As Long As We're Careful


Chapter 20

Katie POV

God knows where my weirdo sister is. Probably off with that muff munching blonde woman, still think that's gonna end badly.

Still though, I got Eff. It was weird, I used to hate her, she used to take Emily off me. Basically, we were all out one night a few weeks ago, and got upset over some stupid twat, not worth the effort at all, but Effy found me in the toilet getting upset. And we shared a drunken kiss and the weird thing was, is that I actually liked it. I didn't regret it. I ignored Ef for days though. She tried texting and calling me, even trying talking to me in the corridors. Eventually, we were both drunk again and we kissed...again, this time she didn't let me go until we had spoken about it.

But now I'm confused. We've fucked a few times in the last few days and we've spoken a bit. It's not just been a love 'em and leave 'em type of thing, we have cuddled, which is weird because it's never been like that with anybody before. I didn't know if she was still fucking other people, or if she was just wanting me. I hate to admit it, but I wanted Eff all to myself, I'd stopped with guys. Just told them to fuck off. Anyway. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

I hadn't seen my weirdo sister all day, she text me saying she wasn't coming back to college, but when I asked why because I do actually care, she didn't reply. I thought she was with that blonde bitch but she walked past me and Eff when afternoon lessons started again.

I was just stood at my locker picking my nails when the school bell thing went, alerting the cretins for their next lesson, I stayed put, I couldn't be bothered for English. I knew Freddie would be in there, either drooling over me or Effy. It made my fucking stomach churn.

I turned around to sort my locker out, the door was still open from where I'd put my nail file back when I felt hands on my hips, I didn't have to even look who it was, I could tell from the smell, her smell.

"Hey baby, wanna get out of here?" Her voice sent a shiver up my spine. God, did I!

I didn't even respond, I just pulled her hand and we left.

Naomi POV

God it's fucking killing me not being able to touch Emily. It's driving me crazy. When we went back to mine earlier, I literally had her clothes off by the time we'd reached the stairs. I was so tempted to just make her scream my name on the sofa but I wasn't sure of Bens where about's so we had to make it upstairs, although we tripped on the stairs and she was on top of me in seconds, sucking my neck and grinding into me, I still had to get her into bed.

Anyway, I should stop thinking about it as I'm back in school now on the way to the staff room for a cup of tea. Quite the busy day, and thinking about me and Emily, wasn't going to help me get on with it.

I'd left her in my house, in my bed, naked. I wanted so badly to be there with her but I couldn't, it'd look far too suspicious if we both left in a rush and both didn't return.

I was sat in the staff room with a cup of tea when I felt my phone go off in my jeans, which I had to change, as I lost them when Emily was stripping me off. But anyway, back to the point. I got my phone out and saw a message off Emily. Ooh.

I opened the message and I was instantly shocked. I forgot how dirty she was. But now, looking at this picture of her boobs, no bra, just her boobs with her nipples hardened, the last hour just came rushing back and I could feel myself getting wet.

I texted her back,

'You're so bad. Are you still going to be there when I finish?'

I needed her so badly. I couldn't stop thinking about her. It wasn't even dirty sometimes but now, it was very much the inappropriate.

I was day dreaming about her when my phone went off in my hand,

'You love it. And what time are you finishing?'

'That I do. And 3ish. Depends when the fucktards I'm teaching leave. I don't know when Bens home though so just be cautious, don't want anybody seeing what's mine ;)' Jesus, when did I become possessive.

'Yeah, I think he got back a minute ago, somebody's banging around and singing so, I guess it's him. Yeah, I'll wait for you, may just have to keep myself busy ;) I can only think about how 30 minutes ago you were riding my tongue :P',

At this, I coughed and spluttered my drink everywhere, drawing strange looks from the other people in the staff room. Jesus Emily.

'Ems! I just spat my drink out because of that. God, you're so naughty. Okay, I've gotta get to my lesson now but all I can think about is you touching yourself in MY bed knowing you'll be thinking about having your tongue inside me;)'

'That's what I'm doing right now, just really rubbing my clit slowly, thinking about you, can't help but moan your name, so hurry up and get here so I can show you how crazy you make me'

I had to get this done really quickly, well, make it seem quickly...

Emily POV

Oh fuck, this feels so good. God, I wish I was feeling Naomi's tongue lapping against my cunt, Jesus I'm so close, fuck, oh fuck-"

"Nai! You in there? There's a crazy girl screaming down the phone because you didn't call her! Apparently her names Tina, she said you also left your underwear there. Didn't know you were so grimey babe, anyway, she's on the phone, I left it on the side in the kitchen for ya, I'm going out, bye'

What. The. Fuck.

I heard the door shut, and I was just left speechless. Obviously he didn't know I was in here, why would he.

Suddenly all these nice bubbly thoughts had gone, I wasn't aroused, and my hands were no longer between my legs.

I can't believe what I'd just heard. I had to go. I had to go, now.

I got up, tossing her duvet aside, looking for all my clothes, putting them on quickly until I'd found my shoe by the door.

I started walking away, because I didn't have my moped, so it'd have to be a taxi.

I pulled my phone out my pocket, and called for a taxi, they told me it wouldn't be long.

I was sat where I was, just holding my phone in my hands, they were shaking.

I couldn't work out how I was feeling. I had all these emotions running through my mind; anger, sadness, stupidity, like all my trust for her had gone, I felt like such an idiot, like I wasn't anything to her, I felt worthless.

The taxi pulled up and I just asked him to take me straight home. I didn't even realise I was crying until he'd asked me what was wrong,

"What do you do when someone you love really love lets you down, really fucks you over?" Shit, I love her.

He sighed, and shook his head and said quietly, "You must try to stop loving them..."

And from there on, it was silent. The only noise was the traffic and my sniffles.

I didn't know what to do. I had so much going on in my head.

I got home, paid the guy and he told me it was on the house and that he hoped I felt better soon. Decent guy.

I picked up my phone and dialled Effys number, I knew it off by heart know.

'Hey Eff'

'Emily, hi, what can I do for you?'

'Well that depends, are you doing, about to do or have done my sister?' Ew gross.

'I have done, but a couple hours ago...where shall I meet you, I know that tone of voice...'

'Pub, 30 minutes?'

'Sure, bye'

Effy wasn't one for words, but she was the one you went to if you needed to get fucked up enough to forget things, even if it was just momentarily.

I was just about to leave for the pub, it wasn't far so I could walk, which was a plus because it'd mean I wouldn't have to leave my moped alone.

But yeah, I was just about to leave when my phone started ringing, so I looked down at the caller ID, fucking Naomi. I really didn't want to talk to her, she had already texted me asking where I was and I replied saying I had to go so she didn't get worried that I'd been kidnapped or anything. But that would mean she would have to pull her fingers out of the infamous girl to even bother looking for me so hey ho, but I let the call ring out and got on with my walk to the pub to get monumentally fucked up.

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