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Give Up On Hope

By Dragon3042

Romance / Drama

The Fight Begins

Tails P.O.V

“This is it, we have to be extremely quiet, as a Werehog Sonic has enhanced senses, including his hearing” I said to the eager ebony hedgehog next to me “then why don’t we use that to our advantage instead?” he said with a smirk before throwing a Chaos Spear into the distance, far from the cave. A huge figure crept out of the cave and shot off with amazing speed, it could’ve only been one person. We ran into the cave and searched “we have to hurry, he’ll be back any mo-“ I was cut off by a low growling voice “looking for something? Or should I say someone!” it was Sonic, he had Amy tied up next to him as he stood on all fours like an animal as his bright green eyes turned a darker shade. “Shadow!” she exclaimed excitedly when she saw my dark companion “coming back for her was your biggest mistake yet Shadow!” Sonic said with a wicked smile that was aimed right at his rival. He threw the pink hedgehog with great force behind him and with a mighty roar he ran towards the striped hedgehog with a speed faster then the naked eye could see, fangs bared to kill.

Sonic’s P.O.V

I pounced onto Shadow and held him by his neck in my strong grip, he choked out a Chaos Blast right into my stomach. Lucky in this form he can’t kill me no matter how hard he tries because of all the dark chaos energy flowing through me, despite this I could still feel pain. I was sent flying through the air and into a tree, I quickly regained my composure just as he was about to send I punch to my face, I blocked it and sent my own punch into his chest. I saw Tails running to help Amy and ran over and sent a quick kick to his side “Sonic! That’s your brother!” Amy screamed at me as I watched him smack into a tree and fall into unconsciousness “not anymore” I growled darkly. I received a hard kick to the face and flew a few feet before landing roughly on my side, I then saw Shadow pulling at the ropes that held Amy in place. “Never again” I mumbled before standing and running full force towards Shadow, I heard him yell ‘Chaos’ but I reached him before he could yell the next word. The force of the ram had put some distance between us and bought me some time as it seemed I had actually hurt him “you better take a good long look Shadow the Hedgehog!” I yelled out to him as I lifted Amy up by her neck and rose onto my legs. “For this will be the last time you ever see Amy Rose alive again!” I said watching his eyes grow wide “no Sonic! Don’t do it!” he yelled, I just smiled psychotically and ripped a huge gash into Amy’s stomach, feeling her organs under my strong claws.

My revenge, I had got it and Sonic would soon regret the act of killing Amy Rose for as long as he lived…

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