As Long As We're Careful

She's back.

Chapter 23

Emily POV

"You fucking what?" I was hoping to have misheard.

Katie signed, as if she was bored of telling me just that once. "God fucking listen bitch, Spencer's here, and me and you and pretty much everybody is moved into your girlfriends form. So you need to be careful k bitch. Love you bye." And with that she was gone.

What the fuck? Like what the actual fucking fuck?

I pulled out my phone and text Naoms.

'Nai, what the fuck are we gonna do?xx -Em'

I stood there for a moment, tapping my phone against my lip when Doug came up to me,

"Good to see you Emily. You were missed this morning. Now, you're in Miss Campbell's class so if you head to her room and find yourself a seat"

"Okay Doug, bye"

I took a slow walk, figuring out what I should do. I'm just gonna stay out of Spencer's way, everybody hates her anyway, the whole gang. Panda will sit by me anyway so I should be okay and Naomi will have to much to do it be focusing on me so everything will be fine.

My phone buzzed in my back pocket. I pulled it out and entered my passcode, text off a love heart emoji. Obviously I couldn't have her name as it appears on my phone so...

'I dunno babe, we'll figure it out. Come round later, I wanna talk to you about something...xx - Nai'

'Sure, I want a kiss anyhow. Meet me at lunch ;)xx -Em'

'Hurry up and get your fine arse here, then maybe. If you're a good girl;)xx - Nai'

I sped up, thinking of what I could reply. As I walked into the room, I saw her smiling at me, and I almost made my first mistake, lingering too long with my girl. I shook myself out of the trance she puts me in and went to find a seat, of course, as you can guess, there was Cook, Freddie, Katie, Effy then Panda, then a space which I'm guessing was for me, then the stupid bitch, Spencer. So I carried on looking around and JJ and Thomas were sat together closer to the front so I went and joined them, getting an understanding look off the guys and pissed off look from the cow and a smile from Naomi who was watching what I was doing fairly carefully, then realised a few seconds later she wasn't watching me, her eyes see glued to my arse.

God what is she trying to do to me. If I was alone with her, I'd be on her right now. But I'm not.

I quickly sat down, and Thomas and JJ turned to me and just began talking in some rushed sentence but all I could focus on the fact that Naomi had bent over the desk and she was making a really sexy noise. Fucking stop that Noami.

She cleared her throat and everybody kind of shut up.

"Right guys, we've had this bullshit mix around and I know you've been separated and everything but this class WILL be the coolest. You respect me, I respect you okay? Some of you have me for English so different rules apply there with what I'm about to say to you. Okay?"

Everybody just mutually murmured but I was just in awe of how cool she is.

"In form, phones are fine, as long as when I'm talking you aren't on them, mutual respect okay, you wouldn't like it if I started texting when you're talking to me, so don't do it to me. Secondly, today I think is just a day of nothing as everything's getting sorted but I can't send you guys home early unfortunately so I'm just gonna put a film on. We'll bang Netflix on the projector and find something okay?"

This obviously caused a cheer, then as she loaded it up, I remembered what we had been watching in bed. Shit.

"Naomi?" She's fine with us calling her Naomi. I knew she was,

"Emily," she looked taken aback, "shoot"

fuck fuck fuck what do I say,

"Can you just check this first?" I stood up and took a piece of paper over, noticing that everyday. Was in their won conversations. I grabbed her pen and wrote 'we watched blue is the warmest colour in bed...'

She swallowed. "Oh"

"Yeah. I'm gonna go sit back down but just try find something else?"

She nodded and blushed. Ha.

"Guys, Netflix won't work so we've got 4od?"

"Naomi, can we watch tattoo fixers?" Effy always spoke with a clear tone almost like she was telling Naomi to put it on.

"Umm sure, yeah. Do you wanna come put it on?"

And she did. We spent the morning watching that, then went onto other tattoo things. I was really intrigued. I've got this thing for tattoos. I'm actually currently looking at becoming a tattoo artist but I haven't taken art. I might do a course or something. But all I could really focus on right now was Naomi. She was on her phone but I didn't want to be needy and text her so I just carried on watching the program.

However, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket so I pulled it out, smiling, but then that smile quickly dropped when I saw Spencer had text me.

'See me at lunch - Spence'

I ignored it and just put my phone away. 5 minutes later there was another buzz.

'Please Emily. I just want to talk - Spence'

I sighed and replied,

'No. I'm busy - Emily'

Just as I was putting my phone away I felt another buzz. I was starting to get really fucking annoyed so I got up and walked out before I hit her.

Naomi was obviously too busy doing whatever it was on her phone to even notice that I'd gone so I just went home. I couldn't be fucked today, not with Spencer's shit.

When I got home, I pulled onto the drive and pulled the garage open so I could put moped away. I kinda just wanted to sleep.

I got in and made a cup of tea and pulled my phone out to go on Tumblr when I saw I had a text. From the little love heart.

I sighed once again and pulled my phone out,

'You aren't here? Where are you?xx - Nai'

Fuck sake. It took her this long to realise I'd gone? What on earth was she doing on her phone?

'Had enough, went home. Speak to you soon - Emily'

I went upstairs to bed and felt myself drift off. It was a few hours later when I felt a smack on my head.

I sat up, very confused and shocked.

"Wake the fuck up bitch! Your phones ringing" wow thanks Katie.

I groggily picked up my phone to see I had a missed call and a bunch of texts from Naomi.

Out of courtesy, I called her back.

"What's up?"

"What do you mean what's up? Emily, you haven't responded in like 5 hours..." I looked at my watch and saw it almost 7.

"Yeah. Sorry about that, been asleep"

"Well wake up and get dressed. I've been outside for an hour but I obviously can't just knock on the door" and with that she put the phone down. I peeked out the window and saw her car.

"Ugh, fuck. What do I wearrrrr..." I just grabbed a band tee and put my black skinny jeans on with some red converse and threw a beanie on to cover my sleepy hair, although she had seen it many times.

I grabbed my phone and my wallet and headed out.

"Where are you going bitch?"

Thanks Katie. "I'm going to see Naomi. I'll be back later, love you"

"Love you too, be safe okay?"

She almost sounded like she actually cared then. I sighed, I hate it when we don't get on. We used to be so close. But there's no time to dwell on the past.

By the time I got outside she had sent me another text, 'Why'd you always look so cute?'

I looked up and saw her. She had a different car? I headed towards it cautiously for some reason. I think it was mainly just out confusion.

"Hey babe-" she kissed me. Straight up.

I didn't stop her, God she was a great kisser, I pushed my tongue slowly through my lips, running it along her bottom lip then slowly slipping it inside her mouth. I got a moan, I was doing good. So I thought I'd stop.

"What's this?" I pointed towards the car bonnet,

"Well Emily, it's a car! It goes broom broom and its got wheels and seats and it can get you places..." She had this huge grin on her face so I didn't call her out for being a smart arse.

"Ha ha. Wheres it from?"

She looked puzzled and bit her lip.

"Mum won it. Mum doesn't drive. So she gave it to me. I gave my old car to her boyfriend so we're all sorted. Nice though isn't it?"

I nodded. It was a black bmw. It was pretty nice.

"What time do you start tomorrow?"

I thought about it, then realised I didn't get my new timetable but on Tuesday's I normally start lessons at 12.

"12, I think..."

"Right, let's go for a drive. I've got something I want to talk to you about something..."

And with that she started driving.

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