As Long As We're Careful

The Kiss.

Chapter six

Emily POV

I could feel her breath on my lips still, and she was just staring into my eyes, I edged forwards, my heart rate rocketing to the sky, I've never felt this way before, this was a lot more real than the car.

She slowly leaned in, as did I, and our lips slightly grazed, and then her lips began to move against mine softy.

I could feel her lip trembling; Nerves, fright, passion.

I moved mine back as she took my bottom lip between hers. My hands left my sides and I found them weaving into her hair, one hand on her cheek, the other in her silky blonde hair, it really was a soft as it seemed.

I felt her tongue run along my bottom lip, begging for access, which I granted, and her hands when to my hips and that moment then, I knew there was no going back.

I pushed her backwards to the wall, and our tongues were in a deep frenzy, but still peacefully gliding over one another.

She readjusted her stance and one of her legs were in-between mine, and I let out a deep moan that I hoped would stay in the back of my throat, it wasn't loud, almost a hum which I can assure you, she felt as well as heard; I know this because her hand slowly crept off of my hip and it went behind my neck as she held on.

She moved her leg and it rubbed just against my crotch, and this time the groan came from her.

"Emily..." she whispered in a low voice which just made the ocean in-between my legs increase a vast amount.

"Yyyeah" I answered not really wanting to break the kiss

"this...can't...go...any...further..." she said this in-between kisses, what did she mean?

I suddenly stopped kissing her and backed away.

The hurt in her eyes broke my heart, she looked so lonely... "where are you going?"

"You um, said this couldn't go any further..." I regretfully said knowing our first kiss was over.

"Oh, I meant past us, our secret kinda thing, you know, you being a student, me being a teacher...but, if you don't want it to go any further than this, that's fine"

Oh. I wasn't expecting that, there was only 5 years between us, me being 17 next week...that didn't matter, but the student/teacher thing, we had to be careful.

"Oh. Okay, I want it to go further...I you." I was looking at the floor, frightened to what her reaction would be.

She let out a sigh and rushed over, grabbed my bum and picked me up, I wrapped my legs around her waist and my arms around her neck, she carried me over to a desk that was in the cupboard. It was level with her belly button so I kept my legs wrapped around her waist and pulled her in closer, she rested her forehead on mine and looked deep into my eyes, her eyes were so warm, and you could see emotion.

She leant in and kissed me again softly, it quickly turned into fast and deep kissing as we were both breathing heavily and our tongues were in each others mouths again.

"Naomi." I breathed out in a dreamy sigh, but then, the kissing stopped.

She pulled back and began sucking on my neck...she didn't leave a mark though. Thankfully.

She came back up and whispered in my ear, "You're so beautiful" and started nibbling my ear lobe.

Then, we both jumped out of our trance as the door shook, and the handle wiggled, we both panicked as a welsh voice came through the door...

"Why is this door locked?"


Okay, so, this had to end sooner or later anyway, considering we are at college and in the middle of a lesson...shit, forgot about that.

"I don't know Doug, the lock keeps playing's happened a few times recently..." Good thinking batman

"Okay, well, open up, I need some exercise books."


She turned to me, "Sorry babe, I'll talk to you later yeah?" she said it in a hushed voice

"Yeah um, okay!" feeling all a bit new to this.

She swiftly sorted herself out, considering my hands had been in her hair and we had been in a heavy make out session, I followed on, sorting myself out too.

Grabbed a few unnecessary books to make it look like we were in here for a reason; not just to kiss.

Would it have gone any further?

She swiftly unlocked the door and we were both faced with a curious Doug.

"Oh, hello Emily. What are you doing in here with Miss Campbell?"

SERIOUSLY?! THAT'S HER LAST FUCKING NAME?! AS IN...WAIT. Naomi Campbell...oh, god, this was too good to not question her on.

She looked scared, like I wasn't going to have an excuse?!

"Oh, I was helping her grab some books and when I came in, the light was off, and as I came in first, never in here before, I didn't even know there was a light! We could see though, light from underneath the door!" I told him in a very believable voice, and he believed me.

"Oh right! Well, what a terrific student you are!"

"Isn't she!" Naomi looked at me with a slight smirk appearing on her lips.

Shit she was so fucking hot when she did that...

"Right, off you both pop, back to your lesson..." we turned around and headed for the door, until Doug stopped us- well Naomi, and these words scared me, well not so much scared, just upset me.

"Ashl-oh, Miss Smith was looking for you this morning, she said something about 'you wanting it?' what did you want Naomi?"

She looked at me...with, wait, was she nervous? Nervous that I'd storm out.

"Probably the book she was reading..." She said whilst looking down, neither looking Me or Doug in the eye.

He nodded and smiled and I heard Naomi scuffle around, I didn't know if she was waiting for me to leave, so I did.

As soon as I got our the door, I began to run. I heard her call me, but I didn't stop, I needed to get away from her, and her bullshit before I properly fell for her, I couldn't. Not when I knew what she was like.

"Emily!..Emily!...EMILY!" I heard her calling, why was she? She obviously didn't care, she didn't look at me after we kissed and I just knew it was a mistake. So I just didn't stop running...I knew exactly where I'd go.

Naomi POV

"Emily!..Emily!...EMILY!" She didn't even turn back, or slow down. What the fuck was that all about?

I think that was honestly, the best kiss I'd ever had, it had so much warmth and passion and emotion in it, she wasn't just a fuck, she meant something to me...she was Emily.

Normally I was the one who ran, what made her run?

Shit, maybe she thought I was still screwing Ash?

That would upset her right? The fact that I just heatedly made out with her, I mean, she told me she liked me right?


I couldn't chase after her, I had a class to teach, obviously Ems was more important but me running after her would make things a lot more clearer to the outsiders.

So, I turned back to my class and walked, slowly, thinking things over. Thinking about what I could say to Emily...was there anything I could say? Where had she gone? Who was she with? Does she have a special place? I knew where I went when I was sad, but nobody knew about that place.

I walked into my class room and was faced with a few questions...

"Where'd you go?"

"Where's Emily?"

"Is she coming back?"

"Did you take her to Miss Smith?"

All these questions coming at me at once; they all obviously cared about Ems.

One person specifically, Panda. I don't know what or even if Ems had said anything, but they were best friends, so I'd just make it seem like I was curious, no personal feelings or relationship's to my fucking student.

"Pandora? Can I have a quick word please"

"Whizzer. Sure, by the way Naomi you can call me;

Panda or Pandora if you like or maybe Panda Pops.

Emsy calls me Panda Pops, then again, so does Efs and Freds, and JJ, and Katie...and do all my lovelies come to think of it!"

"Okay, Panda, do you know where Emily is? It's just, she was a bit upset earlier and she stormed off, I did try calling her but she just left."

"Oh, I don't know, she's probably either, erm, well I don't know how much I can say..."

"Panda, you won't get in trouble for anything you say, and I won't tell her you said anything okay?"

She looked very deep in thought, then began...

"Okay, well, I think when she's upset she either likes to surf 'n' turf, eat those magic cakes or plays football" Surf 'n' turf? What the fuck is that? Tennis? And Ems plays football? God, I don't know a single thing about her.

Panda must have seen my confusion...

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

"Surf 'n' turf?"


Oh, of course. Emily fucks when she's sad or mad, great.

"Oh" I swallowed deeply.

"Yeah, surfs 'n' turfs with Spencer, she's our little muff monkey Emsy is! Loves it! It was really funny, I walked in once whilst she was making monkey and it looked so different to our making manly parts yanoo! Well, I asked her to explain but she told me to get out, in the nicest possible way of course, Emsy would never be mean to anybody, except for Katie maybe, they are so different, but after Emsy finished she asked if I was okay and said she was sorry for shouting and then I asked her why she was a muff monkey and she said she didn't have any choice over it, but she was glad, she loved 'it' apparently, she said it's much better and gives you a screa-"

"WOW Panda, I think that's enough" I wanted to hear more about Ems obviously, but I didn't want Panda to know that. So;

"So, either Football, magic cakes" I presumed she meant drugs? "or, you know...that"

"Yeah! Or..." she looked deep in thought again "with JJ. They are the bestest friends other than her and Ef"

"Thank you Panda, you can sit down now."

"Smashing." she turned around and began to walk off, but then she rushed back. Grreeat.

"Emsy just text, she asked me to go meet her, can I?" I thought it was better Panda missing some of my lesson than Ems being alone, drunk, or drugged...Emily drugged...JESUS. Panda also being with Ems would stop her having sex with anybody else too...

"Yeah, of course! Go!" I quickly rushed her...

I wonder if Ems was okay? It was what, Thursday now, which means, I wouldn't see her till Monday, hmm...well, I kinda knows where she lives but that's too personal, she obviously doesn't want to see me...and she knows where I live too, because of her whorish ex.

The day finally finished after ages, considering Emily's class was my first, which meant: A) The pub wouldn't be open

B) She wouldn't sleep with Spencer because she had college

But, that also meant,

A) She'd be done with Panda sooner...

B) I had thought about her all day.

I left college and headed and the sight I saw made my stomach flip...seriously, what the fuck!?

There it was...

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