As Long As We're Careful


Chapter 2

Naomi POV

Okay, so, maybe I shouldn't have hugged her? And what was with that nickname? Naoms?

I think I liked it a little too much...

The smile on her face as she left too, that made me feel dizzy...

SORT YOUR SHIT OF 'Naoms' she's your student, you're her teacher. It's not allowed, you could get in serious shit, besides, you've got way too much to loose.

Or would it not be that bad? I mean, if nobody found out...NO! NAOMI, NO!

*KNOCK KNOCK* I was brought out of my obscene thoughts by a knock at the door, I'd only been here for a day, not even that, so I hadn't really met anybody, but one of friends taught here,no, one of my best friendstaught here, that's how I got the job.

"Come in!" I shouted towards the door.

"Ah! Naomikins! You're here!" Ashley ran in screaming, literally ran in screaming...she jumped and hugged me and it took me back, having to catch her that I stumbled over and she ended up on top of me, it wasn't strange, we occasionally slept together when we got bored so it was all for shits and Giggs really.

"Think you might be squashing me Ash, you hear that? That's me choking." I faintly said to exaggerate my situation, she just laughed and shoved me back down as I started getting up...

"Aw, you don't normally mind" she said with a wink, that's true, I don't. The thing is, I'm not a relationship kind of person, I mean, I'm up for sex, meaningless sex, but the last time I had a relationship, it ended badly, she cheated on me with a girl called Sophia, stupid whore...and Ash was around to pick up the pieces, we've always been friends, since high school really, so about 10 years, we started sleeping together in the 2nd year we knew each other, the year I came out, and then, instantly, so did-

I was cut out of my memory's as a firm pair of lips were on mine, bearing in mind, she was still straddling me and now kissing me...I didn't care, I probably should have, considering it was my first day, but Ash, Ash was headmistress which meant I could probably get away with anything during college, so, me being the kinda girl I am, I turned us over, I hated being topped.

Our kisses soon intensified as I found her hands on my arse, and one of my hands groping her tit, and the other on her face...

"Who knew you'd be so rebellious Naomiki-"

"Oh fuck, shit sorry!" This husky sound cut of Ash's praises, and I frantically got up and smiled...Emily had come back into the room and seen me topping her headmistress whilst groping her...not good.

"Oh, hey Em's, you okay?" I asked trying to sound casual while Ash got up and sorted herself out and swiftly left the room, tidying her hair along the way.

"Yeah, I'm great, sorry, for you know...interrupting whatever that was..." Emily practically said this in a regretful tone, like she thought I'd be mad...

"It's fine Emily, I'm sorry you saw that, It shouldn't have happened, what can I do you for anyway?" briefly after I'd finished my sentence I realised the cheeky pun slipped out my mouth.

Emily chuckled...Just when I thought she couldn't get any to my ears.

"I was wondering if you was free? I have a free period now, and I was wondering if we could continue our chat from earlier?" as she said this, I saw a tear roll down her cheek, that's heartbreaking.

"Sure, I've got some reading to do, for your class tomorrow, but you can come sit and chat" I said with a smile to make her feel at ease.

"Okay, thanks. I the way"

"Not to worry, Ash- I mean, Ashley should have known better, do you call her Ashley? I don't know what the protocol is around here?"

Emily's eyes just went wide! Shit, what had I said?

"That was Miss Smith? Shit, never knew she was into-"

"Shit, you didn't realise, can we keep this between us Ems? Don't know if she would get in trouble for sleeping with her colleague-" I'd said too much, Emily didn't need to know that! Shit! Shit! Shit! Abort! Abort! Change the subject you twat!

"So, what did you want to talk about?" I asked hoping she would sense my awkwardness.

"Spencer...if you don't mind, it's just, I don't have anybody to talk to." she said sadly

"Sure, that's mine, no obscenities though okay?" I said with a wink, maybe I wanted to hear them? But I couldn't let them on so I just hoped she'd slip up.

"Aha, that's fine, don't think you'd be able to cope with them!" she said cheekily, shit Em, you're opening up and becoming yourself, fuck, not shy Emily is a lot more cute, and sexy. Shit.

"Okay, *cough cough* Why don't you have anybody to talk to?" I asked, hoping she would open up a bit more.

Emily POV

Fuck, I can't believe that, Naomi literally straddling my headmistress with her hand on her tit and her tongue down her throat...wait, did she say sleeping with her colleague? Damn, she's she though? She doesn't seem like the type for relationships, too secured, maybe they're just fooling around? I hope so, this jealousy feels like shit.

"...why don't you have anybody to talk to?" Naomi asked, so I'd give her the most honest answer I could.

"Well, Katie's never around, she's always either shopping or sleeping around, James is just a perv, Mum's a homophobe, Dad doesn't mind who I am as long as I'm happy, but he's always working. All my friends are fairly friendly with Spencer, apart from my best friend, Effy, but she doesn't really talk, she's pretty much psychic so she just reads me...and I can't talk to Spence about breaking up with Spence, and as you seem pretty understanding, you're easy to talk to so, I guess that leaves you" I said out of breath because I'd just pretty much described my friendships and relationship's.

"Okay, so Katie's your sibling? And James is her boyfriend?" Naomi asked confused, I almost laughed right there, I assume she said James wasn't related to me as he pervs.

"No, Katie's my twin, you got that right, but unfortunately, James is my younger brother" I ashamedly admitted...Naomi however coughed and spluttered...

"Sorry, did you say your brother pervs on you?! Jesus..." I just laughed and nodded.

"Sorry, didn't mean to mimic your family, but, that's not normal" she made a grimacing face "So Effy, she's your best friend and she doesn't get on with your girlfriend?"

I wish she hadn't asked this, I gave a defeated sigh.

"Yeah..." I said not really wanting to continue

"Whys that?" Naomi asked from her book, which I was glad of, I didn't want her to see me blushing, but, I guess she likes to look at you when you're replying.

" and Ef, we know? Fuck?" again, she coughed and spluttered

"Jesus Emily, bit bold there, okay, so you and Effy were 'involved' and so Spencer gets jealous?"

"Sorry, I only said it like that because there was no emotion to it, so it was the best way to phrase it...yeah, pretty much, when Spencer found out, she went ape, we'd only started dating like a week before so when Freds blurted it out at the pub, she just freaked, I guess it's because of how close me and Ef still are but they haven't said a single word to each other since"

"That's a shame, that it was like that for you and Effy? Sorry, I didn't quite catch her name. So who's Freds? I assume his name is Freddie?" Naomi asked, like she was trying to place things in her mind, so, I assisted.

"Yeah, Effy, then Freddie is Effy's boyfriend. So he acts uncomfortable when me and Ef hang out, but we're friends so what he doesn't know wont hurt him" I said matter of factly.

"Jesus, so Effy's into both? And what do you mean what he doesn't know won't hurt him?"

she asked sounding like she already knew exactly what I meant.

"No, Effy is Effy, she's into 'people' and well, me and Ef aren't still sleeping together, I'd never cheat on Spence. But Effy is also sleeping with Freddie's sister, Karen." Naomi just went wide eyed at this.

"Fuck, that's messed up..." Naomi placed her hand on mine, and the surge of electricity made my hand ache, but in a good way. "I'm glad you haven't cheated, but have you tried to explain to Effy what she's doing is wrong?"

"Yeah, believe me, but she says the same thing every time..."

"Which is...?" I really didn't to have to say so I just mumbled it quickly.


"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that..?" I didn't know if she did hear me and wanted me to repeat my self, or if she was being genuine.

"I said, that nobody would ever be as good as fucking her as I was..." I began to trail off and averted her eyes, hoping we wouldn't lock.

"Oh." She said. That's all, dumbstruck? Gob smacked?

"Yeah, she's a bit of slut, but Freddie knows that, he just doesn't know his girlfriend and his sister are making monkey." I slipped Panda's expression in there to try and lighten the mood.

"You must be pretty good then!" she said and then froze like she'd suddenly realised what she'd said. "Sorry,, should have said that." I was right, but I'm glad she had, lets me know she's thinking about me in that way right?

"Sorry, did you say 'making monkey'?" she said as an after thought.

"Yeah, my friend Panda says it, it's much nicer than using derogatory terms I think" I decided to let the other comment go as it would probably put images in my head which I didn't need right now.

"Panda? As in a black and white bear-type-thing?" I chuckled, that was cute

"No, Panda as in Pandora Moon, she wasn't here today, she's probably high or something, but she's in this English class, you called her name earlier?" I said hoping that it would spring some kind of realisation.

"Oh, yeah, Pandora Moon, I look forward to meeting her! She sounds very...Eclectic."

"Yeah, she says things like 'making monkey' and 'whizzer' and 'bonkers' so she's a bundle of laughs, she's also incredibly dirty minded, she just doesn't realise it."

"Right, okay! She sounds like she may make my list of favourite students!" Naomi said with a smirk and a wink

"Oooooh, who's on it so far?" I asked far too flirtatiously but, hey, what've I got to loose?

"You." is all she said, wow, was she flirting back?!

"I'm pleased. I should be expecting special treatment, Anyway, yeah, so that's why I have nobody to talk to" I said, trying to get back on topic, I didn't come here to flirt.

"Right, well maybe you will..." she said with a wink and she bit her lip "So, what did you want to talk about regarding Spencer?" She asked me and I couldn't stop staring at her mouth.

Naomi POV

Jesus, I was getting in way too deep, she was my student not my friend. The flirting too, where the fuck did that come from, we were actually joking about how good she was in bed, don't go there Naomi...bad news.

"Well, do you think I should end it with her?" Ems asked me...

"It really is up to you, if you love her, then no, but if you don't feel the slightest attraction, when you really shouldn't still be with her" I said as our conversation got a lot more serious.

"It's not that I'm not attracted to her, because she's amazing; she's clever, really pretty, good stamina" Emily said with a wink, too far Ems. "she's perfect, just not for me...she's not even like me, she cares about completely different stuff" She finished, I think realisation hit her; she should not be with this girl.

"Do what you think is best then" I said, trying to end the conversation as I wanted to get home on time.

"Okay, I will, I have to go now, Spence is coming 'round and I don't wanna get caught." Get Caught doing what exactly?

"Um, I know it's got nothing to do with me, but maybe if you're breaking up with her, you shouldn't do that, false hope 'n all" I said trying to make her realise it's gonna make it harder.

"Meh, I heard it's best type" Em said with a wink, angry break up sex, didn't have her pegged as that kind of girl. "Bye Naoms" she said with a wave and off she went, swinging those lovely hips...FUCK! Cut it out brain.

Finally my day was over, it'd been confusing...met a lovely student who I may be starting to crush on, but, that's it. Obviously. All I have to do is stay professional and keep my distance...

Just as I went to sit on the couch with the dog and a book, my laptop pinged! I headed towards the desk to grab it, as I sat down, I saw I had a message on my social networking site...It was from Ash, I didn't really want to read it in case I was in trouble, but I had to bite the bullet...

'Hey Naomi, wanna go for some drinks?'

Okay so that wasn't as bad I thought...

'Yeah sure, um, the pub around the corner from mine in an hour?' I suggested this as it was cheap and not far...

'Yeah okay, see you then!'

Right. Lets go get sorted

Okay! So I wasn't fucking expecting that...

Emily is actually here with her friends and I think the girl who is literally sucking her face, must be the infamous 'Spence'.

I fucking hope she doesn't see/hear me, especially considering I'm with Ash, the person she walked in on me with...She must think we're dating, shit.

So, me and Ash are mid in conversation abut something or other, I'm not really paying attention as I'm watching Emily with this girl.

She really isn't who I thought she was, she is straddling her girlfriend in the middle of the fucking room,, let me re-phrase that, eating her girlfriend whilst her girlfriend (soon to be ex?) has her hand up her shirt?! What the fuck Emily...

"Naomi, you aren't even listening to me..."Ashley interrupted my thoughts.

"Yeah, yeah, I am. Sorry, what were you saying?"

"See! I told you, you didn't hear what I said, who are you looking at?" Shit, I can't tell her I'm gawking at a student...make something up quick!

"Oh, that hot brunette at the bar" I said, quickly looking at an actually gorgeous brunette at the bar.

"Um, Naomi, that brunette is a student at our college..." Ash told me wearily...

"Na! She looks way too old to be at college, she dresses like a slut too..." somebody just put an a hand on her arm, shit, It was that Effy?

I was watching the exchange, that's way too flirty for 'just friends'. Did Emily lie to me? Was she still having a thing with Effy?

"Yeah, she's called Effy or something? Rumour has it, she is a slut, I think those 2 are sleeping together, oh, wait..." she looked up and her eyes followed the line of something... "Yeah, they are." she stated like I should have known.

"What? How do you know that?" I asked feeling quite jealous

"Well, for starters, the redhead is clearly into her, look..." I followed her gaze and Emily was pretty much undressing Effy with her eyes, looking at her the way she looked at me this morning.

"And, the way Effy's hand is actually down Emily's jeans kind of gives it away a little" What the fuck? I looked again and she was right, Effy's hand was in Emily's trousers...Jesus, at the fucking bar? With her girlfriend sat behind her? She's got the fucking audacity to do that?

"I can't believe they're doing that there?!" I whisper shouted.

"Looks like they're going to go somewhere else...look" I looked, Effy and Emily were heading towards the toilet, whilst her fucking girlfriend was sat there!

"She's going to fuck her in the toilet, whilst her girlfriend is sat right there?" I asked foolishly, I shouldn't know who her girlfriend is...

"That'sEmily Fitch's girlfriend?" I nodded in reply...

"Fuck, she's brave"

"Why is she brave?" I asked suddenly intrigued.

"Emily and Effy are the school sluts. They were caught shagging in your English room a week or so back, Emily sleeps with pretty much everybody and she doesn't care who finds out, and she doesn't care where or who she does it with, then, Effy, that's her boyfriend Freddie? I think, I've seen them together but I'm not too sure, but Effy I think is sleeping with Freddie's sister? That's what I heard, but most of the time she's in-between Emily's legs so who knows" SHIT. I was not expecting that. Ash just told me this like it was no big deal, how does she know this?

"How do you even know all that?" I ask not really wanting to know the answer but I need to find out.

"Oh, I'm sleeping with her too" WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. ASH WAS SLEEPING WITH EFFY?!

"Can't you get arrested for that?" I asked very shocked and wide eyed

"Not if nobody finds out" She told me with a cheeky wink.

"That's risky business ain't it? And don't you get upset she's sleeping with Emily too?"

"What? No! Effy is far too risky, couldn't get away with it. Its Emily I'm with...when she came in earlier I'm surprised she didn't ask to join in" she said like it was a common occurrence.

"Wait, you're sleeping with Emily?"

"Yeah, she's fucking top in the sack, mint pair of tits too"

"Oh okay then, do-"

"Naoms!" I turned to see who had shouted me, it was a very flushed drunk Emily, shit, not now, I don't want anything to do with her, she's a cheat, and a liar and she's fucking her headmistress.

"Oh, hey Emily." I said coldly like I was supposed to, dropping the nickname

"Ashley...can I have a lickle word?" she said drunkly to my friend, gesturing lickle with her forefinger and thumb.

"Sure, Naomi, I'll be right back. Come on then Emilio!" and with that they headed out together.

Emily POV

Wow, so mum was already at home so me and Spence just came to the pub, she's been all over me but Ef's here too, and I know I said I wasn't sleeping with her to Naomi but, who aren't I sleeping with?

So, me and Effy actually screwed in the pub toilets, with my girlfriend and her boyfriend outside...

I wasn't expecting what I saw when I returned though. Naomi was here, and she must have seen EVERYTHING. And is that...Ashley she's with?! See, I'm sleeping with her too, yeah, I know, she's my headmistress and I should know better, but it's fun and I know I had acted like I didn't know she was into girls, but you know, hides it away better but I'd had way too much to drink now so I wasn't really sure what I was doing.

"Ashley...can I have a lickle word?" I asked drunkly, I didn't really want to talk about what I was going to in front of Naomi.

She replied and told Naomi she'd be back soon.

We were stood outside and just as I was about to begin Ashley kissed me.

"Ash-" still kissing me

"Ash-" still kissing me

"Ashley!" stopped kissing me, I think it made be sober up.

"What's the matter Emily?"

"I don't think we should do this any more..." I said wearily just in case she was a crier.

"Oh, why's that?"

"I'm breaking up with Spence, stopping sleep around with you and Ef and everybody else" I clearly stated so there was no confusion. I wanted to change for Naomi.

"What? Why?"

"Because I'm sick of being the person I am and I think I want a serious relationship"

"Okay, well. I guess it's up to you...cya tomorrow then Emily"

And with that she left, went back inside.

By the time I'd gotten home, I had broken up with Spence, as kindly as possible, told both Effy and Ashley I could sleep with them, gotten stupidly drunk and somehow made my way home.

When I got home, all hell broke loose until I had told 'mother' why I was actually late, then she totally relaxed and gave me a smile.

I went up to bed and found Katie and Cook shagging so I had to sleep in James' room because he was at Gordon McPhearson's.When I woke up in the morning, I felt like shit, but I got myself up and made myself beautiful because today I would be seeing Naomi...I really need to learn her last name...

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