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Give Up On Hope

By Dragon3042

Romance / Drama

First Date

Shadow’s P.O.V

I walked to my closet and got into something reasonably cool for once as I didn’t want to disappoint Amy at our… date. I wasn’t surprised to see how dusty they all were from the lack of wearing them, they still were a perfect fit because I hadn’t grown any smaller or larger from when I was created. I didn’t care what Rouge thought of it as long as I liked it and Amy wasn’t going to wear anything too elegant. So just to piss off Rouge I got into a black T-shirt with a fiery skull design and ripped jeans with a black leather jacket that had red stripes to match my quills, finally I put on some dark motorcycle boots to fit the look “nice” I laughed to myself as I had a look in the mirror. I grabbed my wallet and walked outside, locking the door behind me, I then got onto my motorcycle and drove off to Rouge’s house with the note she gave me in my pocket. I thought about what the note had written on it, ‘is that really what she was into?’I thought as I neared my destination. It confused me since she’d been chasing after Sonic all her life, I never expected a chipper young girl like that would be into… that sort of thing, I pulled up at the driveway and kicked down my bike stand. I walked up to the door and gave it a hard knock, Rouge answered and frowned as she saw what I was wearing, when I saw this I chuckled to myself. “What’d you expect?” I said with a shrug of my shoulders and a smirk “You’re so lucky I went with the other outfit, otherwise you’d be dead meat!” she loudly whispered as she stepped out of the way to let me in, I obliged and looked around. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either, it was… Alright but not somewhere I’d stay for too long. “Where’s Amy? Is she ready yet?” I asked impatiently “wait just one minute hun, let her make a grand entrance” she said with a smirk. “You can come out now” Rouge cooed into the dark hallway, I looked that way as well and what I saw made my jaw drop with awe. She. Was. Beautiful. She wore a slightly ripped black top with a bleeding heart design on it, black and white striped tights with a black and pink laced skirt that went halfway down her thighs, she wore grey ankle high heeled boots and just enough make up to make the look… Perfect. I started to unknowingly drool and Rouge had to push my jaw up so my mouth was closed “you don’t like it do you… I can change if you want” Amy said, looking down “No!” I half yelled, quickly grabbing her hand “don’t change anything, you’re perfect” I said, not really thinking about what I was saying. She turned her head and blushed “thank you Shadow” she said with a cute smile ‘so far so good’ I thought as I led her to my dark motorcycle. “Wow, nice ride Shads” she said as she stared at my shiny bike in awe, I thanked her and helped her on, “hold on tight Rose” I said with a smirk and quickly peeked at the note that was in my pocket before starting up the motorcycle, ‘Horror’.

Amy’s P.O.V

I hoped it was going well considering we had only just started, Shadow had looked at this weird crumpled up note and put it back in his pocket before starting up the bike, I wonder what it had written on there. I acted as if I didn’t see it for now and held on with all my might to Shadow’s waist, I hope it wasn’t what I thought it was, we eventually reached our detention, it was the movie theatre. Shadow quickly hopped off the bike and helped me off as well “such a gentleman” I giggled as I grabbed the hand he had held out for me. He was… smiling, Shadow the Hedgehog was smiling at me! I blushed and looked away, it felt like he was leading me towards everything because of our strong hand hold, it was almost protective, so many times had I wanted Sonic to do this with me but I was happy it was Shadow instead, strangely I felt safe with him. I looked at all the choices on the piece of paper I was handed that had all the movies on it, I felt Shadow watching me as I quickly went through most of the movies. “So which one do you want to see?” he asked, I looked up at him and smiled playfully “this one” I pointed to a movie called Vampires vs Werewolves 3, he smirked as if impressed. “Good choice” he said and held out his hand once more for me to take, I knew Shadow wouldn’t be into all that lovey dovey stuff and I didn’t want to be selfish, so I choose that one since I had already seen the last two movies anyway. We got our tickets, popcorn, soda and took the best seats in the cinema. I hoped this wouldn’t turn out to be a disaster, otherwise my new hope was all for nothing…

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