As Long As We're Careful

Sexual Messages.

Chapter 15

Emily POV

Me and Naomi were sat on the sofa, well she was sat and I had my head in her lap and she was playing with my hair, and I was drawing lazy patterns on her thigh, and we had eaten our pizza, it was so good and now we were watching The Hunger Games, I had seen all the stuff from this movie on Tumblr but I hadn't actually watched it yet, and Naomi must have because she's the one who put it on, and it was amazing. I loved it already and we were only 30 minutes in.I started thinking about Effy and Katie, they were both really acting strange and I couldn't figure out why..."Penny for your thoughts baby?" aw, she's so cute, I turned around so I was facing the ceiling and looked at Nai, she was just looking at me with these eyes, they were so full of, love?I reached up and pulled her head down, and kissed her softly, not deepening it, just moving my lips against hers."Just thinking about Katie and Effy, they're acting so weird and I dunno why...""Maybe you should call her and ask""Hmm. I'm enjoying just laying here with you if I'm honest babe, maybe I'll text her later..."She leaned down and kissed me again briefly but lovingly, and I turned back round and faced the tv.I dug my phone out my pocket and started to type a text to Effy...

Katie POV

"Fuck...babes...that was amazing..." I was just trying to get my breath back. I didn't know how they got me like that."I aim to please" they were lying next to me panting, getting their breath back too.They pulled their phone off the bedside table and began doing something on it.They had a strange look on their face. "Everything okay babes?" they put their arm out and pulled me in and I snuggled up to them."Everything's fine, your sister just text me, look..." god, that stupid cow interrupting.I took the phone off her and read the text, 'Effy, meet me tomorrow, I gotta talk to you, somethings going on with you. Talk to you later'"Think she knows babes?" I looked up and saw her smokey eyes looking back into mine, "Would it be such a bad thing if she did?" she asked as she took her phone off me and put it back on the bedside table.I thought for a minute, I thought about how much of a hard time I gave Emsy for being a lezza and I also used to give her a hard time for being friends with Effy; the girl who just fucked me and made me come twice.We had been, whatever we are for 2 months. I really wanted to ask Ef, but I wasn't sure how she'd react. I think I was in love with her though. And it scared me, not because she was a girl, but because it was Effy. Effy doesn't do love and relationships, Effy does fucking and leaving, and thats what scared me, sure, she hasn't left yet and I wasn't expecting her too, but if I asked what we were, it might scare her."Not really, I just gave her such a hard time about being gay and stuff""Oh. She probably knows though Katie"Effy knew Emsy so well that she probably knew what Emily knew. She knew how Em felt about that stupid bitch Spencer, before Em did really.I sat up properly, but Effy still kept her arm around me, "you going somewhere?" I knew she was joking by the look she had on face. I leaned over and kissed her, I used to be such a clam about this this kinda stuff, I just used to shut myself away from it, although I knew how I felt about Effy, when this very first started happening, it would freak me out if she kissed me but now? I always wanted her.I was just kissing her slowly, but she brought her hands up to my face and deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth and I let out a soft moan, this felt so good.Bearing in mind both Effy and I were both naked still, made it so much better. Effy adjusted herself and I found her straddling my lap; I loved it when she did this because I could feel her wetness on my leg, and her tits were in my face. It was great.

"God, Eff..." she was now kissing down my neck, sucking that spot that drove me crazy. This girl, drove me crazy.

She pulled back and looked into my eyes, "I want to make you come..." I moaned at the thought and she the way she'd just started massaging my tits and thumbing my nipples.

This was gonna be a great night, I thought to myself.

Naomi POV

Sitting here with Ems was great. She'd fallen asleep whilst we were watching the film pretty much after she'd text whoever she was texting, I think it was Effy.

But now Ems was fast asleep on my lap curled up into a little ball making these really really cute little murmuring noises and her fringe had fallen over her eyes and she keeps rubbing her awfully adorable little button nose and I keep falling harder.

I decided to wake her up and go to bed because it was getting late and she might wake up a bit stiff otherwise.

"Em babe?" I started playing with her hair, "Em?" she still wasn't waking up so I kissed her cheek, "Emmily" nope, still nothing. I kissed her lips really softly, and she began to wake up,

"Mmmm that's nice babe" she opened her eyes so I could see her big brown ones staring back at me, with a cheeky little smirk on her face.

"If I'd stayed asleep would you have carried on upping the attempts?" cheeky bitch had been pretending,

"Cheeky. And no, I wouldn't of, I would have gotten all nice and warm in my big comfy bed and left you down here" I told her as I stuck my tongue out.

She stood up and pulled me up with her, god she was strong,

"For such a pocket sized girl, you got a hell of a lot of strength haven't you?"

She narrowed her eyes at me, "Dad owns a gym, it can be very...useful" she winked at me and started looking for something,

"Everything okay?" I asked as she picked up her phone and she had a weird look on her face,

"Yeah, it's just...ah you wouldn't find it weird, basically, I've got an answerphone message off Effy..." I looked at her as if to tell her to carry on with what she was saying, I didn't get what was strange so I needed her to carry on anyway, "Effy doesn't leave answerphone messages, if she doesn't talk to when she wants to, you speak to her, she doesn't wait for you or leave you any idea of what the purpose of the phone call was for..." well, I guess there's my answer,

"Doesn't that get really annoying, all the mystery?"

"At first, yeah, but me and Effy are really close so I'm used to it, would you mind if I listened to it? it just must be pretty urgent or important if she's left a message..." Aw, it's cute that she was asking, she really didn't need to...

"Course you can babe, you don't need to ask..." I started walking towards the kitchen as she held her phone to her ear, I'd been in the kitchen for less than a minute, when I heard,

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I worriedly rushed in, not sure what I'd find to find Emily stood there, mouth open total in total shock.

"Baby? What's wrong?" she just shook her head and started laughing, like really laughing and it scared me, what was up?

"Babe..." she just laughed even harder,

"I...She...oh my, they..." she couldn't get her words out,

I looked at her, waiting for her to calm down,

She messed with her phone, and put it on loud speaker, "Just listen" she told me quietly,

'1 new message from 07933848237 left on 13/12/13 at 21:44...oh, don't stop...right there like that baby...'

It took me a little minute to realize what was going on, it was a voice mail of Katie and Effy fucking and coming from the moans that came after the words, it sounded like they were definitely enjoying themselves. I looked at Em to see her sliding her phone in her pocket,

"You okay Em?" I didn't know what she was feeling right now,

"Yeah ha, I just don't get why they didn't tell me, especially Effy, but oh well. Come on you, lets get you to bed, I'll talk to them tomorrow..."

I turned the lights of and took her hand in mine and we started walking towards the stairs.

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