As Long As We're Careful

Let The questions Begin.

Emily POV

"Emily?" fuck.

What was she doing here?

"Spencer...what's up?" please don't say anything or ask me why I'm at Naomi's!

"Nothing, I just saw your bike and I didn't see you and you sounded distracted on the phone and you didn't call me back. What are you doing at that sluts house?"

Okay...need a quick lie...shit, quick used to lie to your mum all the time, Spencer's dumb too...say something about your bike...

"Well...I was coming to see you and then I lost my know, for my bike? So I went to start walking around to look for them and when you phoned me, I was up the street looking for them which is why I was distracted...and, just as I was coming back, I saw Naomi, and I was looking around her car, so she asked me what I was doing you know, so she was just helping, that's why I was there. So you okay?"

That was believable right? She wasn't to know me and Naomi just told each other we liked each other and had a huge make out session, right?

Shit, she was just eyeing me suspiciously and then looking from me to Naomi's...fuck.

"Oh okay, did you manage to find them?"

"Find what?"

"Your keys...?"

"Oh yeah! They were in my helmet ha-ha!"

"How do you know her name?"


"Naomi...How did you know that was that's sluts name?"

"A) She's not a slut.

B) She's my teacher.

What's it got to do with you?"

I really didn't want her questioning mine and Naomi's relationship...if it was that even? I don't know...

"I was just asking and oh okay! So, I've been th-"


"Sorry Spence, gotta go!"

It wasn't my mum telling me I had to go or was her, Naomi.

I just got a colossal amount of butterflies in my tummy.

I wasn't going to read it until I was home so I could think about my reply properly, with thoughtful words that didn't let on how much stronger I felt than just like...I don't think I love her, I just think I might be falling for her...shit. I'm falling for my English teacher.

"Um okay, I'll see you soon, text me later yeah babes?"

"I will if I can, mum wants a word..., bye!" and with that, I hopped on my bike and rode home.

I got in a pretty much straight away...


Christ. What did she want?!

"Yes mother" I replied as sarcastically as I could...

"Have you been with that awful girl?"

I assume she means Spencer...

"No mother."

"Where have you been then?"


"I was hanging with...Effy!"

"Oh okay! That's've missed dinner now anyhow, so, you'll have to find something for yourself as we're going out for Badminton."

Eh?! House to myself..? I wonder if Katie and James are here?

"Okay, I'll make something, am I making food for Katie and James too?"


"No Emsy, Katie is at that Cook boys, and James is at Gordon's."


"Okay, bye!"

I quickly ran upstairs and got my phone out.

My heart was thumbing at lightening speeds...I still hadn't read Naomi's text...well, I assume it was, I didn't actually have her number so I'd have to see right?

So, I got my phone out, it said a number and said I had a text from that number, but, my being the kind of person I am, I had it so, it just said 'message' from the person, because my stupid nosey cow of a mother would most likely snoop through my phone to see who I was texting. Bitch.

Okay, so here goes...

'Hey Ems, it's me. I still think we should have that talk. It was great seeing you earlier;) You left your jacket here!xx'


She also put 2 kisses, that's more than friends do right, I only send one, if any at all to my friends!

Okay, so, what to reply?

It needs to be flirty, but actually taking the conversation somewhere and not too awkward and full on for the stage we're about something like Oh hey me, I'll have to see if I can figure this out, I left a lot of my jackets around tonight, especially at this cute blonde's house;) Na, that's too silly...

how about; Oh hey, yeah, I do too, seems we have much to talk was great seeing you too;) you have a nice kitchen counter too;) Oh! Damn, bring it with you tomorrow and I'll grab it? Yeah! That's cool.

'Oh hey, yeah, I do too, seems we have much to talk was great seeing you too;) you have a nice kitchen counter too;) Oh! Damn, bring it with you tomorrow and I'll grab it?xx' 2 kisses back, no more than her, but no less.

If she wants to increase them, go ahead!

I sent it. Fuck. I've all of a sudden gone really nervous argh!

It had been 10 minutes...why hadn't she replied?! maybe that's not long...she might be busy, or cooking, Ashley might still be there...she might be screwing her...I don't like the sound of that, that makes my chest hurt.

Surely she wouldn't? Not after us both telling each other how we felt? Surely not...


Please let that be her! Please let that be her...

I quickly checked my phone to see that it wasn't her, it was 'Bitch Fitch' aka My twin sister.

'Cover for me yeah Emsy? Staying at cookies! Love you!'


'Sure. Love you too Kay'

She wasn't that bad...

*10% of battery remaining*

Shitting phone always dying.

So, I put my phone on charge whilst I went and made some food...Nutella on toast! Yum! And after I'd eaten that, I took a quick shower, I needed to make the most of having the house to, not that, perv. Whenever Kay was here, I couldn't eat my food without her stealing some because mums cooking was that bad, we were always hungry, and then, she would spend hours in the bath or the shower. So, when I was home alone, I ate and bathed. Literally. I could do other things when people were in the house and asleep...nobody needed to know about that, besides, if I did it in the bathroom, James would probably end up seeing and that would just be wrong. I suppose only up until me and Spencer broke up, I'd had somebody to scratch that itch really...I missed Spencer. I really did, I know I didn't like her that much. But, we had chemistry, there was no denying that, I mean, the cheating really pissed me off, I would never go back to a cheat, but the little things she would do, like tuck my red hair behind my little elf like ears, or kiss my nose, or whisper into my ear when we were having sex – (I'd never say love making, that's just repulsive, makes me queasy.) but, you know, she cheated, I didn't really like her, but she was cute, and all things aside, she was nice, sweet, and caring and fucking great in the sack. But then, she would ruin all that stuff my doing things that pissed me off, she'd be bitchy about my family, yeah – my mum was homophobic, James was a perv, Katie was a bitch and my dad didn't really do anything, but I still loved them, of course I did. She would also switch, like be all lovely and stuff, but then get mad, like really quickly. And she was so controlling over mine and Ef's friendship, she was just too jealous, quite ridiculous all things considered you know? If we ever went out as well, she would tell me when she had thought I'd drank enough, or if I was doing something wrong or not paying her enough attention, I mean, I'd be talking to Ef or Panda across the table and she would just straddle me and start kissing my neck, don't get me wrong, I was always up for it, but not when I was talking with my friends, when we went out with her friends, which was as little as possible because they were all stuck up guys who wanted to see us fuck all the time, she'd actually flirt with them, if I wasn't fucking her (at the time) I would probably think she was straight. The way she calls me fucking Emsy too, my family calls me that, and people I love call me that, really pissed me off, I don't really miss her that much now...thinking about pretty much everything that pisses me off, she did.

Naomi, however, didn't do any of those things. Speaking of which, I'd been pootling around for almost 2 hours now without checking my phone.

I looked at it, which had a fair amount of juice now, and took it off charge and without looking went downstairs and got on the couch with my favourite blanket – it was quite light, but warm and striped, not that scratchy shit either, the cuddly kind where you could snuggle in it – like a duvet. Anyway, I got all snuggled and put a documentary on, I prefer them to soaps, they're fucking shit. Almost as bad as those daft talent shows they put on. This documentary was about Forensics, I would never do that as a career, it just fascinates me how police can find things out with barely any evidence at all.

Yeah, so, phone charged, snuggled up, documentary on, fed and cleaned. I could finally relax.

Now to see if I had any messages.

*3 new messages*

Ooooh! Surely they won't all be off of Naomi, probably not even 1, it's probably Katie, Effy and Mum.

Okay, so...was I right?

First was off Spencer...even thought she fucking cheated on me, she still wants me back after everything I said! Weird girl.

And then, the next wait. The next 2 were off NAOMI!

First one said...'That we do, maybe I can see you tomorrow? After class or before, whatever is easiest! Oh, cheeky! You made me break my cup! It was one of my favourites! I think you were just jealous because of how much my lips have been on that;) Oh, maybe...then again, If I happen to forget and leave it, you'd have to come by and get it!xx'

Okay! Fucking flirt. Hinting a bit then maybe? She wants to see my again tomorrow, besides my lesson? She called me cheeky?! Shocker. That was a pretty line though, and truth be told, I didn't break her cup, she was just getting too excited and she broke it, I didn't even realise until she picked me up off of the side which was so fucking cute. Wait, does she want me to go to hers?

Then the second said 'Jesus, Ash keeps asking who you were! I don't know what to say xx'

Ha-ha! Sucks for you. And that's quite funny, I wonder what she'll does that mean she's still there? Note to self – investigate their relationship! They were sent pretty much at the same time, both over an hour ago, least it wont make me seem to clingy and keen.

I'm just going to reply...'Me cheeky! Pfft! Meh, maybe, we'll see;) It depends what time I get in...and I didn't make you break it! You broke it, which if I remember correctly, I didn't even notice- I am a little jealous now you mention it:( I'll just send Spence to get my jacket then;)! Oh, is Ash still at yours?xx'

Yeah! Throw a little Spencer in every time she mentions Ash, see how she reacts...


Ha, I like this, much more comfortable!


Eh! She's quick.

'You are cheeky. Fine, I see how it is. Well...maybe I'll just be busy doing something else, marking your papers or something, I'm sure I can find something to do! And no, you definitely broke it, if I wasn't so caught up with what I was doing, I would have cared about it more. Really? You're jealous? Well, 'depending' on what time you get in, maybe we could do something about it? ;) And no! I'd much prefer you come and get it, I don't really like her, I hear enough of her...and yeah, she's invited herself to spend the night! Yay!-_-xx'

I almost forgot she was my teacher...she does want to 'do something about it' though and she can hear Spencer doing what exactly? Or should I say who? I know I shouldn't be pissed or jealous, but she is still trying to make us happen! Eurgh, Ash is spending the night?! Adult sleepover then by the sounds of things, but then again, she does want me to go and get my jacket myself...

I know, I'll just play it coolly. No more flirting, I'll act serious because maybe she things I'd just be another notch, I've heard her activities...fuck, does that mean she's heard me?! Jesus.

'Okay. Go for it! Well, it's your loss, I still have my perfectly good cup here which has had my lovely lips all over it so! :P' Okay, maybe a little flirting, don't want her to loose interest do I?! 'and yeah, I'm easy to get caught up in! I was jealous, but now I think back, it wasn't all that great;) yeah maybe, if I get up out of bed and get my cute little arse in the shower in time! I love the shower, gets you all wet and stuff;) and aw, well, I think I'm going to Spencer's tomorrow anyway, she wanted to talk to me about something earlier...:S she caught me coming out of yours and I had to make a lame excuse about loosing my keys :S she's really not your biggest fan either. And ah, sounds fun! What did you say to her about me?xx'

I was curious to see what she'd say about it all, me in the shower, me and Spencer, what she said about me to Ashley...I'm pretty intrigued.


Fuck me, she's getting fast she can't be that eager surely!

Oh, just Spencer...'Hey Emsy, just saw Katie in town and she said you're home alone, fancy coming over?xxx'

Meh, better than being at home by myself, and I would be closer to Naomi's too, and hopefully Naomi would see me at Spencer's...

'Yeah! That sounds great, give me 20 minutes and I'll be round!x'

Naomi replied whilst I was texting Spence back...'That's cruel. Tease, god imagine what you're like in a relationship!' the fuck? Was she imagining us having sex? Eh, doing pretty well then Ems! Keep it up! 'Hey! You seemed to be enjoying yourself considering the kinda trance you were in, didn't even notice the cup smash or the door open and close, then again, I only heard the cup! God, you are such a fucking tease. You got me all worked up earlier and now you're putting filthy images in my head! You got me there too, it is a cute little arse. ;) Oh, how come? You guys getting back together? And ha, smooth lie babe! Yeah, we've had PLENTY of arguments. Oh I just told her I was making out with this gorgeous redhead, didn't mention any names though! Blind cow didn't even see '

Hmm...interesting. Babe...I liked that.

'Thanks babes;) No! We aren't, I don't know what she wants to talk about but I'm gonna head over now, she just literally invited me and considering I'm home alone, I may as well. So, I'll have to text you later as I don't really want to crash and die! :D Oh, thanks for the compliment though! :D Oh, shit! I forgot you 2 were together :S!' I knew they weren't, I just wanted to see what Naomi said 'I'll see you tomorrow then, you probably want some ALONE time with Ash;) and Spencer will probably be throwing herself at me and I'll have to fight her off with a stick. Night

I didn't really want to stop texting her but, Spencer would be insistent to know who I was texting, and it would also show me if Naomi wants me to carry on texting...


'Oh, damn, you're gonna be next door to mine? I'm now jealous of her. Why are you home alone? I don't want you to crash and die either, that would make me very sad :( hey, it's not a compliment, it's true;) and we are NOT together! Don't you think she would had a bit more to say about our display if that was the case? You aren't gonna carry on texting me when you get there? You are rubbish! No, no, no alone time with Ash, I don't do THAT when I'm hung up on somebody else...why would you fight her off with a stick? Is she that bad?xx'

Aw, okay, so now she knows how close I'll be, wonder if she'll make any disruptions? Maybe I'd have to put on a bit of a show? Make her even more jealous? Jealousy shows how people feel right? I'm glad there won't be any private time too! Stupid whore, not Naomi...Ashley. Did she mean she's hung up on me? And I could also make Spence sound great now...

'Yeah I am! ALL NIGHT. ;) Oh, everybody just went out :D hmm. Maybe you're in one of those open relationships? Ha-ha, I can try, but Spence with probably take my phone as soon as I step through the door! Ha-ha! Who are you hung up on? And well. She isn't THAT bad, she just makes herself look pretty desperate, last time I was there, before catching her in the act, she gave me this fucking SEXY lap dance, so, it isn't that bad, but I'm not really interested in her any more, not after everything, gotta go now! Ill try and text you later! Bye!xx'

Maybe that was enough?


'No, no relationship...okay, you'd better! And I thought you knew?...its, erm, you? Oh! I've seen one of those lap dances...she was doing it in the fucking garden...but okay, bye Ems!xx'

Fuck, that was my lap dance, in the garden, and we fucked after had Naomi seen me fucking somebody too!? Jesus Christ. She's hung up on me woo woo oh yeah!

I really had to leave now so I turned everything off and locked up, and got on my way, and got there 5 minutes after I said I would.

I pulled into the drive way and I think, I saw Naomi looking through the window, not entirely sure...But before I knew it;

"BABY!" and she gave me I think one of the most full on kisses I've ever experienced, not filled with love or passion, just want.

I enjoyed it whilst I lasted, I was just getting into it, forgetting who it was for a minute when she put her hands behind my thighs and picked me up, I squealed, this is one of the things I loved about her, I didn't love her, just loved some of the things she did, but unfortunately...

Naomi must have either been watching or heard me squeal because she interrupted us.

"Spencer, please can you shut the fuck up? It's getting late"

"Na, Emsy's enjoying it"


I turned around to see Naomi with a jealous look on her face which then turned into a smug smile as my phone vibrated...

"Hold on Spence, phones doing something..."

Naomi was stood with a smirk on her face and her hands behind her back, I assume she'd already had it typed out and just pressed send now...

'Jesus, Ems, what's with the fucking squealing?xx'

I laughed at this, she wasn't mad, she was doing me a favour, and I chuckled...

"What's so funny baby?"

I immediately knew it was Spencer, because she'd want to know who'd made me laugh, and Naomi already knew...

"Nothing Spencer." I added the emphasis so she knew not to call me baby.

"Just Katie, lemme just reply..."

I heard a snort from Naomi.

'Shh;) she thinks she had a chance, she's doing everything she used to when we first got together to try and win me back, fucking shoving her tongue down my throat, thank god you came, I wouldn't be able to crash and die because I would have suffocated and died;)! Thanks babe!xx' I made sure to call her babe because of how I'd just spoken to Spencer.

Naomi really laughed then, maybe she'd read my text?

"What are you laughing at slut?"

"Nothing whore, just your pathetic attempt at wooing the girl you already cheated on"

"Well, she's forgiven me, haven't you BABY."


Naomi laughed at this which caused me to laugh, which made Spencer pissed and we were all laughing until...

"Naomi! Come back to bed!"

The fuck?! She told me they weren't sleeping with each other, what a fucking liar.

I looked at her, and she couldn't meet my eyes, so, I did the next best thing that came to mind...

"Actually Spence, I think I have, and I've missed you loads! Come on sexy" I gave her the nosiest kiss which made her moan, loudly. Nice one Spence! Doing well!

Naomi coughed, clearly trying to get our attention through our kiss, but, Spencer being the jealous bitch she is, made much more of a show.

She started to grope my tits and picked me up again, and started walking towards her door, not breaking the kiss.

I hadn't shut my eyes, so I could see everything, I saw the wink Spencer shot at Naomi, and I think, I saw Naomi, look hurt?

Serves her fucking right. She lied to me, already.

Hung up on me? Bullshit.

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