As Long As We're Careful

Sexual Thoughts.


Naomi POV*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* Eurgh I really need to stop falling asleep on the couch. God, what a horrible dream..."I'm coming!" I shouted as I got up from the sofa, where I had shortly dozed off after reading Ashley's message. Thank god that was just a dream, I really hope Ems isn't like that."Hurry...up...slut. You...didn'" Ash shouted to me through the letter box.I opened the door to a puffed out Ashley"Sup Ash?""I ran broke't...reply." she said in-between breaths and whilst panting."Sorry...I guess I fell asleep, first day kinda took it out of me you know?""Oh, okay, so, I was gonna see if you fancied the pub?" she asked, and after my nasty dream I thought was a bit close to reality, so I kindly rejected."Actually, I'm gonna have an early night, if you don't some lesson prep for tomorrow?" I said hoping she wouldn't be offended."Oh, you're no fun! I'll see you tomorrow then" She turned but then suddenly stopped."Did your student say anything to you about us?" I assume she meant Ems."She just apologized for interrupting, bye Ash" and with that, she went and I closed the door.I headed upstairs after grabbing a cup of tea, locking up and switching everything off. When I got upstairs, I ran a deep bubble bath and relaxed with a book.

The next morning...*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* I'm going to fucking break that alarm clo-my thoughts were cut short by another, much happier thought, today I would see Emily and see her in full educational mode...hopefully that would sort my impure thoughts and make me realise she's my student.I finally got to college in my new DS3 that I naughtily brought from my student loan...oops. Never mind, I like to ride in style...Emily's a style right? Wouldn't mind riding her...NO. STOP. Anyway, I got into my class room, set by books down on my mahogany desk...I bet Emily's red hair would look nice splayed over that desk, my desk.IMPURE THOUGHTS, NAOMI, CUT IT OUT.

The college day began with a ring of a bell...indicating my first lesson...Emily's class...please be shy Emily...and sad, I can't cope with your smile and I was hoping her crazy friend 'Panda' wouldn't be in today because that husky voice would make me keel over. I put my head in my bag whilst all my students came in because my welcoming face looks like I'm seriously a straining face...almost, constipated?After all the commotion had died down, I popped my head out of my bag and stood up, looked around, specifically looking for Emily, but...she wasn't here? Was she just late? Or was she ill? Or did things go badly with her girlfriend?The class settled down, everybody was seated, everybody except her and her friend Panda. I told them to get their books out and their notepads and I began writing after quickly doing the register.Whilst I was writing a sentence 'Analyse the characters and each of their relationships from', there was a knock at the door, I didn't bother turning around as I was writing so when a bouncy voice that I hadn't heard apologized for being late, I turned around to greet whoever it was, there was a blonde girl with bunches either side of her head, very bright coloured clothes, funny trainers and wait...a distraught Emily on her arm. This must be Panda."Not to worry girls. You must be Panda?" I asked questioningly hoping she'd give me an answer. She didn't. She turned to Emily and said "wow, she's whizzer young yeah" so, yeah, this was Panda."Thanks Panda, do you want to take your seats so you can get on with the lesson, thank you." Emily looked awful, just before she sat down, I called her. "Emily, please can I have a quick word outside?"she shyly nodded in response and followed me out."What have I done?" she asked through sniffs and snuffles once we were in the hall."Nothing Ems, you were just upset, everything okay?" Shit, drop the nickname, you're getting too friendly, remember, you are just concerned for her well-being."Yeah, everything is just fine, can I go back in now?" she clearly didn't want to talk about it or tell me what was upsetting her so I decided to leave it."Yeah, off you go" and she went back in.As I entered the class room I saw she'd speedily raced back to her seat along side Panda and they were in a strong hug, I really hope she's okay...The whole lesson she didn't say one word, didn't look up once, I tried catching her gaze but she didn't even look at me, she just nodded to Panda and looked at Panda's work, I was assuming she was copying what I had written on the board.When the lesson had finished, she packed up so quickly once I'd set homework and she just left, not a smile or a glance in my direction.

Emily POV

God. Breaking up with Spencer was tough, she didn't understand why, when I explained to her, trying to be as possibly kind as I could, like Naomi had said to, and she just broke down in front of me...I didn't know what to do.

College was hard too, I turned up late to Naomi's lesson in tears because I was extremely tired and agitated, I tried to ignore her, and sneak in behind Panda when we turned up because knowing the mood I was in I would just snap. So when she asked me to go outside and talk to her, that's what I did, I don't think I've ever seen so much hurt and disappointment on somebody's face and she just left it and me alone. I don't blame her, yesterday I was nice as pie, today I was being a cold bitch.After college, Effy rang me, I didn't speak to her last night or go to the pub because of everything that had happened with Spencer so, I answered."Emily, where have you been? You've been like M.I.A the last 24 hours, you didn't answer calls or texts and you didn't come to the pub or see me at break or lunch yesterday or today and you didn't say a word to anybody in any of our lessons today.""Sorry, Ef, I broke up with Spence and crazy psycho bitch-" my conversation was cut short as I slammed into a soft squidgy object, oh, those were boobs I just literally face planted...Fuck. Um, say something Emily, you just had your face in her chest, hang up the phone...say bye, say something."Ef...I' you later." I put the phone in my pocket "I'm so fucking sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going or listening, god I'm mortified.""That's alright Em's" that's when I realised it was Naomi I'd run into, Naomi's boobs I'd face planted. She sounded embarrassed. I was, god knew she was."Oh fuck, sorry. Are you okay? I'm so sorry." I quickly rushed out."Yeah I'm okay, don't worry about it." she lightly chuckled, clearly trying to kill the tension "something on your mind Emily?" Jesus, that was a caring tone."Nope, nothing at all" before I even knew what was happening she'd gently wiped the fallen tear off of my cheek that I was completely unaware had shed, and pulled me into a tight hug.God, she smelt good."Do you want to talk about it?""Yeah...please...I don't know what to do" I said between sobs, she looked really curiousSo she took my hand, it felt so good,her hands were so soft I thought as we were walking towards her classroom, once we were inside, she didn't let go.We sat down at one of the tables, I calmed down and stopped crying, once I was sure I could actually talk, I cleared my throat and began to talk..."When I got home yesterday, I called Spencer to tell her she could come round but she didn't answer her phone or any of her texts and I didn't want to wait, I needed to end it because it wasn't fair, so, I headed 'round there, to her house and when I got there, I let myself, I know what you're thinking, a key after a month really? No, she has one hidden so I can let myself in, so I did just that, but when I got in..." I began to cry and but Naomi rubbed my back and told me I didn't have to carry on but I wanted to...I needed to get it out, "when I got in, I could hear giggling, so I headed up the stairs and found myself staring at my girlfriend, going down on some slut. I couldn't say anything, I froze up so I just stayed and after a while I got my voice back, just after the slut she was fucking got her breath back and had opened her eyes and found me stood in the doorway, she asked Spencer who I was and Spencer told her she had no idea, screamed at me and told to get out. So, I did, but before I left, I explained to this lovely slut who had just finished coming on my girlfriend who I was and told Spence whatever we had was over and that I never loved her." I told Naomi and she looked appalled I began to think she was with me, because of how much detail I'd gone into and what I had said to Spencer before I'd left. I went to get up but she stopped me and and re-linked our hands and intertwined our fingers, the electricity that shot through my hands was astounding, this was pretty intimate."I'mso sorry Emily, what did you do after that?""That wasn't the worst part. I walked home and when I got there mother screwed at me for being late then when she noticed I had been crying, she asked if Spencer and I were okay, so then we had an argument about it, because all of a sudden she was acting like she cared, which she clearly didn't, so when I told her we'd broken up, she was ecstatic, her total demeanour just changed. She said 'Thank the heavens, you've finally come to your senses and realised this is a silly little phase' so, after that we had yet another argument about my sexuality.""Jesus, that sounds so rough, so that's why you've been so upset?" I nodded"Why didn't you tell me to mind my business? I wouldn't have asked you to come out if I'd known, you could have gone home you know?" I felt so much better knowing she just cared."No, it's fine, I'm sorry I snapped at you..." I guiltily said"Nonsense, now, chin up! Don't let it get you down any more, technically, she saved you a job!" Naomi told me with a chuckle, that's true, she did. "Now, I shouldn't do this, but do you need a ride home?" Really? I got to be totally alone with Naomi...

"Only if you're sure? I normally ride my moped here but Panda called for me this morning, that's why I was late, I'm really sorry about that too..."

"Emily, it's fine, just don't make a habit of it 'kay, and yeah, I'm sure as long as it stays between us okay? I don't know if it's frowned upon or whatever but you're upset, and my favourite student so, it can be our little secret yeah?" She sounded light hearted but it was said in a serious manor, she needed me to keep it quiet, of course I would, I don't know what I'd do if she got fired.

"Sure." simple enough right? All of a sudden we were leaving the classroom, hands still tangled together, walking towards her car...this all of a sudden felt very serious.

Just after we got in the car, before she was driving, she got her phone out and plugged it into the stereo in her car and handed it to me, "Choose some music Ems, anything you want" Shit, could she make me feel any more comfortable!?

"Sure..." I looked through her tracks "you have really good taste" I added, looking at the artists; The Rolling Stones, Guns 'n' Roses, Kings of Leon, Kasabian...dang this woman was hot.

"Ready?" she asked turning her key in the ignition and realising the handbrake.

"yeah, I am."

I had gotten so lost on the journey home, it only took 20 minutes, in that time we'd sung together and shit, did she have an amazing voice, and somehow, my hand had found my way to hers on the gear stick.

Naomi POV

Maybe this was a bad idea? Driving Ems home? I just felt so bad for her and everything that had happened in the last 24 hours...I don't think my dream could have been more wrong; she was so caring.

Her hand was on mine and I was rubbing her hand with my thumb, the way we had all of a sudden began holding hands and doing affectionate gestures like this needed to stop.

We pulled up just around the corner of her house, we'd spoken and she said the thought it was best so there was no questions and I of course, agreed.

Just as she was getting out, she turned to me...

"Thanks Naoms, it means a lot that I can talk to you..."

"Don't worry about it Ems. Ill see you Thursday yeah?" Shit. 2 whole days till I saw her again. And those nicknames sneaking back in...


She leant over and gave a hug and I could see right down her shirt...then, I nearly missed it, the look in her eyes, they were so dark and filled with admiration and love...the warm fuzzy kind, not lust, or want, then...they flicked somewhere...

My lips...

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