."

I carried on sucking her nipples and the throaty groans were turning me on so much. I pulled back and looked at her, asking if she was sure once more, she nodded. I pulled my chair back a bit, and lowered it down. I kissed down her stomach and unbuttoned her jeans, she got off me and pulled them off so she was left just in the lacey knickers.

"Fuck Ems you're so sexy", just looking at her with her tits out, nipples hard and her lacey pants on brought another flood to my knickers. "Get your clothes of Nai, I need to feel you..." her eyes were so dark, but I did as she asked, I removed my shirt and chucked it onto the back seat and took my jeans off so I was left in my underwear. I climbed over and put a leg between hers, I could feel her wetness on my knee and it made me drip with wetness, "Fuck baby..." I couldn't wait any longer so I attached lips to hers and thrust my tongue in her mouth and I put my hand down her lacey knickers and her wetness was all over her swollen, aroused pussy lips, I pushed my finger through her lips and I could feel her clit and I could feel how much she wanted me...I started slowly rubbing her clit, she started rocking her hips trying to get more. I ran my finger through her wet folds until I came to her entrance and she was so, so wet and I wanted a taste, I pulled my finger out of her pants and sucked her pussy juice off of them, and started kissing her again so she could taste herself, she groaned so I put my fingers back inside her underwear and pushed one inside her, "God Naomi..." I started thrusting it inside her and kissing her passionately. I reached up with my thumb and started rubbing her clit, I could feel her walls closing in around my finger so I put another one in and stopped thrusting, and made a come hither motion, touching the spot that made her make that deep, sexual noise.

"Shit...Nai...oh gonna..." I made a few more motions and Emily was coming on my fingers. I gently played with her clit to bring her down.

"You okay Em?" I was seriously falling in love with this girl...

"For the first time in a long time...I'm amazing..." I leaned in and kissed her softly...I had to tell her...

"Emily?" I looked at her and held her hands...

"Yeah Nai?" she looked curious and a bit worried, I leaned forward and went near her ear;

"I'm falling in love with you..."

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