As Long As We're Careful

Sleepy Kisses.

Chapter 16

Emily POV

As we walked into Naomi's room, hand in hand, I just looked around.

Her room was nice. It had a double bed, a tv on some drawers, it had a built in wardrobe on the far wall, and a door leading somewhere to the side of the bed. In the middle there was a big rug and it had this pattern on it.

The walls were a neutral cream colour, but the wall with the bed against it, with the door in, was a dark shade of brown. Like fudge or coffee.

Her room was really classy and sophisticated and I was kind of expecting it to look a bit different.

"Em, you can sit down you know? I'm just gonna go to the toilet..." I turned, and just saw her smiling at me.

I felt a bit silly really, I don't know why, I was just in awe.

I'd always had a room with Katie so we had it how Katie wanted it, bar a few posters on my side. We had this horrible tacky mirror on the door that said 'Sexy' in italic bubbled writing. It was just all round gross.

I let go of Naomi's hand, "Sorry babe",

She leaned over and kissed me on my cheek, "Don't be" she walked away through the door by the bed. I'm guessing that's the toilet, it wasn't exactly going to be a door to a parallel universe now was it?

I sat down on the end of her bed, and fuck me was it comfortable. It was the perfect combination of soft and hard and the quilt was really thick and it kinda puffed when I sat on it.

I noticed there was a photo on one of the bedside tables,

"Naomi?" I shouted in a curious tone, but not accusing and waited for a response.

"Yeah, Em?" I got back from behind the slightly pulled shut door.

"Who are these people in this photo?" I was really hoping she wouldn't mind me asking, but I was her girlfriend and in her house so I doubt she'd mind.

"Oh. The blonde one is my mum and the brown haired one is my aunt" I thought it was quite cute that she had a photo of her mum and aunt and I wasn't going to ask why, there might be a special reason and if she wanted me to know, she'd tell me.

I did shuffle closer though, and as I caught a glimpse of the photo, I smiled a bit more, and I heard a cough, and looked in front of me.

There Naomi was, looking at me, all gorgeous and beautiful.

"Hey there..." she said in that beautiful voice of hers as she stepped closer and closer.

I swallowed, because, well, she did things to me.

"He-Hey" I cleared my throat, and raked my eyes over her body. She was so sexy.

I looked back up to her face, and she had that smirk, and that lip bitten, I wanted to bite that lip.

I scooted forwards so I was sat on the edge of her bed, and put my hands on the back of her thighs, in the middle of her bum and knee cap, I didn't want her to keel over.

She got what I was doing, and she moved forwards and knelt on the bed. I shuffled back, still pulling her with me.

She was now straddling my thighs, but not putting any weight on me.

Considering I wanted this to turn into sex, I wanted it to be a bit more calm and not as rushed as our first time.

This was the second time we were having sex, ever. So I wanted to take my time and go slow.

I leaned forward and started kissing her, only slowly, not deepening it.

I was sat up kissing her, but she started pushing my shoulders back whilst we were kissing and I slowly fell backwards onto the bed, Naomi pretty much laying on top of me.

She pulled back and looked at me, "Em?" at this point she was looking into my eyes,

"yeah babe?" I looked back into her eyes, feeling nervous but curious at the same time.

"you're okay, yeah?" aww she was checking I was okay, that was so cute and lovely.

"Yeah, I'm okay, are you?" still looking in her eyes, god they were gorgeous.

"I'm oka-" I cut her off with a hard passionate kiss,

God this felt great, Naomi was now lying on top of me with, oh god, her thigh between my legs. Jesus she felt so good against me.

I wanted this girl so much.

I began stroking my hand down her side, slowly with my fingers spread and I slowly moved them to her arse and grabbed in and the feeling of her moaning into my mouth made the situation between my legs so much worse but not in the bad way. This woman did so much to me.

I quickly flipped us over and she stopped kissing me, "cheeky" I just winked at her and presumed kissing her, it felt so good.

By this time I had moved my hand to her waist so I could pull her top off. And she let me, I leant forward and kissed down her chest, moving her bra out of the way so I could capture her nipple in my mouth, a nipple that was already hard. I sucked it into my mouth and moved my tongue around it which drew a deep groan from Naomi. She was so unbelievably sexy.

In the next few seconds we managed to get each other completely naked and all I could say was "wow"

"What?" she asked as she pulled back from where she was kissing, well more like sucking my neck,

"You're gorgeous"

She smiled that cheeky smile at me and got on top of me and ran her fingers up my thigh and she was running her fingers through my folds,

She moaned, "you're soaked"',yeah, for you I thought.

She pushed two of her fingers inside where I wanted her to be, "You okay?" She was so perfect, I nodded and swallowed, "Are you?" I looked into her blue eyes, which were now black with want, "couldn't be better" she replied.

She began kissing down my body, running her tongue down, nibbling little spots, stopping to suck spots, spots that I didn't even know were my sensitive spots, but god she showed me.

She reached my breast and she kissed up to my nipple, and then she flicked her tongue over the tip and wrapped her lips around it and sucked it into her mouth, and I could feel how hard it was getting, especially, god, especially now she was tugging it with her teeth.

She carried on down my body after making my nipples as hard as rocks, and she was at the top of my thigh when the next thing I knew, my clit was in her mouth with her tongue stroking it slowly but firmly.

Her 2 fingers were filling me, fucking me like I've never been fucked before, so much love and tenderness. It didn't just feel like a rough fuck to get me off, it felt like she wanted me to feel good, and she cared about how it was for me, it was an unusual feeling, but I had the feeling I was going to grow very fond of it. Spencer never cared like this.

"Fuck" her tongue had just began flicking up and down instead of round and round and I was getting close, I could feel the feeling, that feeling.

She sped up with her fingers and her tongue and she was looking right at me, with this look in her eyes.

"Baby, fuck- I'm coming" she pulled her fingers out and pushed her tongue inside my my throbbing centre and started rubbing my clit with her thumb.

I came straight in her mouth, the hardest I have ever came before.

I was still lying there with my eyes closed after my climax when I felt Naomi kiss my lips so softly. It wasn't rough, or urgent, it was slow and loving and passionate.

I opened my eyes, faced with those beautiful blue ones I loved so much;

"You're so beautiful" I barely heard it, her voice was so quiet.

I lifted my hand up to her and cupped her face. I was so screwed. I was just falling further, harder and faster and I was just hoping she would be there to catch me, or that we would end up in a big lovely heap as we both fall for each other.

"Naomi?" I wasn't going to tell her, I'd be stupid to do that, I just wanted to...I don't even know, say something.

"Yeah Em?" She looked at me with these big, curious, gorgeous eyes.

I didn't know what I was going to say, but she was looking dead at me, so I just did the first thing that came to mind, I leaned up and just kissed her. I tried my hardest to put how I was feeling in this kiss, I wanted her to know, I was just too scared to tell her.

Maybe she got it because as if pulled back, she had this beautiful smile on her face.

"Come on you, let's get to bed" I was a little curious, didn't she want me to return the favour? Spence never just fucked me and went to bed, it was always a two-way thing.

"Don't you want me know..." I was quite nervous for her answer.

She kissed me and rubbed her nose against mine, "I do, but right now, I just want to hold you and have a cuddle, that okay?" Wasn't she just the cutest?

"That's fine baby" I kissed her lightly.

We pulled apart and got ready for bed, I didn't take my eyes off her for a second, even when I was brushing my teeth...luckily she had a spare toothbrush.

I walked back in a she leaned down and picked the corner of the duvet up, "come on then short stuff, in you pop" she stuck her tongue at me and I had a quick flashback to where that tongue and just been and it made me so tingly.

I got into bed, on I presume the side she doesn't sleep and I rested my head on the pillow and it smelt like her and I closes my eyes and just relaxed into her a bed and it felt like every little problem just drifted away.

I heard what sounded like a switch being flicked and I hardly opened my eye, just enough to see if it was dark and it was, then I felt the bed dip, then this warmth behind me, then arms around my waist and then these warm lips on the back of my neck, one by one, moving down to my collar bone, then back up towards my ear, "Goodnight baby, sweet dreams", "you too Naoms" and I turned slowly and snuggled into her embrace.

I began to feel myself slowly drift of with light kisses on my head...I could definitely get used to this.

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