As Long As We're Careful

The Law.

Chapter 21

Naomi POV

I was so confused. Emily wasn't responding to my texts, nor was shes answering my calls. I was worried about her, and I just had no idea why she had to go. But something wasn't right.

I was still trying to call her but there was just no answer.

I heard Ben walk in, so I walked into the kitchen where he was banging about,

"Hey Naomi, whats up?"

"Em isn't responding and I have no idea why and she's supposed to be here and she isn't..."

I saw Ben look lost for a little then he looked like he'd seen a ghost, I sighed,

"What's up?"

He went all shy,


"You weren't here earlier?"

"No. Why?"

He stayed silent.


"I may have shouted into your room that a girl named Tina phoned you because you left your underwear there..."

THAT FUCKER. Least I now know why Em was being like this, fuck.

"Ben! You fucking knob. Why didn't you wait until I had answered. Fuck, I have to fix this..." I grabbed my keys and left the house.

You see, there's this girl who is obsessed with me. Her names Julie and every time she calls, she pretends to have a different name. I slept with her a couple months back, before I even knew Em, before Roundview, before everything. Her hearing Ben must have given her an idea, sure Ben would relay the message, I wouldn't fucking be surprised if she was hiding in the bushes outside.

I had just started driving when my phone rang, I was looking for Em and I sure did find her.

It was an unknown number...strange...

"Hello?" I paused to wait for a response

"Naomi, hi, it's me. I need your help"


"Em, look I need to talk to you, Ben told me, where are you?"

"Yeah fine whatever, we can talk later, I don't have time to talk about this now, i'm in trouble..."

Shit. "Okay, where are you? I'll come get you?"

I heard her sigh down the phone line,


What. The. Fuck.

"Okay, well it's not but i'm on my way. I'm guessing it's the main station right?"

"Yep. Be quick please"

"Alright, see you soon"

Now I was worried and also kinda mad. She was supposed to be looking after herself. Especially after the drugs.

I shortly got to the station, fortunately traffic wasn't being a total cunt.

I parked up and walked into the station and saw Emily sat there, she looked a right mess. I walked up to the counter and put my purse, keys and phone on the desk.

The desk officer looked up, "Yes? Can I help you?"

"Uh yeah, i'm here to pick up Emily Fitch" I pointed towards her.

"Oh and who are you?"

"Naomi, Campbell" he sniggered.

"Her mother sent me to get her okay?"

He looked unimpressed, "maybe if her mother cared enough about what her daughter was up to, she wouldn't be here, just sign here and she can go"

I signed it and everything was done. I started walking out to the car, and I heard Em behind me. I was annoyed and I wanted to know what had happened but I also knew she wouldn't be here if it weren't for me.

I got in the car and strapped myself in, excuse the pun. She walked around and got in the passenger side. We just sat there for a bit, in silence.

I wasn't going to yell at her, she didn't need that and I definitely had some explaining to do, but as did she.

I looked at her, and although I was the one in the shit, she looked sad, yeah she had just been arrested but she didn't look like she was that kind of sad. She looked disappointed, hurt.

I reached over and put my hand on her leg,

She bit her lip and looked at my hand,

"Hey, look I know we need to talk but here isn't the best place. You can come back to kind if you want or I can take you home?" I was hoping she would come back to mine, I'd kick Ben out for a while and have some Emily time.

She looked like she was thinking...

"Yeah, okay, I'll come to yours if that's okay..."

I don't know what's changed. She seemed so mad at me, now she seems scared.

"Oh baby, of course it's okay. Come on, let's get home"

I drove back home, only taking my hand of hers to change gear and the likes. We didn't have radio on, all you could hear was outside and it had started raining so you could obviously hear the rain and the wipers too, but that was it.

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