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A simple life, for a simple guy.... Jay is a little more popular than he thinks. So what happens when he catches the attention of multiple admirers?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


That was Jay’s motto. If it was complicated Jay would opt out. That’s the way he was raised and that’s the way he lived.

Though, currently he was in a very complicated situation and he saw no easy way out. So jay found himself standjng in the middle of a frenzy of girls and the two most popular groups in school. The only thing preventing him from leaving was the knowledge that if he moved they would probably tear each other apart.

Maybe we should backup to the morning a week before this happened.


Jay got ready for school the usual way; shower, change, eat, and walk to school. He had on a mask and hat. His uniform was not horribly put on but he didn’t button his shirt all the way nor did he tie the tie properly.

He put in his headphones during the walk and zoned out his surroundings. Humming along to some parts of the song. He didn’t talk to anyone or stop on his way to class. He was almost late but he didn’t really care, walking to his desk silently and sitting down. He gave a nod to the teacher to show that he was ready for her to move on and she did.

Jay had an understanding with the teachers in the school, he wouldn’t disturb their class nor would he offer an explaination if he were late, and they would mind their own business or the business of the other students.

After all, Jay went to an Idol school in Seoul South Korea. Not a school to train idols, a school close enough to all the idol companies that it was the hotspot for trainees to finish their schooling before or after debut. So the teachers had their hands full.

Jay didn’t mind the kids, some were more stuck up or outgoing than others but most of the time they left him alone. As far as he knew, he was not noticed in the school. He didn’t talk and he didn’t get in trouble so there was no reason to notice him.

Outside of school Jay played tennis with his father and mother who were retired pros (not that anyone knew). He’d also been studying Martial Arts for about 10 years, just recently earning his third degree black belt. The only thing that prevented him from trying out for the school teams, was the commitment and the notoriety that came from doing so.

Jay strolled down the hallway of his school, scrolling through his phone until he found the music app. Opening it, he clicked shuffle on his favorite playlist, a good beat could always cheer him up.

Rounding the corner of the cafeteria Jay paused a minute to take in the image before him. It was kind of cliché with groups of debut and pre-debut idols sticking together like their life depended on it, but again, Jay didn’t care.

Sighing, Jay strolled over to the lunch line and grabbed and apple. He gave the lunch lady an eye smile when she waved him off, signaling that she had already charged him.

Jay turned away from the lunch line and headed towards the exit to the cafeteria. He tossed the apple up over his head and caught again before pulling down his mask and and taking a bite as he reached for the door.

However, before he could open the door himself, it swung open causing Jay to change course. He slid to the left as a popular group, that had previously been missing from the scene, entered.

Leaning against the wall, jay chewed on the piece of apple he had bitten off while he readjusted the mask to fit nicely over his nose and mouth while waiting for the rest of the 6 member entourage to enter. The apparent leader, Kim Namjoon, was it? Had taken little notice of Jays presence, choosing not to acknowledge the aforementioned.

Less than two seconds of eye contact were made and no words were spoken. I wouldn’t have gotten the guy anywhere because by the time he would have opened his mouth Jay was out the door and down the hall.

After all... that was the simple option, no words spoken no drama needed.

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