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Give Up On Hope

By Dragon3042

Romance / Drama

Home Sweet Home

Amy’s P.O.V

We finally reached Shadow’s house with no other issues, which was great since I really didn’t need anymore problems. “Welcome home” Shadow whispered, kissing my cheek “I’m happy to finally be home” I said whilst getting off his motorcycle. We walked up to the front door and Shadow unlocked it eagerly, I once again stepped into the beautiful home that Shadow resided in. “Okay, you can put your stuff in the spare room whilst I start on dinner” he said, as he passed me my other backpack, I studied him for a minute. “Are you sure? I mean, you did just fight Dark Sonic and it wouldn’t be right for you to cook for me in your state, so in exchange for your hospitality I shall cook for us both, okay?” I said with a smile, I then headed for the spare room that was now mine with not another word. After I put all my things away I returned to the living room “Shadow, about today… Did Rouge really set us up? Is this all just for show?” I asked with a frown, he looked at me and sighed. “Amy, Rouge did ask me to take you out but after that night I realised that I truly loved you for who you are” he admitted, I held his cheeks in my hands and passionately kissed him. “That’s all I wanted to hear” I said before kissing him again, this soon turned into a make-out session and then escalated further… Lets just say we didn’t eat dinner last night.

Shadow’s P.O.V

I woke up with a yawn and stretched my limbs, I ran my hands through my quills which were a complete mess. I looked down at the pink slumbering figure next to me and it all soon came rushing back to me “well that was fun~” I said quietly, trying not to wake her. I got up and headed for the shower, I only had a quick one, just long enough that I could fix up my quills and fur. Once I was done with my morning routine I got dressed in my normal attire and headed down to the kitchen to make a start on breakfast. Halfway through making pancakes I heard footsteps from my room, my guess was Amy was finally awake, she came into the kitchen with her fur and quills a mess and she was dressed in her bathrobe. “Look who slept in this time” I said with a smirk “oh shut up Shadow” she playfully said with a smile. “So how was last night?” I asked, looking over to see the bright blush on her muzzle “good, real good~” she said tiredly, her answer made me chuckle, I served up the plate of pancakes for each of us and we happily ate the sweet meal. “Alright Amy, I’ve got to go” I said softly once I had finished eating my food “where?” she asked confusedly, I couldn’t tell her where I was going, it was something that she didn’t need to be involved in. “Work” I simply said, quickly heading for the door grabbing my jacket along the way “oh, where do you work?” she asked “Amy look, I really have to go okay? I’ll see you later” I said as I walked out the door. I sighed, I was in for it when I got home, I got onto my motorbike and drove off to my destination. Assassination, that was my ‘job’, I kill people for a living. I’m not proud of what I do but I needed the money at the time and now I can’t stop, I’m way too good and it pays really well. I definitely wasn’t going to tell Amy about this, I’d hide it for as long as possible, I know it was bad to hide something like this from her but it was for the best, I mean who would want to date an assassin? I couldn’t let the organisation know that I had someone dear to me either, they’d hurt her just to keep me doing their dirty work until I died, which wouldn’t be for a long time now. I parked the bike a few blocks away from the house that held the victim inside, hopefully I could get this over and done with so I can get back home to Amy. I walked over to the victim’s house and jumped the backyard fence, luckily the back door was left unlocked which was easier than usual. I walked straight in looking for a female human with long blonde hair, green eyes and quite tall for her age, which was 25. I saw her sitting on the couch so I crept up behind her and snapped her neck, not only does the organisation give me the victims I have to kill but how I kill them as well. I was about to walk out when I heard a small voice behind me “mummy?” a small child asked walking over to the dead woman, she started to cry seeing her mother’s head facing the wrong way. “Mummy!” she screamed, bawling her eyes out and crying into her mother’s chest, I heard nothing else so I guessed she had no father. I left the house with a straight face, I may have just orphaned a young girl but this is just part of what I do, it’s happened so many times now that I’m used to it… I’m a monster and that’s all I’ll ever be…

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