As Long As We're Careful

Morning Sex.

Chapter 17

Emily POV

I woke up in the morning before Naomi, and her arms were still wrapped around me and her head was right beside mine on the pillow.

I carefully turned around, trying my hardest not to wake her, and I did so successfully.

I was facing her and I just took her in for a moment, she looked so peaceful and I didn't want to disturb her either but when she said "morning beautiful" in that sleepy voice I couldn't do anything but smile and push my lips against hers.

We then laid their, kissing each other and it was cute, that was until her arms moved towards my arse and pulled me into her.

A moan came, but i'm not sure who from. I felt her shift a bit, and she was suddenly on top of me. No way was I going to let her top me again. I quickly rolled us over, taking her by surprise.

I started kissing down her neck, and as she moved her head to the side to give me more room, I ran my tongue down her neck and sucked a little spot I had previously found, a weak spot that made her crumble.

I ran my hand up her thigh, "God you're so fucking wet..." I said in awe as I looked at her, "you're surprised? I've been like this for days..." She said breathlessly as she started kissing my neck.

I pulled back with a stern face and just as I looked at her, she pouted and started reaching for me, "No" I told her like you say to a child when they're misbehaving, which is kind of ironic as she is the teacher- the adult in this relationship and I'm just the student. God, thinking about us like that makes me feel so bad, in the sexy way, not guilty. As in knowing I'm not supposed to have her makes me want her even more, if that's even possible...

"Why not..." She drew out like a child. I reacher for her arms and put them above her head, holding them there with one hand whilst the other moved from her thigh to her tits, "Ahh fuck" she moaned as I tugged her nipples, that were already hard, "because, it is my turn..." I leant up to her ear and brushed my lips against her ear and ran my tongue around the outside of it, then tugged it with my teeth " fuck you'll...hard", she audibly gulped at this and I saw how much darker her eyes went.

"I want you to fuck me, right now" it was so fucking sexy hearing her talk like this as the last couple of intimate moments had been caring and almost cautious. However, this demanding side of her was hot, and sexy and I just needed her.

Just as it pushed 2 fingers In her soaked cunt, I heard the front door shut, and Naomi's moan.

I realised there was somebody else in the house and it scared me. Not only because it could be a robber, but because if it wasn't, it's going to be somebody who knows Naomi...knows she's a teacher and realise she's in the middle of getting fucked by one of her students.

I put my spare hand over Naomi's mouth, not wanting to leave her feeling empty...she looked at me as she heard what I'd been hearing...somebody walking around.

I realised I should probably know withdraw my fingers from her, as I did, I dropped my hand and and forwards and quickly kissed her.

We both stood up, Naomi quickly getting into some clothes why I just completely spaced out, staring at her beautiful form. God, I'm so lucky.

"Em, babe, go in the bathroom okay? Don't worry...I'll be right-" before she could finish, a guy burst in, I just dropped down to the floor behind the bed, hoping to god he didn't see me.

I didn't know who this guy was. Why did he have a key to Naomi's? Was he a boyfriend? A brother? A friend? I had hundreds of questions running through my head.

I couldn't see Naomi from where I was sat, but I could hear her perfectly.

"WHAT THE FUCK BEN!?" Ben? Who the fuck was Ben?

"Nice to see you too Naomi. Miss me?" God I didn't even know who this guy was but it made me feel sick the way he said her name, when he asked if she missed him.

"Course I fucking did you twat, I thought you weren't coming back..." The last bit was muffled, as if she was hugging him. Stupid fucking Emily.

I decided I was going to try and get dressed and leave whilst they were doing whatever it was they were doing.

I'd got my bra on and my underwear and I had just stood up and figured I could at least to to the bathroom and go out the window. If her house was anything like Spencer's it would be the same, but I remember Spencer saying her mum had the whole house re-done and re-shaped so I was kinda fucked if there wasn't a window.

Almost there, almost there, I kept repeating as mantra in my head.

"Umm Naomi, why is there a half naked file creeping to your bathroom?" Fuck! Nice one arsehole.

I look over at Naomi, unsure about what she's going to say and then back to this Ben guy. He's got short brown hair, a beard, a tshirt, board shorts and flip flops. Who the fuck wears flip flops and board shorts in this weather.

"I don't know Ben, I shall ask..." She was smiling, so I guess she wasn't worried about what he knew or thought, I don't know "...Emily, why are you creeping towards the bathroom, half naked?" She added with raised eyes brows.

Fuck it, just tell the truth.

"Well Naomi" I cleared my throat, "I didn't want to ruin the couple reunion..." I wasn't sure if they were a couple, but it seemed like it.

Her face turned from smiley and jokey to down right shock.

"Wh-What do you mean? Ben and I aren't a couple, oh my that what you thought baby?" Baby? So maybe she wasn't, her voice was so tranquil and laced with guilt.

Ben was just grinning like crazy. Guess he found it funny.

Naomi started walking towards me and just hugged me. She was perfect.

"Yes, that's what I thought, you told me to hide in the bathroom, this man has a key to your house, you hugged, you missed him and you said you thought he wasn't coming back..." It all made sense, and yeah, a hug isn't crime of the century but oh well.

"Aww baby. No, I'm sorry. Emily, this is Ben, my best friend of all time since childhood who lived with me, but he moved to Australia for the year but I guess he's back" she said with a huge smile on her face. She was so beautiful "Ben, this is Emily..." She looked at me, biting her lip and it made my cunt clench, " girlfriend" wow. I was not expecting that.

"Emily" he smiled and nodded his head towards me. I just smiled back, he wasn't a wanker ex or current boyfriend then, just a best friend.

"Ben, could you give us a few minutes? We'll be down in a bit..." And with that he left, shutting the door behind him.

Naoms turned to look at me, "I'm so sorry baby, I didn't know who it was at first. It was just a Jude shock when I saw it was him..." I felt bad, she hadn't seen him in ages and here I was taking up their time.

"It's okay, I'm glad he's back, I should go though, give you some time alone..." Her eyes widened at this, "No! I mean, no, don't go...stay..." I looked at her, with this blush spreading across her neck. "You're sure?" I asked not being able to look away from her lips. "Positive".

A while later, we were downstairs. I was in some if Naomi's joggers and this cute pig shirt she has. It smells like her, I love it. And the way she looked at me, wow, I thought she was going to rip them right back off of me and fuck me. "Fuck me, right now, you look so sexy" is what she said, well, growled, but unfortunately we had a guest downstairs waiting for us.

But anyway, we'd spoken, Naomi hadn't told him I was her student, he didn't seem to have any questions. He told us about his trip and he was gonna be back for a while.

And currently, we're all watching a movie. It's now dark because of the time of year, and Bens on the other sofa, then me and Naomi are on this other one with a blanket.

I was watching the movie contently when I felt a hand on my tit, she was fucking feeling me up. I couldn't help but lean into her touch as her hand had gone up my shirt and was feeling my nipple, making them hard.

We were now in that position where Naomi was kinda lying down, then I was on top of her. Both her hands were up my shirt, and her lips were attached to the side of my neck. My cunt was throbbing, after this morning I had been stupidly turned on.

She was about to take my shirt off, her hands ready at the hems when I remembered Ben. I was breathless by now and I knew my voice was going to be raspy and deep because tins what happens when I'm turned on " about him?" I tipped my head towards where he was sat, giving Naomi even more space to suck my neck, she pulled back a bit, and quickly rushed out "He's out cold, has been for a while, sleeps through and earthquake that one" that was enough for me.

Within seconds my shirt was off, so was hers. Her mouth captured my rock hard nipple and my hips were now rocking against hers. The moaning she was doing was making me so wet. Her hand was now, oh fuck right against my cunt. She'd moved it sneakily, and now her fingers were parting my wet folds. "God baby, your pussy is soaked" that made me moan and rock my hips against her hand, "all, fuck, all for you...", "Fuck, I need you so bad" with that she slid 3 fingers into my cunt and I was rocking my hips against her hand and my clit was getting just the right amount of friction.

"Baby I'm-im so close" fuck she was so good at this.

She added a fourth finger and started curling her fingers inside me, "I can feel your cunt clenching around my fingers, come for me baby" Jesus fucking Christ this girl was going be the death of me...

"Ahh fuck, Naomi, Naomi, Naomi" I moaned out as she consumed me, containing to fuck me fast and hard. "Fuck baby, I'm coming...!"

"Huh hum" a throat cleared disturbed us...

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