As Long As We're Careful

Ben pulled Panda!

Chapter 18

Naomi POV

Well shit. He just had to ruin this amazing moment I was having with my girlfriend didn't he, I'm glad he's back and everything but I was looking forward to fucking Emily in every room on every surface possible.

I was so glad we were giving this a go, and yeah I know I could get in trouble, but as long as we're careful, it should be safe.

Emily jumped off as quick as she could and ran into the kitchen.

My fingers were left with her come and wetness and I wanted nothing more than to suck it off, but I thought that was a little inappropriate so I just wiped them on my leg.

I looked at Ben, and he was just sat there grinning,

"Cut it out arsehole, why couldn't you have just been quiet and left?" He was unbelievable, I really hoped he hadn't made Emily uncomfortable.

"Sorry Naomi, I just couldn't resist...I'm gonna head out for a bit, maybe I'll go to a bar" he winked, got up and grabbed his jacket, then left. Oh, bye then Ben, probably going to look for somebody to hook up with or find some drugs.

I got up to go and find Emily, but she must have heard the door shut because she walked in, she had her trousers on, but had a tea towel around her,

"Nice improvisation..." I touched her tummy,

"Yeah well, I didn't know how long I was going to be topless",

"Yeah, I'm sorry about him, he's gone now so...",

I reached forwards once again and gripped the bottom of the towel and pull it off,

"I am going to make it up to you",

I saw her visibly swallow,

"Oh, you are, are you?",

"Oh fuck yes...",

I moved forwards, reaching for her, and holding her hand, and then I turned, and started walking, leading her towards me.

I walked with her into the lounge, where we just were, mad I bough her around in front of me, and them I pushed her backwards so she was now sat down, but her legs were over the edge of the sofa.

I had to remember just how little she was, it's not like she could sit all the way back and still have her little feet still touching the floor.

I looked up at her, and she looked so sexy. She was biting the left of her bottom lip, looking unsure about what my next move was going to be. But she wouldn't have to wait long to find out.

"You okay Em?",

She just nodded and kept that plump lip bitten, oh how I wanted to bite that lip.

I reached up and unbuttoned her trousers, pulling the zipper slowly down, once undone, I pulled the skinny legged jeans off her gorgeous legs, and I tossed them across the room.

Then I had a thought,

"I'll be right back",

I walked to the front door, and although it was self locking, I still put the chain on so Ben couldn't get back In, even though he had a key.

I walked back to Emily, and knelt in front of her once again.

I reached for her underwear and slowly took it off her, she kept her legs closed as I was talking them off, but manoeuvred herself to help with the process. I threw them aside, not missing how soaked through they were. I then put my hands on either thigh, softly stroking up and down them with one finger, up, then down, then up, then down. I looked up to see her tongue licking those lips I wanted to be touching mine, fuck she was sexy. I had a hand on each knee now, and I slowly pushed them apart, looking up her legs, until my eyes fell on her cunt, her cunt that was soaking wet and glistening, the cunt I wanted in my mouth. I rested my lips on her thigh, and kissed my way up to the top, once there, I put my hands behind her arse and pulled her closer to me, so she was sat right on the edge of the sofa, and then I didn't need to spread her legs further, she did that for me, so I shot forward and kissed Emily's pussy, I then pushed my tongue between her lips, tasting her, and I swear to every god, this was my new favourite taste, fuck Garibaldis. And from then on, I fucked, sucked and licked Emily's cunt until she was so close to coming, and them I switched my method. I plumbed my firm tongue into her cunt, and reached up with my thumb and began rubbing her hard throbbing clit in circles, and with the other hand I was twisting and pinching her nipples. Then all at once, she came. She came in my mouth, all over my tongue. It was glorious and I fucking loved it, and I could not believe how fast I was falling for this girl.

After bringing her down from her orgasm, using my soft tongue and my fingers to calm her, I got up, and sat down, and pulled her into me and we cuddled. It was perfect, I kissed her, and I'm pretty sure she could haste herself because she moaned, and we just sat there, together, not saying anything.

At one point we must have nodded off because I was awoken by the loud banging on the door, it woke Em too,

"Go up to bed baby, it's just Ben, I'll be right there",

I kissed her,

"Okay, I'll see you in a minute",

She was still naked, I didn't want Ben seeing my Emily like that.

I walked over to the front door, undoing the chain, to see Ben and a blond girl I recognised...hmm couldn't remember where from though. But I assume he was going to fuck her, and Ben wasn't a rest, he didn't fuck 'em and forget 'em.

"Why was the door chained?" Oh, still sober too,

"You know why! anyway, I'm going to bed, goodnight",

Just as I was leaving, I heard,

"Oh that's my whizzer English teacher..." And I didn't hear the rest but then it clicked, it was Emily's friend, Pandora, or Panda or whatever. I need to tell Emily.

When I got into my room, Emily was already in bed so i got ready for bed, and slid under the covers, and she moved backwards, her bum fitting in my crotchet perfectly, she was the little spoon I guess,

"So...", I said quietly,

"So what?",

"You never guess who Ben just bought home...",

"Hmm as we don't share the same friends, I probably won't know..." Oh how wrong she was.

"Oh, you'd be surprised, it's-" "wow you got a whizzer massive dick, are we gonna do the funky gibbon now!?" A excited voice interrupted me, and I couldn't help but laugh as I saw Ems face, wide eyes, open mouth, oh, hand over mouth in shock...

"FUCK OFF! That's Panda! Ben pulled Panda..." She started laughing, them it suddenly stopped, and she had a concerned look on her face,

"What's up baby?" It worried me,

"Did she see me, us, you?" She asked hurriedly as if there wasn't enough time,

"Relax baby, she saw me, and she said I was her teacher, but it's okay, she didn't see you, or us...",

Her face relaxed, until she asked the next question,

"What if he says something to her?",

Aww bless,

"First of all, they're gonna be doing the 'funky gibbon'" I finger quoted because I had no idea what that was, "and second thing, Ben doesn't know I'm your teacher and I don't think they're at that stage yet so by the time they are, if they even get there, we can talk to him. Don't worry baby, everything is hunky dory",

I kissed her, then stopped, a question forming in my head,

"Emily?" I whispered,


"What the hell is the funky gibbon...?",

She laughed, and it was cute, she put her little hand over her mouth, "it's sex, she has all these weird names for things...",

"Wow, she's...",


I guess that's just how she is, but I found it extremely cute that Emily just left it at 'Panda' no more, no less.

Me and Em were just cuddling, and I knew she wasn't asleep because she was playing with my hand, just threading her fingers through mine, then undoing it, and re doing it.

She turned in my arms, and started looking at me, and smiled. I wonder what she was thinking...

She leant forwards, and pushed her lips against mine. We just lay there kissing, moving our lips against one another, being in the moment, nothing changed, we just lay there, until, she deepened it, running her tongue along my bottom lip and once I granted her entrance, I heard a moan but I couldn't be sure who it came from.

I was in for a great fucking night...

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