As Long As We're Careful


Chapter 22

Naomi POV

We got back to mine and I wanted to know what had happened. We were sat in the living room and she had her legs over mine with a cup of tea. I was just slowly running my hand up and down her legs.


I looked at her and she had a much softer look, like she wasn't mad at me,

"Yeah Naoms?"

"What happened? Why were you there?" I was scared of the answer if I'm honest. What if it was drugs or public nudity or something dangerous.

"I got into a fight with somebody. I was in a bad mood because of what Ben said and I took it out of a girl who bumped into me, I didn't hit her, I just got very close and somebody must have called the police okay? Nothing bad. Anyway, who's this girl? She seems very... recent..."

Ah fuck okay, here we go...

"Right, I swear to you know, she was way before you okay?"

She looked like she was in thought for a while, then she took a deep breath and sighed, "okay, I believe you, but I need to know"

"Ask me anything, I'm an open book"

"Okay, when was this?"

"It was a couple months ago, before I even knew you, before I started working at Roundview..."

She nodded, "Okay, I had Spence anyhow, we've both got pasts, is she part of your present?"

"No! I slept with her once and ever since she's been totally obsessed. She calls and uses a fake name every time, obviously I know it's her, her voice is the same and she's the only person who breathes down the phone creepily"

I saw her visibly shiver, it was creepy. But then she smiled, and laughed. What?

"Okay that's fucking creepy. Have you tried blocking her number?"

"God yes. We even changed ours. It wouldn't surprise me if she was hiding in the bushes or in the boot of my car..."

"And you like me yeah? You're done with her?"

Now was the time, to say it and mean it and just let her know.

"Ems" I took her hand, "I love you. I'm not just saying that, I mean it with all of my heart, it may be soon but fuck it. I'm sure of how I feel. It was a stupid drunk mistake with her, I was done with her when I woke up. It's you I want, and only you"

Through my little speech I could just see her smiling like a fool.

She was then on top of me, rushed kisses and biting and moaning and fast grabbing. Fuck, she felt so good against me.

I put my hands on her back and rubbed them up her waist, up her spine, and all of a sudden it slowed.

"Oh Naoms, I love you too..."

That was it. I picked her up and carried her upstairs. I lay her on my bed and stripped off, as did she, then I just stood for a moment. Looking at my girl, naked.

Then she did something was so fucking sexy. She spread her legs, so wide, and then she moved her hand slowly between her legs, ran her middle two fingers through her wet cunt, and put them near her mouth, she looked at me in the eye, and sucked herself off her fingers, then beckoned me with those fingers. I was on top of her as fast as possible, kissing her, tasting her on her lips, on her tongue. Fucking god I needed her.

The ache between my legs was throbbing. I began kissing down her neck all down her body,mans well, you can guess what happened next.

We woke up the next morning, both well rested and naked still, it was a long night of amazing, fast, and slow and hard and deep sex. We were spooning, and she was fast asleep in my arms. I couldn't help but just kiss behind her ear. She was adorable. It's crazy, after last nights confessions I didn't feel like I wanted to run, it felt like this was right and I belonged here, I'd never felt this way. Commitment and being there for me people scared the shit out of me, but she changed that.

I saw her a few times over the next few days between then and Monday. She had stuff to do with her family and as I'm her teacher, I couldn't just go with her. It was tricky but it was safe I guess, although she did sneak out and come and stay here a couple of nights.

But now we're back to Monday. I hadn't spoken to her yet, I know she had her Fitch family dinner on Sunday's and we had laughed about how much she drinks through dinner to put up with it so she's probably hungover and still asleep.

I was running late anyway but we had been called to a staff meeting so I rushed to that.

I burst through the door with everybody looking at me, I was slightly panicked. The first thought that ran through my mind was fuck, they know.

"W-what's happening?"

"Nice of you to join us Naomi. In simple terms OFSTED aren't happy with us and our lesson plans so we're switching it up, new lesson plans and new form teachers, new everything..."

My first thought was god what a mess, then my second thought immediately afterwards was would I still teach Emily? God, what if I didn't?

Anyway, we got handed a new table, I assume the students hadn't yet, so I asked, "What happens today then? What about the students?"

"Ah! Good question Naomi, I was just getting to that, when we're finished here we'll call an assembly and then we'll split them up into form groups and then you'll all spend the day with your new class whilst we sort their timetables out okay?"

Everybody just nodded like dogs, this place was fucking ridiculous.

"Right, go and get your glasses and take them to field as we won't get everybody in the sports hall".

Around 10 minutes later, we were outside, I could see Katie but no Emily, I went over quickly whilst my class was sitting down.

"Hey, where's Emily?"

She looked at me, then pondered in thought, then pulled me to one side, "I really shouldn't tell you but she seems to really, really likes you, but she was still asleep when I left home. Now, what's this bullshit about?"

Aww, "Thanks, I'll text her in a bit and see how she is. Uh yeah, I just got told, they're mixing the classes up and starting everything afresh so different for classes and everything. It's a pisstake. Anyway, I'd better get back, see you later".

We were stood in our forms and they did all the other years except ours, there were 3 years at college, first years, second years and HND which isn't really important.

3 forms were re arranged, some with grunting and moaning, some with cheering and exciting, but then it was my from.

"Right, Miss Campbell's form...we all know each other well from previous shenanigans, so without here or do, JJ, Freddie, James, Elizabeth, Katie, Pandora, Thomas, Emily, and oh, our new student, Spencer Cole?..." He continued with the list of people, only a few more as the form classes were tiny for people to get enough attention when they needed it, but I was focusing on 3 pretty fucking major things. 1. I was now Emily's form tutor, 2. I had all of Emily's friends too including her fucking twin, and then 3. I HAD HER FUCKING EX GIRLFRIEND.

I didn't know if Emily or Katie knew she was transferring but I looked over in hope of some answers, Katie saw me and shrugged with an angry face. I guess she either didn't want to be with James, Spener or maybe Effy? I couldn't work out which.

I just waited for him to continue with the list of people, I didn't really know why Doug was in charge of this operation but he was so hey ho. But soon after he'd finished the list, he had told people to go and stand with their new form teachers.

"Okay guys, as you have all probably seen me or know who I am, I'm Naomi. You don't have to call me Miss Campbell. And as you all know E-" then I stopped myself, they couldn't know that me and Emily that were that close so I had to make something up "-Every student new here should be treated fairly and kindly, so say hello to Spencer" fuck that was close, I turned to look and I just grimaced and forced a smile onto my face.

"Yeah we all know each other. Me and Emily were together at one point until something or should I say somebody got in the way..." Please shut the fuck up Spencer.

"Shut up bitch" I heard from Katie. I showed her a smile as a thank you.

As we began heading back to class, I saw Emily walking down the drive with a really cute smile on her face, obviously she hadn't heard about Spencer transferring.

I hung back so I was walking along Katie,

"Hey, do you wanna go grab Em so she knows what's happening? Maybe warn her about Spencer?"

She signed, "Yeah good idea. See you in a bit"

She made a quick detour whilst I took everybody to their new form room.

I was kind of shitting myself about what was going to happen, I guess I just wanted to see what happened.

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