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Give Up On Hope

By Dragon3042

Romance / Drama

Forgiving Isn't Easy

Shadow’s P.O.V

By now I had paced the room a hundred times, I know this because Tails had been counting. “That’s it! I can’t just stand around here, I’m going to find Amy!” I said and was about to speed out the door when someone grabbed my wrist. “No! You won’t be able to fight Sonic off long enough, plus we don’t even know where to look” he said with concern evident in his eyes. “Fine, Where do we start then?” I said, eager to get out and kick a** already “hmm… There was a specific cave Sonic went to when his Werehog form took over, we never knew why” he said with his hand on his chin in deep thought. “Then what are we waiting for? Lets go!” I said as I pulled him along and out the front door, “we can’t take your motorbike, follow me” he said and led me into a thick forest where we continued our search. ‘Amy… Where is she? Is she alright? What has that f*ck done to her?!’ These thoughts clouded my mind as we continued the tiresome search for my love.

Amy’s P.O.V

“Please Sonic, let me go!” I screamed again, I knew he wasn’t going to let me go back to Shadow but it was worth a try and if it still doesn’t work than I might as well annoy the crap out of him. He had taken us to some sort of cave and he was currently sitting in the corner of it facing the wall with his head hung low, I had no idea why. “Sonic, maybe I can help you” I said, I knew it was a bad idea but I definitely wasn’t going to stay in here any longer “you can’t help me… Not anymore” he said, unmoving. His ear started to twitch and his head lifted slightly “dinner’s here” he said with an evil smile and pounced outside, I gasped as I saw his emerald eyes turn dark as he said that, as if he changed into a different person. He then dragged something in which he held in his powerful jaws “Eww, Sonic!” I screeched as he held a plump, dead deer in his jaws. He dropped it and gave me a confused look “what? It’s just deer, maybe a little raw but still deer, you’ve eaten it before” he argued with a smirk, I looked down in shame. “You think I was dumb enough to believe you when you said that the date you forced me to go to served fancy chicken? Ha!” he laughed. He then proceeded to rip into the gut of the animal and devour it, I felt like throwing up it was horrible, disturbing even. Sonic saw this and rolled his eyes, he then got up and dragged the animal to his spot in the corner, I could still hear the ripping but at least his huge figure was covering most of the gruesome scene. “See? You still have some sense and humanity as to not eat in front of me, you could be normal again Sonic!” I said and heard the ripping stop, I didn’t know if he was finished or if my words had finally got to him. “Amy” he sighed and turned to face me, blood covering his almost wolf like muzzle and his eyes turning bright emerald again “haven’t you realised yet? I can’t, no one forgave me before, so tell me, what makes you think they’ll forgive me now?” he said with a serious but sympathetic look. I looked down, trying not to look into his hypnotic green eyes, I didn’t want to talk about it anymore… “Exactly”

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