As Long As We're Careful

The Weekend.

Chapter 19

Emily POV

This weekend was fucking amazing. Just thinking about it now gets me going which is really bad, considering we're already running late.

I was supposed to go home yesterday for the Fitch Family dinner, but when I phoned Katie, she was 'somewhere' and we all know where that was, she just didn't want to say. She still didn't know that I knew, well and Naomi.

Anyway, I didn't go home yesterday, partly because I didn't have to but mostly because Naomi had me in her bed all day and cooked me an amazing roast dinner. Yesterday morning I woke up, quite late, after all it was an exhausting night and I needed rest, so did Naomi I hope, but I woke up alone. It made me panic a bit. Just as I was about to go out the door, not only did I remember I was naked, but that Ben was here, with one of my best friends...Panda. So I really didn't know what to do. If Naomi had run, she wouldn't answer her phone.

I couldn't get up properly until I knew there would be no nasty surprises. I did the only thing I could, I got back in bed and just sighed. Not long after, her bedroom door slammed shut and I looked at her with shock, she looked stunned.

"Babe, what's wrong?" I was a little worried, right until she cracked up and just laughed.

"Baby!" I threw a pillow at her,

"You scared me"

She walked towards me and sat on the bed, and looked at me,

"I'm sorry, I had to just escape your friend. She recognised me, obviously, she seemed very excited that she was in her teachers house but the thing she said after that is what shocked me, she said, and I quote 'whoever Emily is must be blinkin dream in bed to make you scream that loud, bonkers' and ran off into the kitchen..."

My eyes went wide, first off all, at least Panda didn't realise it was me, but she fact that Naomi had been that loud, also made me smile smugly and quite proud. I smirked at Naomi, and she must have known what I was thinking...

"Well that's just awful" I dropped the quilt down so it exposed my tits,

"Oops. I'm going to have to start being more careful"

I saw her eyes darken and she was on top of me in seconds.

We spent most of the day in bed, naked and moaning until we got hungry, yes we had been eating each other but we actually needed food.

Naomi went first to see if Panda had gone, which she had, so I followed.

Ben was stood I'm the kitchen with his phone in one hand and his tea in the other. Smirking at us as we entered. He didn't say anything until Naomi started getting food out the fridge,

"Worked up an appetite eh?" He said in a sly town, still smirking until Naomi scornfully looked at him, to which he said,

"I'm going out, don't wait up lovebirds" and with that he'd gone.

Nai turned to me,

"God he's an arsehole sometimes" she kissed me, and I didn't stop kissing her back and before I knew it she was stood between my legs whilst I was sat on this counter, bit of déjà vu.

We must have been kissing for while because I was totally immersed in Naomi's lips, her tongue, her mouth and oh fuck, her hand moving slowly up my thigh. I moaned against her lips, and then she just stopped, pulled away. I opened my eyes to see why she had stopped, and she just had her Naomi Campbell smirk on her face.

I groaned,


"Babe, if I didn't stop now, I wouldn't have been able to stop at all and I'm hungry, so I either fuck you right here and now and we don't eat, or you let me cook you some food and then we fuck afterwards..." I think she was thinking about what she had just said.

"Oh and if I didn't want to fuck after dinner? What then?" I raised my eyebrows at her, waiting for her answer, I was just messing with her, I always wanted to have sex with her, I was still hoping it wasn't just fucking to her.

She went red, and panicked a bit. I felt a bit bad for teasing her,

"I'm messing" I kissed her, "come on then, I'm starving..."

And she made me this gorgeous roast dinner, not without stopping for plenty of kisses. Ben wasn't back or we hadn't seen him by the time we were actually up.

See, it was Monday today, which meant school. I had double English, with one Naomi, which meant acting like I hadn't been fucking her brains out all weekend, and this morning...

We kept stopping and kissing on the way do the door. It really wasn't helping the situation between my legs, or the fact we were late.

We got to school eventually, I was on my moped, Nai was in her car. It wouldn't look very good if we both turned up, late, together and in her car. Besides, I don't think we would have made it at all to be honest, I would have jumped her bones.

Riding my moped didn't help, it was the very strong vibration feeling the while way to college that was doing it, I was sure at one point I was about to come, but I didn't.

Naomi's car is faster than mine, but I'm a bit dangerous and I dodge and weave between cars and take short cuts, and I park in the bike park, she parked in the teachers parking. As I was walking up the steps into college, I felt somebody's breath against my ear, I didn't give a fuck about being late, I was just worried about Naomi, so I was walking my normal speed. No rush, but this feeling gave me a fright and I turned around so quickly I almost lost my balance,but when it rend I saw Naomi doing that fucking smirk again that made my cunt clench,

"Nice ass sexy, now hurry before I have to punish you for being late..." And with that, she was off. Fucking cow. Now I had visions of her spanking me, in her classroom, over her desk. Holy fuck I wasn't going to last the day.

I watched her carry on walking, completely dead in my tracks and I was sure she was swinging her arse for my benefit, yep. Definitely sure, the wink confirmed it.

Just as I approached my English room, I saw my girl standing outside with her hand fishing around her bag, phone probably. But as I passed her, she didn't notice so I quickly looked around, and slid my hand down and rubbed her crotch through her trousers, pay backs a bitch. I looked at her face, then back at my hand, and then back at her face, she was blushing, and biting her lip, she knew it drove me crazy.

I stopped all together and walked to my seat, sat beside Panda and just acted like nothing had happened or changed,just waiting for my teacher to come in.

When she did, she looked like she was in a bit of a state, she was red, flushed and she looked a bit ditsy, like she didn't know what to do with herself, so when she turned to me, and I licked my lips, and dropped all her things, it amused me very much. Getting her back for the steps vearlier. What was even better, is when she was talking to the class, after gathering some professionalism, I purposely dropped my pen off my desk. Little did she know, I wasn't wearing any underwear, so when Naomi bent down to pick up my pen, I spread my legs so she got a full view of my wet cunt.

She was down there longer than it took to pick up a pen, which is why some dickhead shouted asking if she was okay and if she needed a hand. She did, my hand, between her legs.

I turned to Panda after Naomi had gotten up and stumbled a little,

"Did you have a good weekend?" I was interested to see if she would mention Naomi, or Ben...

She just looked at me completely dazed, almost dreamily.

"Friday was bloody bonkers. Me and mum made some whacker brownies, and Saturday I went out an met this corker, Ben was his name and we went back and did the funky never guess who I saw there, Naomi. BONKERS. She had somebody there, she kept moaning and screaming 'Emily, Emily, Emily'-" holy shit, poker face. Poker face. "- right crazy. How was your weekend poo?" Hmmm tiring maybe? Fun? Full of orgasms?

"Ah it was a bit boring, didn't really do much-" I heard a scoff and then some coughing and I looked to see the source, it was my darling Naomi. I raised my brow at her and she just smiled. I wonder if anybody else was noticing how we were acting towards one other.

Things kept happening like this, I'd look up and catch her eye and just smile at her.

Now, because of how long our lessons were, we had a 10 minute break in between, only Naomi did this. All the other teachers in this place apart from Doug were wankers.

"Okay guys, off you go. Back here in ten..." There was sudden movement and everybody was getting up to go, including Panda,

"You coming Emsy?" Shit

"Yeah carry on, I'll be right with you, just need to talk to Naomi about the coursework"

Panda skipped out the classroom and I headed to Naomi, who was sat at her desk on her phone. I wonder who she was texting...we hadn't talked much about her past or mine actually, other then when I was high and drunk.

Just as I approached her, she looked up and put her phone away.

"Hello Emily, what can I do for you?" I don't know why but this just made me think about her being on top of me.

"I was just wondering if you had chance to read my essay over the weekend?" Haha. Yeah, like I wouldn't have known.

She just looked at me like the way she looked at me when she's between my legs. Oh woah.

"No I'm sorry, I didn't. I was a bit tied up..." God I fucking wish.

"Okay. It's fine. Thank you" I had to be so careful, I knew Panda was in the corridor, most likely Katie and Effy too.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah-" I felt my phone go off in my pocket and I fished it out to see 3 texts,

One off Panda saying she was outside, one off Katie saying to 'hurry up bitch and stop screwing the teacher' I forgot she knew for minute and one off Naomi saying how she couldn't wait for her tongue to be where it has been most of the weekend. She was turning me on so much. I was going to get her back for this "- yeah yeah. Just a text, sorry...anyway I best be off before I jump you, people waiting, see you"

I noticed the smirk.

"See you in a bit then Ems" Oooh nicknames. That made my belly tingle. I waved like a geek and walked off, looking over my shoulder which is why I didn't see the table in front of me, I stumbled into it, which got a little chuckle from Naoms. Bitch.

Once I got outside, Effy was giving me that famous knowing look she does, Katie was looking at me too, and Panda was just staring into space.

Katie came over and pulled me to the side.

"So, how is it with you and teacher?" Oh great.

"It's okay. I'm not ending it if that's what you think",

"It's a dangerous Emsy, you'll both get in trouble, I don't care about that blonde bitch but it'll hurt you",

"It's nothing I can't deal with. Besides, haven't you got something to tell me?" I looked at her with questioning eyes and I think she knew what I was talking about because her cheeks went red,

"I don't know what you're talking about..." So she was playing dumb.

I grabbed my phone out my pocket, to see Naomi's text was still there, note to self: reply. Anyway, I called up my answer phone and got the message there and gave Katie the phone.

Her face was a picture, it was brilliant. It just completely fell. Like she had seen a ghost. I guessed she listened to the whole message. I reminded myself to delete it so I didn't get a nice surprise every time I checked my messages.

"So how long has that been going on?" I took my phone off her, and I saw her look over my shoulder, towards Effy and I just knew Katie was mad about her. It shocked me really...I thought they couldn't stand each other but hey, what do I know?

"Couple days" she told me quietly.

"Well, does she make you happy?",

"Yeah, really happy Em, she's so different with me compared to normal...",

I pulled Katie into a hug, and talked quietly,

"I know we don't get on that well, but I love you and I'm happy for you okay? And things with me and Naomi, I need you to keep it quiet okay? I'm guessing Effy knows, but I'll talk to her about it" I kissed her head,

"Now fuck off, I've got a lesson to get to"

"Love you Emsy"

I went to Panda and linked arms with her, I was in a great mood, nothing could spoil it.

When we walked in, there were too many people for me to look at Naomi so I just sat down.

I pulled my phone out and quickly text Naoms saying 'well maybe if you're lucky I'll pay you a visit later on, I miss the feel of your cunt clenching around my fingers' by the time I had sent it, I could see her perfectly. I saw her get her phone out and lick her lips. Mmmm delicious.

The second part of the double lesson was pretty boring. Naoms was sat with this kid who always needed help. I think he just liked her attention because he was almost top of the class. You could see her getting annoyed with him too, always playing dumb. She obviously knew his level of work because of his essays and stuff. Silly boy.

It was weird really, how much had happened this weekend. Me and Naoms had slept together, then got together. Katie fucking Fitch and Effy Stonem have fucked, I didn't know if they were together and my little friend Panda had hooked up with Naomi's housemate.

We had a free period now and everybody had rushed off and had left me packing my stuff, thanks guys.

I didn't realise anybody was still here until I heard the door shut.

My head shot up to see who it was...Naoms. Being in a small space alone with this woman was not a good idea.

"Hey you",

I looked around, making sure nobody else was about,

"Hey yourself",

"You on a free now?" She started biting her lip,

"Yeah, wh-" I didn't get chance to finish my sentence as she pulled me with her,

"You're coming with me, now",

We got into her car, and we were both giggling,

"Where we going Naoms?",

"Somewhere where I can have you, underneath me, sweating and naked and grabbing onto my back, god I want you so fucking much..."

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