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Chapter 2


So, hey woke up and went to school as usual. Dragging his feet down the halls as he looked at his phone.

He may like ‘simple’ but Jay wasn’t too fond of boredom, and he was starting to get bored of the mundane routine.

Wake up

Go to school

Go home

Do homework

Play tennis

Go to bed


Jay didn’t really know what to do to cure his boredom but it wasn’t like he had anything else to think about.

So Jay hit shuffle of his playlist, slipping the phone into his back pocket, and adjusting the headphones he was wearing, shoving his hands in his pockets he continued strolling down the hall to his next class.

He arrived 10 minutes late to class because he stayed behind in his last class and then took his time walking down the hall.

Now that Jay considered that he realized he didn’t really have a reason to be late and he was feeling talkative today. Maybe it could cure his boredom if he talked to someone.

So, Jay tried something new. When he pushed the rolling classroom door open he looked at the teacher. She had already looked away, dismissing his lateness as usual. But her eyes snapped back to him when he opened his mouth.

“My apologies, I had to stay back in my last class.”

It had been a while since Jay had spoken to someone, even his parents. He didn’t really see a point if all it did was waste time. But he didn’t realized puberty had effected it that much. His voice sounded low, lower than he remembered, and it had a slightly musical note to it. Making it pleasant to the ear.

Jay didn’t wait for the teacher to send him to his seat, he wasn’t going to change his routine that much. Everything else about his entry he did normally. Not looking at his classmates, not glancing back at the teacher, sitting down quietly, and nodding for the teacher to continue.

The teacher got the hint when Jay didn’t offer any other explaination, not that he needed too, and proceeded with the class.

“Right thank you Mr. Jay it’s alright. Let’s continue where we left off.” And with that she dropped a textbook on some sleeping kids desk to wake him up. The rest of class went buy slowly as the clock ticked towards lunch time.

When the lunch bell rang, the teacher asked two students to stay behind while everyone else packed up. Jay, in no rush to leave during the stampede, stayed at his desk scrolling through his phone.

Once everyone else had left, Jay stretched and stood up. He pulled his headphone from his bag and hung them around his neck as he picked up his bag and threw it on one shoulder.

As he walked towards the exit the teacher, who had previously been talking the the two students, Park Jimin and Choi Youngjae, about tutoring, looked over at Jay and called out to him.

“Mr. Jay please close the door on your way out.” Jay turned only briefly and acknowledged the request with a nod as he exited. Closing the door behind him and making his way towards the cafeteria.

The hallway leading there was long and it was a straight walk from the classroom to the lunch room. This meant that when Jimin and youngjae left the classroom they could see Jay all the way down the hall and jay could hear them coming.

Jay went through his normal routine and bought his apple before walking to the left of the door and leaning on the wall. He didn’t want to run into conflicts with the two people that were going to eventually walk in behind him. So he waited for them to open the door and walk in before he would walk out, in order to prevent the unlikely Incident where he ran into the most popular kids in the school.

What Jay was not expecting was for the two kids from class to walk it glaring daggers at each other and blocking the doorway. They apparently were in the middle of an argument though jay would give them credit for keeping it on the downlow. Their voices were hushed but their facial expression gave away their agitation towards each other.

Sighing Jay figured he would be here for a little longer so he pulled his masked down for another bite of his apple, and noticed that he was not wearing a hat today, showing off his blond tipped hair, black roots, aling with the undercut his mom had the stylist do.

At this point, the people in the cafeteria began to notice the argument. Specifically the already debut idol groups; Bangtan and GOT7. They stiffened, watching to see if it would escalate, but they seemed hesitant to jump into action. So they either had faith in their band mates or they had faith in the school security team who had also noticed the increasing silence filling the cafeteria. At least those were the only options Jay thought of...

The only people who had not noticed anything about their sorrowndings were the two arguing. Jay silently hoped that they would work it out without physically hurting each other or starting a full out fight between bands. He knew about the rivalry that the two bands kept hidden pretty well, and most of the time only surfaced in sports competitions, and the only thing he really cared about was exiting the cafeteria before he got punched by accident.

Still chewing his apple Jay shifted his weight, favoring his other foot now. This only caused a ruffle of clothing and a slight clinking sound from the zippers on his backpack hitting together. But this was enough to draw Jimin and Youngjae’s attention. They first glanced around the room noting the tension before both their eyes settled on Jay, who was not in the least bit concerned about the attention.

Jay raised one eyebrow, As if asking them what they were planing on doing now that they had everyone’s attention. The boys both looked at eachother, seeming like they had reached an agreement on something before stepping away from eachother and looking back at Jay.

Jay just pulled his mask back up and blinked, hoping they would realize that they should sit down, that way he could leave. For a good 30 seconds they didnt seem to get it. Then they both recieved a lot of notifications on the their phones at the same time. Jay glanced around to see that a couple of their group members did in fact have their phones out and were looking at the two by the door urgently it seemed. Jay shifted his glance back to the left to see that the two had indeed moved from the door.

Jay took that as his que to leave. Not wanting any more drama, so he pushed off the wall and then turned and nodded to the boys before walking out of the room and down the hall to his next class.

No words spoken, not drama ensued....

Or so Jay thought, but there was still a whole week ahead of him and it was already more complicated that Jay liked.

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