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Give Up On Hope

By Dragon3042

Romance / Drama

Staying By Her Side

Amy’s P.O.V

We rolled up to my driveway and hopped off Shadow’s motorbike, I hesitantly walked up to the door and unlocked it to let myself in, fearing the worst. There was an eerie feeling in the air as the whole house was filled with the little light that came from outside, it didn’t do much about the darkness around the whole area but I could see a few figures. I had seen this before, Rouge did this when she was nervous and needed to calm down, she was a bat after all, I flipped the light switch to the living room and when the light filled the entire room I saw everyone waiting for me. Rouge, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, Silver and Blaze were all there, sitting silently in the living room, I glanced back at Shadow who didn’t seem fazed at all as if he expected this to happen but he always acted like that, right? “What’s going on Rouge?” I asked, trying not to sound like I was frantic to get away from all the staring eyes, “well hun…” she sighed and turned to look at Sonic who motioned her to go on. “I… I set you up! I’m sorry! What you have with Shadow… It’s not real!” she yelled as she fell into tears. “W-what?” I stuttered as I felt strong protective hands grab my waist, I looked up at Shadow who was eyeing Rouge dangerously “what’s going on Shadow?” I asked, about to start balling my eyes out at any moment. “We’re leaving, that’s what’s going on” he said as he started to pull me away, I was then grabbed harshly and pulled to the floor. I whimpered in pain as I held my side, the one I had landed on during the fall “tell her Shadow! Or I Will!” Sonic yelled, Shadow growled at Sonic harshly. “These are matters we should be discussing in private! They are none of your concern Sonic!” Shadow yelled back, I looked up at Sonic as he looked down at me, I saw pure rage and disgust in his eyes and it terrified me. “Tell her now!” he yelled again, I watched helplessly as they continued on, but there was something in Sonic’s eyes, something I remembered vividly. I tried to escape back to Shadow but to no avail, Sonic’s grip had gotten tighter around my head quills “Shadow! Run!” I screamed trying to warn him of what was to happen, he just looked at me confused. “Let her go! I’ll tell her when she’s ready to hear it!” Shadow yelled, Sonic smirked, then that smirk turned into an impossible grin, he started to glow unnaturally and I became frantic. “Please Shadow! Run!” I screamed but he shook his head in response “I won’t leave your side Amy, not at a time like this, not ever” he said, I let the tears run down my face as I braced myself for something that I wasn’t ready for. One of Sonic’s friends who was watching the whole time walked up to Sonic, it was Tails “hey Sonic let it go, lets just go back home, okay big bro? This isn’t what we planned at all” Tails said with an innocent smile. Sonic forcefully pushed Tails away and started to laugh menacingly, Tails almost flew across the room from the force, I thought they were brothers, best friends. This wasn’t Sonic, this was something much, much worse, his fur turned a much darker blue, his once beautiful emerald pupils were now gone and all his quills stood up. “Sonic’s Dark form” I mumbled, horrified at the sight in front of me, he stared at me before throwing me across the room just like he did to Tails. Before I blacked out I watched as everyone ran to my aid and saw Shadow looking at me, concern in his eyes and then looking back at Sonic, he was about to tear into Sonic with everything he had but was that going to be enough?

Shadow’s P.O.V

That f*cking bast*rd was going to pay for hurting Amy like that, he was going to pay with his life! I got into a fighting stance with Silver and Knuckles quickly running to my side, they looked at me and nodded, they understood the situation. Dark Sonic lifted his hand and aimed it right at us, we ran outside and ducked as I ball of dark energy came right for us. He lifted off the floor and floated outside to us, Silver rose as well using his psychokinesis, this was going to be a long and exhausting fight but I wasn’t doing it for myself, I wasn’t doing it for them, I was doing this for Amy.

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