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Give Up On Hope

By Dragon3042

Romance / Drama

The Werehog

Tails’ P.O.V

“What’s with all the screaming?” I asked as I watched Shadow run around frantically “Tails! You’re okay? Good” he said and sighed with relief, I give him a confused look “why would I not be okay?” I asked, he looked at me seriously. “You can’t stay here, So-“ he was cut off by the sound of a door being smashed in “we have to go, Now!” he yelled and picked me up over his shoulder. “There’s a secret exit at the back of the workshop” I said knowing we probably couldn’t go through the front door. I look back one last time to see the thing of my nightmares “Sonic… No…” I whispered and hung my head low, sobbing, it can’t be him… We reached the exit and Shadow kicked open the door “I’ll take you to my place, we’ll be safe there for now” he said and we snuck around to the front of the house. He dropped me and I jumped onto the back of his motorbike and he hit the accelerator. “What was that thing?” he asked “… Werehog…” I simply said, I felt his shocked look when I said that “but they’ve been extinct for centuries!” he yelled back “What are you talking about?” I asked wiping away my tears. I was confused but interested in what the striped hedgehog was saying “while I was searching the ARK files, I found one on the Werehog species, they were a massive threat to human kind, so the humans and Werehogs went to war but the humans wiped them out and since then there have been no Wherehog sightings” he informed me with a serious look on his face. “The only possible explanation that Sonic’s a Werehog again would have something to do with Dark Gaia but we destroyed him ages ago so, it can’t be…” I mumbled as we arrived at Shadow’s house. This was getting confusing and really out of hand, we needed to figure this out before something really bad happens or things get a lot worse.

Sonic’s P.O.V

I searched everywhere in the house for Tails but he wasn’t here, I smashed my fist into one of the walls and it crumbled into a pile of debris. I gave up and headed back to where Amy was hidden “You bast*rd!” Amy screamed when I got back, she was really starting to get on my nerves “Amy don’t you ever shut up?!” I barked back at the tied up girl. “You know Shadow will come for me and when he does you’re dead meat!” she threatened, I chuckled to myself, the laugh soon got louder and more psychotic until I was laughing so hard I was about to cry. “Shadow? He couldn’t take me on now even if he had the whole G.U.N army!” I yelled back with a psychotic smile. Shadow was scared sh*tless of Werehogs and I knew this because when the world had split and Dark Gaia ruled, we had asked Shadow to help us but as soon as he saw me he had ran for it. We didn’t see him again until the world was fixed and when we asked him what happened he pretended he didn’t know what we were talking about, Shadow’s a good liar so everyone believed him, except for me. She dropped her head and started to sob… Again. I rolled my eyes, I didn’t care, I had no feelings for her anymore and I never will, the only feeling I have now is anger and betrayal. “Even if he does successfully come for you, he wouldn’t be able to face his fears long enough to retrieve you… Alive” I said sadistically and an evil grin started to form on my face. She looked up at me with her eyes wide “Sonic, please listen to me, this isn’t you! It’s the beast, he’s controlling you!” I snarled at her again. “No Amy, it’s all me!” I said and couldn’t help but laugh again, no one can stop me now and I was finally getting the revenge I deserve… Revenge…

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