As Long As We're Careful

Spencer the Bitch.

Chapter 4

Emily POV

*Hiccup Hiccup*

I can't fucking believe this...just as I leaned in, I hiccuped. I think Naomi was pulled out of her trance and suddenly realized how wrong all this was, she cleared her throat, straightened up and looked straight ahead of herself.

"Goodnight Emily."

"Um, night Naomi, thanks for the ride...see you soon?"

She nodded, and with that I got out the car.

I'm such a fucking dick. Would we have kissed if it was for my hiccuping? Maybe it was for the best? Did she just sleep around? Would I have just been another notch in her bedpost, and an inappropriate one at that?

I heard her car pull away with a screech as I was entering the house, I turned around to see her speed off in the opposite direction to which we had approached.

As I put my key in the door, and twisted, my phone began to ring. I opened it without even looking at the caller ID so to say I was surprised was an understatement when I heard...


'What do you want?'

'Can you come over? I really think we should talk...'

'What about Spencer? The way you cheated on me or the fact I wasn't at all into you...?'

'You seemed to be pretty into me when you were screaming my name...anyway, all that is want I want to talk to you about' she had a point...we did need to talk, and she was a good fuck, so with a huff, and a pause I told her,

'Fine! Okay, give me 20 minutes.'

and with that I ended the call...I didn't want to talk to her whilst driving my moped or telling my homophobic mother where I was going.

"Mum! I'm going to Spencer's for a while, ill be back later" I screamed through the letter box, I didn't want to face her, not after everything this morning and I quickly left as quick as I could without stopping, until...

I went to pull into the driveway Spencer shared with the house next door, and a black car pulled up, Hmm...same car as-fuck.

Naomi was Spencer's neighbor that was the neighbor i'd heard climaxing and screaming people's names out? Almost a different name everyday? I knew I recognized her voice! I never really saw her though, just saw her letting people in and out. Jesus, she really did sleep around, wait, does that mean she could hear me and Spence?...within the midst of my thoughts, I had somehow allowed her to go first and hopped off of my bright orange restoration project, and taken my helmet off, I must have done it in a particular way, because now, Naomi was full on staring at me, eyes glued to me, so...I strung it out, after I'd taken my helmet off, I swung my vibrant red hair about, almost as if in slow motion, puffed it up a little and taken my jacket off very slowly...I think she may have been drooling...Yep, the next thing I heard confirmed it.

"Shut your mouth Naomi, you're drooling, besides, she's my girlfriend, she's a minor, too young for you, sorry sweetie" Spencer told her with a wink, I hadn't even realized she was stood there...

It took almost 2 minutes for Naoms to reply, but eventually she said...

"Oh, so you're the Spencer I've been hearing about...I don't think she" she pointed to me, quite red faced "is your girlfriend anymore!" She had a point, I wasn't Spencers girlfriend so I just stood by and let them argue, it was amusing, I mean, it proved they both cared about me...Spencer in a crazy possessive way and I think, Naomi in more than a teacher/student bond way, was she- she was fucking jealous.

"All naughty I hope" Spencer winked at me and I gave a blush in return...

I went to butt in, "Spenc-"

I was cut of my a searing kiss...she forced her tongue into my mouth and started grabbing my tit, it was so forceful and filled with anger and jealousy, but before I could feel anything else, I pushed her off "See, Emsie is still up for it, aren't you babe, it's why you came over"

"Really Emily? I thought after everything you would leave with a shred of dignity" Naomi said this with a lot more resent behind it, like ashamed and disappointed that she thought I had come over for this...

I needed to stop this!

"Fuck you Spencer, people who love me and I love back only call me Emsie, you don't have the right any more, and don't fucking kiss me, you know full well why I'm here, to talk, you called me and asked me. And, Naomi, you clearly have no idea, I didn't come over for that but I'm hurt you think that's what I'm like. And dignity? Who are you talk about dignity, every time I'm here I hear you calling out a different girls name, so you, both, can shove it up your arse because I'm tired, so sick and tired." I felt so angry with both of them, I hated Spencer for who she'd turned me into, a bitter hateful person that wasn't a little ray of sunshine any more, happy no matter what, and I was so hurt by what Naomi had said...



They both called out at the same time as I clambered onto my moped and pulled my helmet on, I left my jacket, I wasn't sticking around...I backed out of the driveway and departed for Effy's, I couldn't deal with home so I'd go around there. I was always welcome there, both Effy and Anthea had told me...Tony was never there because of his accident and her father had left after he'd found out Anthea was screwing his boss.

Naomi POV

Right, let's get tonight's events sorted...

Emily and I held hands on the way to the car and in the car

We had almost kissed

I drove off in a huff

When I finally got home, Emily was there, and on her moped (how the fuck did she find out where I lived?)

She looked fucking gorgeous and so hot with that leather jacket

The way she dismounted her bike got me a bit worked up

The slut that had cheated on her was my next door neighbor

I thought Emily was coming to sleep with her and said something I instantly regretted

She told us both where to stick it after her ex-slut and I had quarreled

Emily had also pretty much called me a slut

Emily had left upset

I was going to have to talk to Emily tomorrow, that thought made me, shit myself, figuratively.

"How do you know 'Ems'" Spencer, the slut from next door who slept with almost as many people as I used to asked me and really enunciated the nickname I had let slip out

"Oh, I'm her teacher. I take it you're the poor heart broken girl who cheated on her? More times than she knows, I may add..." I said sarcastically because I couldn't believe I hadn't put it together.

"Yeah, well, I think, you gawking at her like that, is a bit inappropriate for who you are, and in front of her girlfriend...and I was cheating because I was heart broken, but Emsie wants me back, she told me, she called me a couple hours ago!" complete utter bullshit I thought, Emily was with me a couple hours ago... I couldn't say that, she was right, it was inappropriate for me to look at Ems like that, let alone drive her home, hold hands AND nearly kiss.

"Okay Spencer! You and Emily should be very happy, you cheat on her, she doesn't love you...damn, I'm so jealous..." I said mockingly to hide it, the truth, I was jealous.

She scoffed and went back inside and then it hit me...I had both seen and heard Emily Fitch having sex...through the walls and I had seen her in Spencer's garden, it was like a week ago, I can't believe I hadn't realized they were both in her garden sunbathing whilst I was pottering about in my room, and I looked out the window to see who was laughing and I had seen my next door neighbor knuckles deep in somebody...

I needed to get this image out of my head...

Only one thing for it...


I quickly got changed, and headed to the pub, little did I know, tonight was very much deja vu...of what though?

When I had sat down with my drink, I had heard a croaky, husky, broken voice, a voice I would recognize anywhere after all of our conversations...

The she was, in the arms of somebody with a harsh look on her face, soothing a sobbing Emily.

She had brown hair, very skinny, but not unhealthy. Smokey blue empty eyes, one's that would look right through you and an certain look on her face. Effy?

Shit, this wasn't going to turn out like my dream was it?

I, stupidly sneezed which caused Emily to look in my direction, then back, I saw her talking to the unusual figure, which shook her head, but then, Emily didn't turn back she whispered something in the girls ear, who nodded and dug around in her pocket, I was watching the whole exchange very observantly, the girl then pulled her hand out, put a- was that a pill? - put a pill on her tongue, them kissed Emily, I didn't want to watch this...Bad enough seeing Emily kissing, let alone taking drugs.

She suddenly got up and pulled her and her friend along to do the dance floor...I followed them with my eyes, and that was the most sexual, arousing dancing I think I've ever seen, they were so close and the grinding wasn't helping, neither was Emily having her neck sucked on, by- wait, that wasn't her friend, that was...a man.

I suddenly felt the urge to rush over and punch him for even getting that close to a drugged up, sweaty Emily, so, me being the hard faced cow I am, I went over and pulled Emily away from him, picked her up and took her into the toilets.

Not for anything else, other than to get her away, make her sober up a bit and apologize.

As I dropped her onto the counter where the sinks were placed, she looked up at me.

"Fuck off! Let me go dance with Effy" she drunkly asked ever so politely. Yeah, that was Effy.

"No, Emily. You need to sort yourself out, here-" I filled a glass up of water "- drink this."

She took it and drank it, then, I was so unaware of what was happening, she'd pulled me into her, I didn't want to pull away but I had to, but, before I did, she whispered,

"Call Spence?" She was breathing heavily and they breaths were shallow.

When she looked me in the face, I said "Why? Why are you doing this?"

"Because I'm horny as fuck and she knows how to please me" I needed Effy's help, I don't know where she was, and I had no idea why she wasn't in here caring for her friend.

I heard a strange noise and a thump...great. Emily has fallen asleep on my shoulder...

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