As Long As We're Careful


Naomi POV

Shit, what do I do, I can't leave her here, and I can't take her home because of her parents...wait, Effy...ill try and find her.I quickly got Ems phone out of her pocket, and searched for 'Effy' in Ems phone.She was saved as 'shit hot in bed Effy' was that a joke? Did Effy save herself as that, anyway, I text her...'Come to the toilets x' I debated putting a x but considering I was texting as Emily, I did.The toilet door swung open and Effy appeared. Emily still passed out with her head leant up against the wall."Who are you?" She asked, so I simply said,"Naomi" she smirked as if amused, had Emily told her who I was.I couldn't be bothered with her bullshit,"Your friend passed out after I got her away from the guy who was sucking her neck" I said as I passed Ems over to her."Right" she said disbelievingly, like I'm the one who was sucking on her neck, in the toilet, then Emily was passed out, shit. This looked awful."Yeah, so, here you are" I said as I was beginning to leave"I can't take her, I'm going to my boyfriends, she's your responsibility."And with that she left. Fuck, I was stuck with a drugged passed out Emily, who was my student and under-age to be in a club anyway.So, I slapped her cheek lightly to wake her up and when she did, she wasn't fully aware, she listened to me though, I wasn't drunk, so I could drive.I told her to come with me and get in the car and on the way out of the club she fell asleep so I was pretty much carrying a dead weight Emily.I got her into the car, put her belt on and opened the window to give her some fresh air, fuck me it was cold.I still hadn't decided where I was going or what I was going to do with Ems...She woke up and began mumbling."What the fuck" I think she was sobering up but I was worried she was gonna be frightened she had woken up in the car with me, so."Emily, is there anywhere you can go like this?" I asked, I was angry, she had passed out, her friend had left her and now I had to take care of her."Well, no." She still sounded drunk and she was edging over in her seat.She rested her head on me so I pushed her away, I didn't want her touching me. She was a bitch earlier."Come on Naoms, you know you want a cuddle" she told me whilst trying to put her hand on my leg, I pushed her away again and she looked hurt, offended and angry."For fuck sake Emily, stop it. I'm your fucking teacher and you're only in here because of how fucking stupid you've been okay, so stop fucking about.""Jesus, fine." And with that she turned away and looked out the window.I finally had an idea. I could take her to college and let her sleep it off. That way she wasn't at mine and I didn't have to take her home so that's where I took her.When we pulled up. She was fast asleep again so I just shouted her name and she awoke with a start"What what! I'm awake!" Her eyes were wide- she looked cute. Like she was finally sober, she looked at me like I was crazy."Get out, you're staying here" I said with no feelings, just cold like I was her carer."What the fuck? Why are we at college..?" She said as she got out my car.We began walking towards the door, luckily all the teachers had keys."We are at college because you were stupid and took drugs. Let a guy suck on your neck and let his hands all over you, your best friend left you, nice fucking name in your phon-""You went through my fucking phone?!"She was pissed at me, and I didn't care, I was furious with her."No Emily, I text your friend to come and take care of you because you're a mess, and then when I try to sort you out, you ask for Spencer, then you try it on with me in the car and I can't take you home, so that's why we are at fucking college okay!" She was stunned"I'm sorry." Is all she said,"Whatever Emily. You can't do this. I'm your teacher so sort yourself out.""What the fuck is wrong with you Naomi?"We were inside by now and in my classroom, I sat down and she stood far away from me, I was glad, I didn't want to have to look at her whilst we were fighting."You, that's what's fucking wrong with me, you can't even fucking look after yourself and now I've put my job at risk okay, that's what's fucking wrong with me so sort your shit out""So you practically eye fucking me and almost kissing me wasn't putting your job at risk?" That pushed me over the edge, we were fighting like we were in a relationship. And we weren't."Fuck you Emily. Take care of your drugged up self next time" and with that, I stormed out, I can't fucking believe her.

Emily POV

Shit, I'd woken up with Naomi shouting my name, then she briefly shouted at me why I was with her in the first place. Fucking Effy. And her phone name.I was feeling shit, and sad and angry and hurt at the way Naomi was acting, maybe she was pissed off, or drunk, or annoyed.I shouldn't have said anything I'd said tonight, I was treating her like shit and all she was doing was caring.She stormed out after I had said about her trying to kiss me, she hadn't tried, I was about to, but she realized what was about to happen was wrong.Now I'd fucked it all up. I literally cried myself to sleeping thinking about Naomi. Was she still here? Had she left me? Was she outside?I must have fallen asleep at some point because in the morning a coughing sound woke up me up, well, not really coughing somebody clearing their throat.I looked up to see a still pissed off Naomi. Why was she in such a bad mood?"Naoms..." I began, hoping we could talk."Get up Emily, I need to prep my lesson." Why was she being so cold towards me, I wanted to know so I asked."Why are you being like this, you were fine with me yesterday, then after you gave me a ride" she looked at me incredulously, I guess I may have said the wrong term "I mean, a lift home, you've been offish.""Just get out Emily"So I did, my lessons didn't start for another hour so I ran home to get changed and grab my stuff. I ran out the classroom first changing a glance at Naomi but she her shoes had become very interesting.Why do I have to fuck things up?!When I got back, my English lesson was about to start, shit. It was a double with Naomi. Maybe she would be fine now? Just not a morning person? Or an evening person...?I went to my lesson and I got there before everybody else because I thought it would give me a chance to try and clear the air.I knocked on the door and walked in after being invited, she was alone so I started to talk."Naomi-" she looked up at my voice, I guess she didn't know it was me...but she tilted her head to the side, towards the door and I turned to see what she was looking at, and there she was.I hadn't been home last night so I guess she got worried..."Emsie, where the fuck have you been lezzer?" Ah, how I did love my sister for coming in at all the wrong times...I was surprised to see her, you know, without Cook sucking on her lips, the ones on her face. Perv."Um, I was at Spence-" Naomi got up and walked out. Maybe to give us some privacy, but the lesson was about to start so where was she going?"What the fucks her problem? Anyway. Carry on...""Oh. Yeah. I was at Spencer's but we had an argument and then I went to Ef's and we went to the club by hers and then I got totally fucked and passed out" I told her nonchalantly wondering where Naomi had gone, I still didn't know if she was single, or seeing somebody. As far as I knew, she might be with Ashley...or, Miss Smith...?

"Kay, just wanted to make sure you were okay bitch, love you" and with that, out went Katie.

Naomi came back in chuckling whilst on the phone which was pressed in-between her delicate shoulder and her cute little ears, I wonder who she was talking to? And she had a cup in her hand, I went and sat in my seat as the lesson was due to start and I looked up at her so she turned around so she had her back to me. I tried to listen to the conversation she was having, and considering how close I sat, I could almost hear the other person perfectly!

'Oh, come on Nai, it wasn't that funny. Besides, it was your mum, good old Gina didn't have anything to say, she just looked at it like it was something she saw everyday' Naomi's mothers name was Gina...okay.

'Unless she's got one too, which totally makes me shudder at the thought of her having one, she's never ever seen one. Maybe she didn't realize what it was?' she laughed as she said it, I wonder what it was...

'Ha, maybe, hopefully, she didn't know I was 'round either so I just had to hide under the covers, imagine if she did that thing where twatty parents pull the quilt off to wake you up, that would've given her a fright!' was she talking to a girlfriend? Or a shag?

God, was she doing this to make me uncomfortable and jealous?

'Oh, that wouldn't have bothered her, she's seen much worse.'

'Oh yeah? Worse than seeing somebody's fingers inside their daughter? What could be worse than that?! Darling Betty would hit the roof!' Yeah. I was right.

'Well...I can't really say that now, and ah, do send the mother my love! Anyway, my lesson's about to start babe, so I'll see you later?'

'Ah, other ears around? Okay, I'll be around at 7?' She was going to Naomi's at 7? 2 could play this game, maybe I'll just happen to be having a go with Spencer just then? Hmm. Spencer is always up for it. It's an idea, nope, it's a plan.

'Yeah...other ears that would happily get off to what else' she turned and looked at me 'yeah, 7 sounds good, gotta go, bye honey' okay! So pet names?! Really.

She put the phone down and headed to the door, and let everybody in...I watched all the students come in and she pulled Panda aside and spoke to her, Panda happily nodded and shouted 'wicked', Panda and her lil words!

She was gone for a 10 minutes, god knows what doing, Naomi had probably sent her away to make me lonely or make me pay for what I'd done, whatever the fuck that was, but she came back with a pile of books, and Naomi gave her a warm smile, god I missed that. It had only been like this for a day or so, but, I missed it so fucking much.

Naomi was being horrid, she was in an awful mood, much like earlier, but so different to when she was on the phone.

"Emily, what do you think the author meant by this?" She said this as she smirked, obviously knowing it was a hard question, and it was unfair, I was a student. She couldn't treat me differently so I'd give just as much of a sarcastic answer.

"I think he meant that older people who act superior are much more to blame when things go wrong, they can be twat's you know? Only care about themselves, so when things don't go their way or certain things happen, they feel the need to act like stuck up cunts all the time." I finished and looked at her harshly, her fully knowing I'd just verbally assaulted her. Rude it was, and in front of her class.

"Get out." Is all she said and pointed to the door, she stood by it and as I passed, I whispered,

"Don't you want me to stay? Maybe you can have another dirty conversation whilst I'm around" I threw her a wink and waltzed out, she followed me, shit. I wasn't expecting that.

This was awkward, she was leading me somewhere, around a cubby hole.

"This more your scene? Better than a grubby toilet I suppose" I offered as I looked around as if examining it.

"Why are you being like this! You've changed Emily, ever since..." she stopped, I looked at her telling her to continue, I looked around to see why she had got silent, but when I looked back, all I saw were her eyes, her pupils were so big and filled with anger and want, but love all at the same time, they were black, the next thing I noticed was the way they flickered to my lips and she absent mindedly licked hers, and all of a sudden, I was being pulled away, she pushed me into a cupboard and locked the door, pushed me against the wall on looked at my lips again, there was hardly any blue now, just big, black pupils filled with want.

"I can't...I can't not do it..." she whispered, around an 2cm from my lips, I could feel her breath on them, I slipped my tongue out, and swiped across them, readying myself for what was about to happen.

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