As Long As We're Careful

Revenge Fucking.

Chapter 9

Naomi POV

What the fuck? So, she flirts with me over text, and then giggles with me and thanks me, everything's going fine, and then she turns like that...Why was that? Maybe it was Ashley shouting about going to bed, she had meant that in a friendly way, we were watching a movie and she spends the night a lot and she just sleeps in my bed. Not fucking...sleeping, in a friendly way, but after telling Ems we weren't shagging, and then Ash coming out and saying that, would probably piss her off.But also, she has no right. She told me she had no interest in Spencer and yet when I came out, they were cuddled up, then after the whole Ash thing, she put on a right show."Naomi?"I turned around to see Ash, oh, I hadn't answered her..."Yeah...coming..." I was still distracted watching Spencer's house..."Hey, that was the bike that was here earlier wasn't it?"Shit, hadn't contemplated on Ashley seeing Ems bike. Quick Naomi, lie...if you want anything with Emily, you are going to have to lie to everybody."Yeah, its spencers...friend.""Oh...wait. doesn't the kid that own that go to Roundview?""not sure, ash. Come on, its cold.""Right okay"Thank god for that, just act oblivious...and none the wiser.We got inside, and I locked the door, and grabbed the wine, we had previously been in bed watching a movie so all the lights were off and my stuff was upstairs so I only had to re-lock the front door...We went back upstairs and got back into bed, and then Ash asked a question I didn't really know how to answer..."So. What was all that about outside?"Act oblivious..."All what?" Smooth Naomi."You like, fighting with a 17 year sounded pretty aggressive...""Oh...she's...erm, just a neighbour but she's a slut and we kind of have a rivalry going on" yep, that's the badger."Oh...what's the rivalry about?"Nice one Naomi."Well, she's always got a different girl over there and I can hear her every time she has sex...and then, if I ever have anybody here, she moans and every time we see each other we just fight.""What about her mum?""What do you mean?""Her mom let's her sleep around?""Na, I think her mom works on a ship or something, she works for a month, comes back for a week, works for a month and so forth..."" what were you fighting about earlier?""The girl she's got there." I answered that a bit quick an0! now she's gonna be asking questions."Oh, I thought you said you didn't know?""Oh, nah, I didn't I just know what Spencer is up to..." Nice save Naomi;)"What's she up to?" Nice going."Basically, the girl she's got there now, they were in a relationship for like a month, and she cheated on her like every week. And well, you know how I feel about cheaters.""Okay, so, shall we just forget about them and get on with the film...?""Yeah .good idea!"So we were sat watching the film for a while until we heard..."fuck Emily. Fuucccck"Nice. I'm hearing the girl who I think I'm falling for, fucking somebody else. Just as I'd finished this thought, I heard the loudest scream, orgasm maybe?"Fuck baby, that was amazing!"Said that husky, voice I dream to hear...Fuck sake, nice one Ash, ruined that didn't you.So, I thought, I'd send little poor Emily a text.'Hey Ems, mind fucking that cheating slut a bit quieter next time? Thanks babe.'I wanna see if she replies, because if that fuck was that good, she wouldn't be on her phone...'Sorry Naoms, didn't think you'd be able to hear, you know, whilst fucking Ashley?'Great, so now we are on THAT again.'I'm not fucking Ashley, I told you that, and I don't think you're in the position to say that, you know. Considering the girl you are fucking, you have 'no interest' in really can you?'Ooooh! Touché to me;)'Well...according to Spencer, babes, you are a slut? And to be honest, I've heard you a few times;) and, I guess now, you're a lying slut, right?'Okay that's fucking harsh, I've had enough.'Fuck you Emily. I can't believe you just go fuck yourself. Better yet, go fuck your lying cheating whore of a girlfriend;) night.'An with that I put my phone down and got on with my night.It was a while into the film now and I could still hear Emily and Spencer fucking. I don't know why, but it was seriously turning me on...So, deciding to play 'Ems' at her own game, why not give Ashley what she always wants; me.I put my hands under the duvet and began stroking Ashley's leg, I didn't want all that intimate shit, me and Ash weren't like that - more friends with benefits.She didn't really do anything but I saw a bit of a smug smile out of the corner of my eye, so I decided to up the anty.I rounded her thigh with my hand so it was resting on the inside, right at the top of her legs, this got a bit of a moan, so, I decided to carry on...I carried on bringing my hand up but I didn't stop at the top of her underwear, I carried on up under her shirt. And fortunately, she wasn't wearing her bra. I cupped one of her breasts and started to rub my thumb across the nub of her nipple. The now hard nipple. An this got a deep groan from the back of her throat.Fuck it.I swung my leg over so I was now straddling her, still with my hand up her shirt."Fuck Naomi. You're keen""'" I said in-between the kisses which had quickly started...I felt her tongue run across my lip so I opened my mouth to allow her access, it was so different to kissing was much more fast and rough; more rushed.I sat back from the kiss and pulled her top off and threw it across the room and stopped kissing her mouth and started kissing along to her jawline and then nibbled her ear lobe. I whispered; "you're making me so wet" and it all honesty, it wasn't a lie. The fact I was thinking about Emily was the bad thing. What I was doing, wasn't right."Same here gorgeous"I lowered my self so I was now and her chest level, I was also now placing my leg between hers and grinding my knee into her centre."Fuck Naomi..."I covered her hard nipple with my mouth and nibbled a bit, then smoothed it with my tongue. This caused her to moan in pleasure again...After I had paid equal attention to each, I kissed down her flat toned stomach and stopped at the top of her pants.I looked up her one last time, and I saw her looking at me with flushed cheeks and daring eyes. I could already feel her want on my knee.I slipped my hand under her pants and rested my finger at the top of her folds."Hmm babe, move your finger down a bit"I smirked and shook my head"Not yet baby, be patient."She bit her lip and nodded quickly - Ash is the one with the dominant personality, but when we are in bed, I'm boss.I pulled down her pants with my teeth to her knees then used my hands to pull them off and chucked them aside. Not really caring where they ended up.I kissed up her legs. Starting at her knees until I got to her most sensitive part.I parted her wet folds and shot forwards.I licked from her entrance up to her clit and then stopped at her clit, I sucked it into my mouth and nipped it, then brushed my tongue over it to sooth the bite."Oh fuuck""You're so wet Ash" I continued my actions after my statement."" she was saying in-between groans and moans.Hearing that just spurred me on.I pushed a finger into her..."Fuck Naomi..." Luckily she wasn't exactly quiet...I stopped what I was doing, and whispered into her ear,"I'm going to make you scream my name"She whimpered.I resumed my actions...Licking and sucking her clit whilst pumping my finger but I felt her was clenching around my finer and decided to add another...and then to make it all the more better more her, pushed harder, deeper and faster and then curled my fingers, hitting that spot that would make her scream my name..."AHHH FUCK NAOMI."Ah, that a girl.I didn't stop my actions though, I wanted to make sure she was spent.I curled them again making my fingers much more pronounced."FUCK...NAOMI...DON'T...FUCKING...STOP...RIGHT...TH ERE"and with that she came.I pulled my fingers out and licked her juices off of them which made her whimper again and then pulled her into a sweet passionate kiss. She deepened it and moaned when she tasted herself.*RING RING RING RING RING*Who the fuck is calling at this time of night?'What?' I answered too tired to even look at the caller ID and too tired to care who was on the other end. I was pretty out of breath too considering my previous actions...'Aw thanks babe, love that greeting, so caring, I was just calling because you didn't listen to my texts, if you're quite finished, I'd like to actually get some sleep, so um, yeah night' and with that she put the phone down.

"Eurgh fucking bitch"

"Who was that?"

" mom...she said I had to go out with her tomorrow"

Fuck. I need to stop lying.

"Okay then babe, the moods kinda gone now, don't you think?" thank fuck for that. I didn't want her to do it to me...not whilst I'm hung up on Emily..

"Yeah...tomorrow?" knowing full well she would be too busy tomorrow...

"Okay" *YAWN* "gonna go to sleep, that alright?"

"That's fine babe" I gave her a quick chaste kiss on the lips and she fell asleep...

Fuck I'm horny.

I decided to take a shower and help myself, I went back to bed and went to sleep.

It's never awkward with me and Ash in the morning, we just get up, get sorted, get some coffee and head to work.

When I pulled up to the college, I was running pretty late...Ash had gone, but I stuck around at the coffee shop for a bit to get some thinking done...I didn't know what to do about Emily, I mean, she didn't let Spencer fuck her, unless she was really awful and Emily had no reaction...ha ha.

When I finally got to Roundview I saw Emily...just my luck.

Wait, I didn't know she smoked...

I just parked up and headed in, not looking in her direction because I didn't want any interaction with her, I know I'm as bad as her. Actually, no, I'm not. She threw herself at her cheating ex to spite me.


Fuck. I know who that is without even turning around...that fucking husky voice!

I turned around to see her running towards me...

"What Emily?"

I wasn't in the mood too talk to her, especially after what she's been's one of the things that piss me off the most about people. Using somebody to make somebody else feel like shit, what's the point? Man, thinking about things, there are a lot of things that annoy me...

People not being themselves, cheats, people that feel the need to control people, homophobes, Injustice, lies, racism, poverty...Jesus Christ.

"Can we talk?" Really?! You are actually fucking asking if we can talk?

"No, I've got a lesson." and I walked off...I had her class today so she would probably try to find a way to speak to me.

Fuck...Emily's class already, the day goes so quickly when I've got to do something I'm not looking forward to...

"Alright you lot, come in" I wasn't gonna make the rest of my class suffer...especially not because of her.

"Tickety boo Naomi! How's the day going for you?" gotta love Panda, she always cheers me up!

"Tickety boo? Yeah, it's going okay thanks Panda, how's yours?" Tickety boo?

"It's been a bit dull, Emsy's in a right gruff for some reason, Katie said it was because she wasn't getting any...What aren't you getting Emsy?" Ha fucking classic...I didn't even realise Em was stood there...Panda is so innocent, but I can assure you, Emily isn't 'gruff' for that reason...

"Surf and turf Panda...Naomi, can I speak to you after the lesson please?" Right...not really comfortable now...but I needed to be professional and it might be about the lesson so I'll just answer like a teacher would.

"Right" she went and sat down, but Ems was still looking at me waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, okay. Go and sit down, I want to start the lesson".

"Fuck sake..." she muttered under her breath but I still heard.

We were around 20 minutes into the lesson when there was a knock at the door, I looked of to see Ashley so I beckoned her in with my hand...the hand that was inside her not 24 hours ago.

"Naomi...can I have word?" my stomach hit the floor...I was suddenly really scared...what if she'd found out about Emily and I, thinking of, I turned to see her clenching her fits with a scowl watching our exchange very closely.

"Yeah, sure, right class, read to the end of the next chapter and when you're there discuss the difference between the characters" I set my own book down and followed Ashley outside before casting a last glance at Emily and it looked like she was either about to go mad or cry. Either way, neither was okay.

My stomach was turning around in knots and I was really frightened until...

"Naomi, this is Clare, she will be joining our college and she's gonna be in your form class okay?"

"Hi Clare, that's fine, is that all A-Miss Smith?"

"Yeah, that'll be all, have a good first day Clare, come by my office at the end of the day?"

"Okay then." Aw, she had a cute voice, it was all mousey but there wasn't really any innocence to it.

She had her hair in a messy bun on the top of her head, she was quite pretty, her hair was a blonde colour, but no peroxide, more natural. She had navy blue eyes and a bit of a button nose. She was dressed in light blue skinny jeans, a silk top with a navy blue blazer that made her eyes stand out and a pair of white TOMS, the colour matched her top. But surprisingly, she didn't dress like most of the sluts here, instead of having a handbag, she had more of a oil cloth satchel over her shoulder.

"Right, ready?"

"Yeah I am. Thank you." What the fuck was she thanking me for?

"For what..?"

"Being nice, most teachers are unwelcoming" Aw sweet.

"No worries, come on then poppet!" she smiled.

When I walked back in with her, I saw Emily ease up but look at me curiously before running her eyes down Clare. Fuck, the feeling in the pit of my stomach just went out the roof.

"Everybody this is Clare, she's going to be joining our class" all the students except for Emily said hello.

"Right Clare, they're doing some reading of this" I showed her the book "you ever heard of it?" I asked with a chuckle...

"No sorry..." She looked genuinely frightened, what school did she come from? Jesus.

"Not to worry, well, pull up a chair and I'll talk to you through it if you'd like?"

"Yes please...if you don't mind, that is?"

"Of course not..."

We spent pretty much the rest of the lesson talking about the book, with my stopping to tell the class what to do next...Emily was still snarling! She wasn't actually jealous that I was spending my time with the new girl was she?

Every time I would look up from the book to tell Clare something, I'd catch her looking at me in that way...I would then have to clear my throat and she would pay attention again, Jesus. She was really smiling though so I could tell she was okay but I felt I needed to ask anyway...the silence was a bit awkward.

"Everything okay so far?"

She chuckled before responding and Jesus that sound was music to my ears.

"Yep...everything is just...fine." Was there a double meaning to that?

The thing is, she looked and acted so much older...she seemed as if she was actually around 22...

" do you understand?"

"Naomi, can I have some help please?" I looked up and saw Emily with her hand over her head then heard Panda say,

"With what Emsy, it's just reading you pillac!" I really fucking loved Panda. She made Ems look like a bit of a twat though.

"Yeah I'll be over in a minute, right Clare, if you read the next few pages and make some notes on the characters personality's, Ill go and help Em and ill be back over in a sec okay?"

She turned to look at Emily and her eyes narrowed...weird.

"Yeah sure, have you got some paper?"

"Shit, sorry...yeah hold on" I walked over to the cupboard and grabbed an A4 line notepad "here you go, be right back."

I walked over to Emily and pulled a chair up to her desk, I really regretted it though because the look she cast me made a bit uncomfortable, it was kind of a jealous, smug, horny look...I didn't like it one bit.

I moved the chair back before sitting on it, so really I was closer to Panda than to Ems.

She looked hurt, but you know, fuck her, she hurt me- and I don't let people hurt me.

"What do you need help with?"

"I was just wondering why the character in the book is ignoring the other one and acting like a harsh twat, because, on one hand, it's their own fault and the other character only did what they did because they were upset."

Was that her way of an apology? Assuming she meant us, instead of the book, I was going to give her as good as I got...

"Well. Emily, maybe they didn't give the other person a chance to explain? And then, they still shouldn't have done what they did just because they were upset, I think it's unforgivable, I also think they were both kidding themselves thinking it could ever work too, one's too immature and can't deal with it and the other was stupid to ever get involved knowing they were putting literally everything at risk."

She looked shocked, and hurt and angry, I was pleased I'd made her feel like that, I had literally just told her whatever we had was over and I couldn't forgive her.

Panda however "Whizzer, so, why do they both act like that?" I don't think she had any idea that we were referring to each other...Emily answered.

"Because Panda, when people like each other, they do stupid things, regardless of the consequences but when people don't stop and think, people get hurt and one thing could ruin everything."


"Is that all girls?" straight back into teacher mode.

"Yeah thanks Naomi, they're buggars ain't they!" Emily looked really disappointed but I really couldn't do it.

"Yeah Panda, they are."

I sat back down next to Clare and I saw she'd written 2 pages of notes in the time I'd been away...

"Bloody hell Clare, you sure you've never read this book?"

"I think I need to be honest with you..."

That's never a good thing...but I only just met her so what was she gonna say? That she had read the book before?

"Okay...go ahead?" I said it a questioning way because I really wasn't sure what she was going to say...

"Okay, well you can't say anything but, I'm 23...I just finished my English degree and I'm doing an undercover article..." Wow. I thought she was older but I wasn't expecting that,

"Wow, I thought you looked older! So, what are you doing here?"

"An undercover article about the place, not so much as the teachers" she gave me a wink "but just how its run by Ashley, but she can't know okay? Nobody can, I only told you because I was hoping maybe you'd like to go for a drink?" She's gay too?

"Is that a good idea? I wouldn't want to put your job in jeopardy or anything? And what if somebody saw us? They think you're my student...?"

She giggled and I heard Emily scoff, I looked up to see her shaking her head.

"don't worry about that. We'll cross that bridge if or when we come to it, so is that a yeah?" she was brave.

"Yeah, why swear you aren't a teenager?" I added a throaty laugh to show I was being serious but making it light hearted.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure...look..." she handed me her I.D and something to do with her article, almost like said she was 23 and her name Poppy Longington. She sounded like a posh bloody cow but she seemed...nice.


"Shit yeah, I have to use a different name undercover so, I'm you can probably tell..." she extended her hand and I shook it. She had soft hands.

"I'm Naomi, Naomi Campbell..." her eyes went wide...fuck. Ruined it.

"fuck off? Really?" she was laughing now but her voice was hushed, obviously the rest of the kids in the class were still under the impression that she was my student so we both had to be careful, for the sake of both of our jobs.

"Yeah. I know, it's awful, but unfortunately, my mother won't let me change it."

"Aw it's cute, just like you"

I blushed at this, with Emily, it had been a bit subtle and this felt completely different, like this could just be.

"Thanks, you aren't so bad yourself..." I shot back with a wink.

"ha thanks. So, when do you wanna go for this drink?"

I looked at my watch... "well, I'm finished after this, so what about afterwards?"

"Yes! That sounds great, erm, here's my number" she made it look like she was writing notes, she looked at her book, then started writing "Call me when you're at the pub or something because I have to go and see Ashley first, you know, let her know how my day went or whatever..."

"Sure! How is it going so far?"

"Pretty well" she shot me another wink, there were still 40 minutes left because the class had a double lesson.

"Okay, well considering you don't actually need to learn, do you just wanna chat for a while?"

"Sure, we'll have to make it look like I'm working you know, considering I'm a 'student'."

We both chuckled

"Okay well-" *BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* "Sorry, ill be right with you in a minute"

I got my phone out subtly to read my text-

It was from Emily...

'I think we need to talk properly, instead of just after class, can you meet me later?'

No chance of that happening, I quickly shot a reply back so I could pay attention to Poppy.

'Sorry, I can't, going out for a drink'

I looked up and across at Emily, she just had that unattractive snarl on her face again, the jealousy thing was getting boring now...

"Anybody interesting?"

"Nope, they fucked me over so I'm done with them..."

"what did they do? If you don't mind me asking?"

"Not at all, we're bound to get to know each other one way or another..."


"Well, we met each other just in town and then we started to get to know each other, only as friends, because she had a girlfriend, but then the girlfriend cheated and they broke up...a few weeks later, we kissed and she freaked out and ran off, then when I got home, she called and said she wanted to talk so I met up with her and we ended up kissing again and I had to go, so we left on a sweet note, after deciding we were kind of seeing each other but then she told me she was going to her ex's to talk and I didn't realise her ex lived near me and I saw them kissing and then we argued and my friend was over and she thought that my friend and I were shagging – which we weren't, so she slept with her ex, I slept with my friend to get back at her and now we just don't talk but she wants to sort things out, but I can't, I don't want to..." I whispered most of this considering the 'her' was sat 2 tables in front of us

"Oh! That sounds rough, so why don't you want to sort things out?"

"Because I think I might be interested in somebody else" I winked so she knew it was her.

And it was true, I couldn't forgive Emily and Poppy was hot, and sweet and she cared; she also understood about my job and she was in the same position, so yeah, I was interested in getting to know her.

"Oh I see...I think I may be interested in somebody too" She punctuated with a wink and we just both giggled until we were interrupted by something slamming on the desk, I look up to see Emily standing there with an angry look on her face and a her book on my desk...

"Yes Emily?"

"Can I be excused?"

"What for?"

"Erm, because I don't want to be here?" she said in a 'duh' tone...god she was really pissing me off today...

"No Emily, you can wait until the end of the lesson just like everybody else..."

She huffed "fuck sake." she went and sat back down and just glared at me...

"What was her problem?"

"God knows...hold on, she left her book" I picked up her book and took it over to her,

"What was that all about?" She looked at me with disbelief in her eyes and stormed out,

"Sorry guys, I'll be right back!"

I pretty much ran after her,

"Emily!" "Emily! "EMILY" She slowed down but didn't stop...

"That's it, run again..."

That point she turned around and came steaming up to me...

"Don't you fucking dare! You can't throw yourself at students like that Naomi...I thought I was different...?"


She cut me off with a soaring kiss, it was full of emotion- hurt, anger, love, passion, jealousy, sadness.

She pulled back, "I'm sorry..."

"Me too" and I walked back into the college, but I could still hear her sobs and her calling me back

"Naoms...Naomi...Naomi please..." I wasn't going back...I couldn't. Whatever we had, was over.


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