As Long As We're Careful


Chapter 14

Emily POV

"What?" I just kinda blinked rapidly. I mean, yeah, I felt the same, but I was just shocked that she felt like that, I definitely would have thought I'd be the first one to say it to her, but now I was just sat here, opening and closing my mouth like a fish whilst poor Naomi was probably doubting herself..."I'm falling in love with you..." yeah, still as confident as the first time, I had to tell her back now, I was worried it was too soon, but, fuck it."I'm falling love with you too..." I leaned in and kissed her slowly.I was still sat on her lap, which made it so much easier to kiss her.We kissed for a while longer, but unfortunately, I started cramping up, being in a small confined space wasn't the easiest as it was, especially with somebody else and being like it for as long as we had been like it.I pulled back and quickly kissed her, and smiled, "as much as I'm enjoying being sat here with you, alone, my tiny legs are cramping up...".I didn't really want to go home, but I doubt Naomi was going to ask me to go back to hers. I just assume she'd drop we where she picked me up from."Oh yeah, sorry babe, off you pop then, need to get dressed..." I looked down noticing we were both just in our knickers and chuckled, "That's probably a good idea..." I got off her and we both got dressed in silence, but it wasn't an awkward one.I was sat back in my chair with all my clothes on in a minute of seconds, you see, having a mum and a twin that don't like you being gay, always meant if I ever fooled around with a girl, I always had to get dressed quickly.Once, Spence and I were together, in my room, in bed, naked, and she was on top of me, and sharing a room with Katie was pretty risky as it was, but I knew Katie wasn't coming home that night, so when I heard the front door slam, and foot steps coming up the stairs, it made me panic a bit, so I shot up, flipping Spencer in the process, and got dressed so quickly you'd think I was one of those superheroes that twist and change clothes in super record breaking times, and went out into the hall, to meet my mother, shooting me the most disapproving glare ever, which made me think she knew, and I was so fucking scared she knew who was in my room and what we'd been doing..."Mum, you're home early, what's up?" I was really fucking scared she knew what I'd been doing..."I had a call from your teacher, saying you'd excused yourself from your lesson so I thought I should rush home and check what was wrong, but you're obviously okay. So what's your excuse?" and since then, I've just been an expert at getting dressed quickly.Naomi looked over at me, mouth formed in a perfect 'O' shape, ", how did you do that so quickly?" I assumed she meant get dressed considering she was still just sat in her bra and knickers, "just a thing you have to be good at when you've got a homophobe for a mother" I think she realized the implications of what I said because she looked away, a bit saddened, "Sorry babe, I shouldn't have said that-" "It's fine Ems, I get it, we've both got a past, just hope you're in my future too" she leaned over and kissed me slowly, it was really sweet that she'd said that and god, did I want to be in her future. what she said also stopped me from feeling bad, but it also made me think about her past. Was all the stuff done with the person she was fooling around with? What would the reason be for ending it because she couldn't tell them it was because she was in a relationship with one of her students?

I didn't really want to think about that right now...i looked back to Naomi and she was fully dressed, unfortunately. She was really fucking beautiful.

"So Ems..." she was asking fairly cautiously which worried me a bit, I preferred it when she got straight to the point but maybe she had a reason for the caution. I hope I didn't make her feel like she couldn't ask me or tell me things...

"Yes Naoms?" I loved these little nicknames.

"Do you, I mean do you want to-" jesus, "spit out Nai" I stuck my tongue out so she knew I was joking. She was obviously asking me something.

"God okay, do you want to stay the night? At my house..." wow, I really wasn't expecting her to ask that. I mean yeah, we're giving this a chance, and I was hers and she was mine, but this was a big risk for her. She loved her job and I couldn't just make her risk it for me; even if she was falling for me.

"Naoms, I want to, I really do, I'd love to wake up with you in the morning, I couldn't think of anything better, but just think about it okay? This is a huge risk for you, being with me, and I don't want to rush you into anything..."

She'd just put her keys into the ignition, but she stopped and turned to look at me. "Emily! It's okay, I've been thinking about it for a few hours, I'd really like you to if you wanted, you don't have to, but I'd like it..."If she'd thought about it, I was more than happy to. I'm sure Katie would cover for me, even though she didn't approve, I've covered for her so many times."Yeah, okay, I want to" her face lit up.She kissed me again, and let me tell you, I could really get used to kissing Naomi, it was definitely a habit I'd like to get into.We started driving and I was thinking, for the first time in months, I'm actually so happy. The only downside to the whole relationship was the fact we had to keep it a secret, now, I'm not one for shoving it in peoples face or sitting there in public having my tongue down peoples throats, but I guess it would just be nice to be able to do normal things with Naomi. If we were to go on a date, would we have to go miles away so nobody would see us? Or would we just not date? I think those are just things we would have to talk about, but right now, I was happy.I forgot about everything when I was with Naomi, I forgot about the crazy bitch, Spencer, I forgot about my homophobe mother and all the horrible things she had said to me, everything.

I hadn't even realized we were home until Naomi was holding my knee, "Ems babe, everything okay?" she looked concerned.

"Everything's fine Naoms, just thinking, that's all. Come on, lets go inside" we both got out the car, and I had to quickly look up to make sure Spencer wasn't looking out the window or anything, but all the lights were off so I assume she wasn't in.

I still had to ask Naomi if she'd heard me before she met me, it wasn't going to be fun, but I did want to know. I'd her many of times, but we'd already spoken about it and I didn't want to get into it again. Once was enough.

We were by the front door now, and Naomi was unlocking it. I pulled my phone out and I had a couple of texts. 1 from Katie and 1 from Effy.

Katie - "Bitch where are you? Mums asking..."

Effy - "Katie wants to know where you are. Text her."

Okay? That's super weird, Katie, fair enough, she's always checking up on me, but Effy, helping Katie? That's just plain strange. Then again though, those 2 have been acting really weird recently. NOTE TO SELF - INVESTIGATE KATIE AND EFFY.

I had to reply to Katie, she'd probably come searching for me if I didn't, and unfortunately, she knew exactly where to find me, and Effy, I'd just send a quick text letting her know I'd let Katie know.

'Hey Kay, I'm out, and I'm not coming home tonight, cover for me? love you'

'Hey Eff, I've let Katie know where I am, see you tomorrow'

Although it was Friday, I practically see Effy everyday, we always go out together and even if we don't go out, we just chill and get drunk together. I haven't seen her all that much recently. I've had things going on, and she's been busy; Effy is never busy. Something's definitely going on, and I need to get to the bottom of it.

"Em?" I looked up to see Naomi stood in her hall with the door open

"Shit sorry" I stepped in and Naomi shut the door behind me, "I was just replying to Katie, she was asking where I was and I asked her to cover for me"

"Oh right, did she say she would?"

"Haven't got a reply yet, she probably will though, I've had to do it loads for her so it's not going to kill her is it?" I reached up and started playing with a bit of Naomi's blonde hair, "So, I'm all yours, what do you plan to do with me?"

She reached forward and held onto my shoulders and pulled me closer, leaving her forearms resting on my shoulders, I was shorter than her too, so she was looking down a little at me, "I am going to make you comfy and we can do what you want" now that sounded good.

I know we'd just had sex for the first time, in her car, which was a bit of a shame considering it was a bit rushed and cramped so I wanted to do it properly, but not right now.

The thing is, with Naomi she seemed so much more relationship material than fling, like maybe she'd be into the cute stuff that couples do rather than just fucking like Spencer always wanted to do. Yeah okay, I didn't mind having sex, but I wanted to do the nice things, like snuggle on the sofa, have dinner together, cook together, all that stuff. So I didn't think giving Naomi the impression I wanted to have sex all the time was the best thing to do.

"Naoms?" she looked at me in that way again, it gave me butterflies."Yeah Ems?" god that nickname too!"Do you mind if we just watch a film and cuddle?" I sounded so immature and childish but I wanted to cuddle Naomi, you know? I wanted to have that connection with her."Yeah Em, of course, anything. I'm glad to see I've got myself a cuddler. I love having cuddles"I started thinking about who she cuddled and it made me a bit jealous."Sorry Em..." she must have noticed, "It's okay baby, like you said, we've both got a past""Okay, if you're okay. So, do you wanna order in?"Mmm take away and movie and cuddles with Naomi."Sounds good babe, ill order?""Sure okay, I'll put the movie on. Pizza okay?""Pizzas good, what movie? I hope you haven't got awful taste, one of those horrible romantic films...""trust me, it'll be a good one, you just order the pizza baby and I'll be waiting..."

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