As Long As We're Careful

Unscheduled Visits.

Chapter 7

Spencer POV

'I'm not saying its your fault Although you could have done more Oh you're so naive yet so' Jesus Christ I need to stop listening to this song.Fucking hell Spence. Way to fuck things up with Emily. You twat. Fancy letting her go!

I need some fucking fresh air. I walked over to my window...What the fuck? I thought as I peered out and saw a bright orange moped...Emily's moped.Did she want me back?She wasn't around though...wasn't on her bike or stood by it.I know. I'll call her...I waited for her to answer.'Emily!''Hey Spencer, what's up?' She said half heartedly, as if her mind was somewhere else'Nothing I can-' I was interrupted by another voice. I couldn't really hear it though so I couldn't decipher who it was.'-erm, w-what are you doing?' that nervous unsure voice said on the other end.'Spencer, I have to go. I'll call you later' and with that the line went dead...who was that? Obviously walking distance considering she had left her moped here.

Naomi POV

"Erm, w-what are you doing?"Emily was sat on my doorstep. She was actually here...I was so pissed when I saw her moped, I thought she had gone back into those dumb sluts arms.

She looked up at my voice and I could tell she'd been crying, I desperately wanted to go and hug her but I couldn't; for so many reasons.

She had run, she didn't even tell me why. I couldn't hug her out in the open, especially not here, especially not with her ex slut next door.

"I didn't know what else to do..." Her voice was so tiny.

"Emily, you can't just come here like this" It was true, she couldn't

"O-okay, I'll just be off then" she was just putting her helmet on and I went against my better judgement.

"Come on then, in you come" shaking my head whilst saying so.

"No, It's fine, I don't want to be burden, besides, Spence called me just before you got here so I'll just go there..."


"I just wanted to talk, but I'll see you another t-"

I cut her off. I walked quickly towards her, kissing her with all my might, releasing my keys from my grip to cup her face. She leant into my palm and I decided then. I wasn't going to deepen the kiss, not without knowing what she'd come to say, and not on my doorstep. I pulled away and looked at her; her eyes still shut and she let out a sigh of content.

"Come in, I think we need to talk" I said whilst breathing heavily

"Are you sure?"


I dropped my hands from her face after still realizing I was still cupping her perfect rose red cheeks.

I unlocked the door after quickly picking my keys up and giggling nervously. How did I go about this? Do I act like we've kissed 3 times? Do I act as if I am her teacher (which I am obviously, which is why this is so difficult). Do I act like we're friends and nothings happened? I'll just say,

"Make yourself at home, I'm just gonna go get changed" I said, feeling the need to excuse myself to calm myself down before smoke starts coming off of my brain from over powering.

I quickly ran to my room, threw off my shirt and put another one with a comfy hoody, I needed a reason, but I didn't actually need to change so eh, just swap some clothes over.

I went into the bathroom, splashed some cold water over my face, redid my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head and redid my mascara...after splashing water all over myself, I didn't want to look like a panda. Shit, I didn't mean Ems friend Panda, I wasn't saying she looked like shit. Oh fuck off brain.

I threw my slippers on and headed down stairs, I went down slowly so I didn't alarm Ems.

As I stepped into the living room, I saw Emily looking at some photo's.

My house was pretty modern, there wasn't really any clutter, just comforts; candles, a few blankets on the corner sofa, photos. That's it really.

I walked up to Ems and she must have heard me approaching because she turned to look at me with a really stupid grin on her face, God, that smile. She had obviously lightened up from earlier.

God, please don't do that! You're too fucking sexy but cute when you do that.

She did it. Emily bit her lip. I was doomed.

"What?" I asked noticing she was trying not to say something...

"Is that you?" she pointed behind her carelessly, like, she wanted to see my reaction. I followed her finger, and I assume, she was pointing to a photograph of a small naked child. FUCK.

I blushed an excessive amount before releasing a breath.

"Yep, that's me. Mum made me have it up, but we don't need to look at those..."

"Aw, you were so cute!"

"Were?" shit, flirting. The conversations we have had were normally do with her or school – never me.

"Don't worry, you still are!" she assured me with a wink and a husky throaty giggle.

"Good. Want anything to drink?"

"Yeah sure."

"Be good if you told me what you like Ems...?" damn it! Fucking nickname.

"Oh shit, you have any juice?" Shit, I forgot she wasn't old enough, this all just became very real. Then again, maybe she was almost 17?

"Yeah, you can have wine or beer if you'd like? I won't tell anybody!" a cheeky wink for good measures. That sounded a bit like a trap. Here, my young student, come to my house and kiss me and then drink some alcohol.

"I'll stick with the juice, gotta drive Naoms!" Right, good, sensible.

"Okay, I'll be right back, unless you wanna sit in the kitchen, its a bit chilly in here?" please say the kitchen, it's more bright, less intimate, I would have to sit opposite you which means there wouldn't be any brief breathtaking moments where our skin touches.


She followed me through to the kitchen, which had a centre island in the middle, seats either side, I only needed 2, no family, not yet anyway. And it was only really ever me and Ashley who sat here, or me and Mum.

She pulled out the chair and almost jumped onto it, okay, that was seriously fucking cute. The shortness, my pocket sized Ems. The fuck? My?

I put some music on, I wisely chose it, I didn't want her thinking I was one of those mainstream cunts that listened to shitty charts toppers, so, for good measures, I put some Kings Of Leon on.


Not Sex On Fire

Not Use Somebody

Ah! Revelry, that was a good one.

She smiled and nodded approvingly at my choice of music as I began making drinks, I was only having coffee. I wanted to stay sober.

"Bits or no bits?" holding up the carton so she knew I wasn't just asking a random question.

"Oh god, why do you even have one with bits in!? It's just wrong!" she grimaced but in a light hearted way.

"Guests, you know, like having something to offer them" she just smirked.

"So no bits?"

A nod.

"Good choice. I may have had to ask you to leave."

I gave her the glass of juice to drink whilst I continued to make my coffee. Whilst I was setting up my cup and putting my coffee and sugar in it, I sneakily looked around at her and she saw me and just grinned.

I thought it would better off to start whilst I was doing something else so it didn't get too awkward, I needed to find out what the fuck was up with her, it was like she was bi polar.

"So Ems, what did you want to talk about? You being rude, us kissing, or you running?" I didn't mean for it to come out as harsh and cold as that, but I guess it was the words. She looked shocked to hear that kind of tone, but I didn't regret it when I saw the hurt in her eyes, I didn't want to hurt her, but she hurt me running today. I was worried.

"All of it..." she had averted her eyes to the floor and started playing with the edge of the glass.

"Okay, off you pop then."

"Um, okay, I guess, I wanted to apologize first..."

"Apology accepted"

She smiled that breathtaking smile again before continuing.

"I ran. I don't know what came over me, I was so scared that we were going to get caught, which meant the risk of your job, I didn't want to put that in jeopardy. I still don't, I know it doesn't seem like that with me coming here but I really needed to talk to you. I also, didn't want to show my true feelings but I guess I kinda fucked that up, first by running, then by coming back, and then letting you kiss me." she smiled "but the truth is, wow, I just, really like you and I know it's wrong and I shouldn't but you're so gorgeous and kind and smart and friendly, I can't help it, I'm really sorry."

She was apologizing for liking me? What's up with that? I liked her too, but things were so complicated. Never the less, I liked her too, can't help who you fall for right? Fall for? I don't love her. Yet. And she called me gorgeous, she thinks I'm gorgeous?

"You don't have to apologize Ems, truth be told, I feel the same..." She lifted her head up to me, with a hopeful look on her face

"Really? You do?" Maybe I could try and lighten the mood up a bit

"Yeah, sometimes I catch myself admiring my beauty." a said with a wink and I think she took it seriously...

"NO! I don't really...I was trying to ease the tension, but yeah, really. I like you to."

"Wow. Okay. So can I carry on?"

"Go ahead."

"Okay, well, the kiss. I also ran because that kiss...that kiss was the best kiss of my life, and I didn't want it to mean nothing to you and loads to me. I was frightened I was just a kiss, that's it, but I had no idea you liked m-"

I cut her off in a searing kiss.

I pressed my lips firmly against hers, but in a soft caring manor, I wanted her to feel everything, how I felt, the passion, the care, the worry, the anger, the hurt, the want and maybe even the love.

This kiss gave me butterflies in my stomach.

Licking across her lip, begging for entry, which was soon granted. As our tongues met, I felt it, and saw it. The fireworks. I thought people were just bullshitting me.

She moaned into my throat, and put her wrapped her arms around my neck, and as I was bending down to kiss her because she was still sat, I was using my arms to support my body, but then, I moaned because of how felt this great and I need more contact.

I very carefully, picked her up using my hands to cup her bum, god it felt good, it was firm, and perfect. The perfect bum. I nicely squeezed it to show I appreciated it, and gave a husky giggle.

With her arms still wrapped around my neck, and now her legs wrapping around my waist, I carried her round to counter, and sat her upon it, not even breaking the kiss to see where I was going.

When I had sat her down, we were in the position where I was stood in-between her legs. It felt so good to be here, and because she was stable and so was I, I used my hands, first to hold onto her hips, and pull her into me, god, the feeling. Then I cupped her cheeks, and let one go onto her chest. Her hands were drifting too, one was in my hair, and one was at the bottom of my back.

"Naomi..." shit that was one husky voice.

I moved my hand to the left and knocked over my cup, luckily, there wasn't any liquid in it.

I wiped it off and heard a shatter, but it didn't break either of us from our kiss. That's how deep it was.

The reason I was moving my hands was because Emily was pulling my shirt over my head, it was fairly easy considering I'd earlier removed my hoody because the room was warm enough.

So here I was, stood in-between Ems legs, with no top on, my bare chest out on display, I still had my bra on though.

I moved my mouth down to kiss Emily's neck, I sucked at her pulse point for a while, I was pleased with the small mark I'd left. She was still moaning, as was I.

She was palming my tits and then she did the sexiest thing, without any effort, she unhooked my bra, not taking it off, but leaving it open so she could have access to my breasts.

Just as her hand returned we were both brought out of our kissing to-

"Hey, you could have answered the door, it's okay, I remembered I had a key, why aren-"

Really...Now was the time for my Best friend/Boss/Emily's headmistress to just swoon into my kitchen.

She stopped talking and I assume, she had seen us.

Emily was frozen, because now, we had been caught by person I was most worried about finding out...

"So this is why you weren't answering your phone...I'll be in the lounge whilst you finish up!"

Maybe she hadn't realised it was soon as I heard her leave the kitchen and the TV come on, I started to move.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know she would just swing by..."

"It's okay, hopefully, she won't know it was me...I'll go though" she kissed me again and redid my bra for me, cheers Ems. I kissed her again not really wanting the moment to end.

"You sure?" she did have to go but I didn't want her to leave angrily.

She giggled quietly.

"Yeah, I better had, thanks for the erm, juice and the talk and well...the 2nd best kiss of my life." She giggled again, she went to jump down but I caught her.

"Wait! The broken cup..."

"Broken cup?" She must not have heard it smash, she looked down and giggled again, I picked her up off of the counter and placed her down carefully.

She turned to walk out the kitchen before I stopped her...

"Emily!" I whisper shouted, not wanting Ashley to hear her name.

"Can I call you?" so I'd just asked for her number...

"Of course, do you really think I would have left without giving you my number? It's in the lounge." we were still whispering...

"Okay, I'll text you in a bit! Bye." I gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and she turned to leave, she'd just made it to the front door after putting her shoes on...



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