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Give Up On Hope

By Dragon3042

Romance / Drama

Keeping Secrets

Shadow’s P.O.V

I carried Amy into the house and gently placed her on my bed, making sure not to wake her, I snuck out of the room and quietly closed the door behind me. Today was not only amazing but quite successful even with the interruption we had on the way home. I checked the clock, it was 10:30 pm, not that late for me but for the pink hedgehog in my room, I can’t say the same. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and grabbed it, then clicked the accept button “hello?” I said to the unknown person on the other end “how’d it go?” the person asked excitedly. At that I instantly knew who it was “well Rouge, the movie was great and by the time I took her back to my place she was out like a light, we had a small interruption by Sonic but overall, I think I’m in” I said with a smirk. “Yes! I knew this would work, but promise me Shadow that you won’t tell Amy I set you two up” she pleaded “why not?” I asked, confused of why we couldn’t tell Amy the truth. “Shadow the Hedgehog if you tell Amy I set you two up then she won’t think that you actually love her and lets just say you and I won’t be seeing the light of day ever again if that happens!” she yelled, I had almost forgotten about Amy’s Piko-Piko Hammer and how hard she can swing that thing when she’s mad. “Alright I promise but I’m only keeping your secret to save my a**” I said to the desperate bat “thanks Shadow, I’ll see you tomorrow so you can tell me all the details then, bye!” she giggled excitedly before hanging up. I sighed, I really hope I made the right choice by doing this…

Amy’s P.O.V

I woke up in what I suspected was Shadow’s bedroom and walked out into the hallway, I saw Shadow sleeping on the couch with half his body hanging off the edge. I slowly tip toed over to his ebony furred body and crouched close enough to hear his light snores, he was so cute when he was asleep and he wasn’t a drooler or a loud snorer either. I lightly kissed his forehead and watched as he stirred and opened his eyes which soon connected with my own, “wakey, wakey, Shads” I whispered with a giggle. He smiled and pulled me on top of him, I laughed at him as he sat up and I ended up on his lap “what’s the time Amy?” he asked still half asleep. I looked over at the clock on the wall “it’s 6:30” I giggled “really? I’m surprised you woke before me” he said picking me up and placing me on one of the kitchen stools. “What would you like for breakfast?” he asked with a stretch, I thought about it for a bit before answering “just some toast please” I said politely “of course” he replied, I smiled. After breakfast Shadow offered to take me home which I sadly agreed too, not wanting to leave his side “don’t worry we’ll do this again” he reassured me and I happily hugged him before we got on his motorbike. “I hope we don’t meet up with Sonic again like last time” I angrily said to myself not noticing that Shadow had heard me, he held my hands in his with such delicacy as he looked into my eyes. “Not only will I protect you with everything I’ve got but I’ll make sure nothing stands in the way of our love” he said closing the space between us in a passionate embrace. I was so shocked, he really did love me “wow Shadow, I didn’t think you had a soft side like that” I said as we parted our lips and intertwined our fingers “you’d be surprised at all the things I keep to myself” he said. Suddenly my phone started to vibrate in my pocket, I quickly picked it up and pressed the bright green button on the screen. “Hello?” I said to the device against my ear “how’d it go hun?” Rouge asked excitedly, I looked over at Shadow and smiled “it couldn’t have gone any better” I said slightly blushing, Shadow smirked. “That’s great hun, good to hear you’re finally moving on” she replied, I began to hear other voices but ignored it thinking it was just the T.V, “it feels good to move on” I said happily “well I-I’ll see you when you get here…Bye” she quickly said and hung up before I could say my own goodbyes, was she nervous? Why? What was going on over there? “Shadow can you come in with me when we get to Rouge’s house, please? I have a weird feeling about this” he looked at me, confused. “What do you mean?” he asked “well when I was talking to Rouge she sounded really strange, like she was nervous about something” he seemed to consider what I was saying and nodded “yeah… Of course I’ll come in with you” he said, I was cheered up at that “thanks Shads, now lets go see what’s up with Rouge!”

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