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Chapter 1 (Xero)


The field trip to the brooklyn museum was a bore. I mainly stayed back and tried listening to music, but with my luck I got stuck next to the eager freshmen. Literally, this kid wasn’t even a cool looking one. He had on old people’s clothes. An old windbreaker, a button up green shirt, a pair of khaki slacks and dress shoes from the nineteen nineties. It was disgusting.

Not to mention he had on hipster glasses and the most precious haircut a mother could give. Rolling my eyes, I glanced back at the front, where Mr Dynimo, was giving a lecture about “The strongest man alive”. And I wasn’t talking about Chuck Norris.

Pulling out my earphones, I decided to move closer. In the front was this weird kid. What was his name again? Max? He had jet black hair cut back superman style, bright blue eyes almost like lightning bolts and was always known for his good jumpshot, and cross over. Max wore a pair of western AE jeans, a plain orange tee with a star on it and some fresh kicks.

Turning his gaze at me, he wondered. Max was surely intuitive. But the other thing about him that was weird, was all the strange anomalies that happened when you were around the kid. Even being in the same room with the kid struck up tension.

Focusing my attention back at the teacher, I realized he had moved onto a history lesson on some dude named Porphyrion. Apparently, according to Mr Dynimo, Porphyrion was the one Giant that rivaled Zeus, the king of the Greek Gods. He even said that if it wasn’t for Hercules.

Ugh yay, going back to Hercules . . . we get it already! I thought. How many times is this guy going to speak about Hercules? He wasn’t the first demigod.

When Mr Dynimo finished his lectures, we finally decided to have lunch. Pulling out three bags of chips and a bottle of Powerade, I sat down at the highest steps of the museum. Taking a bite on the chips, I gazed across the open street traffic. I never noticed how dead the area was. Not many people were out, and aside from the ones that were, not many drove past the Museum on the last few weeks of school.

After lunch I caught Max gazing at me. He was definitely interested in me. It was weird, Max rarely cared about others muchless a kid like me. I was an orphan, didn’t have any friends, thanks to my weird powers and if that wasn’t enough, I didn’t know either of my parents before they died. . .

With a falter, Max walked into the museum.

When I got inside, a giant stood before me. He had harsh gray hair, sparkly eyes and pale skin like snow. The man looked familiar. I had seen something like this before. I didn’t know where but I knew It was true.

With a thick smile, the man approached me. “Finally a challenge.” He said. His thick accent was ancient, from the sound it seemed Greek. “I’ve been waiting for a child like you to appear. A child of the eldest. The spawns of unimaginable power. I had hoped you’d know who you were, but things aren’t always perfect.”

Confused, I stared at him. “Dude, I’m not in the mood, come on out. I know you’re here Max!” I called suspecting Max to pop out like Ashton Kucher does on his TV show. Sadly, nothing happened. Tentatively, I gazed around realizing everything was covered in ice.

“I believe you’re not familiar with this world.” The man smiled. “I am your doom. I am Icaris, the frost of the storm. A storm spirit. Nice to meet you, half-blood.” With a quick strike, the man swiftly punched me directly on the jaw. Flying across the halls, I landed on the floor backfirst. Rising up, I noticed Max beside me.

“I knew you were different.” He said. “You’re a demigod. You have that look to it.” Max finished.

Icarus smiled. “Not just that, he reeks of the smell. He’s probably been around another like himself before. But he smells tainted in a good way.”

Raising up to my feet, I smiled. “I’m sorry if I stink, but you can’t get good soap at an orphanage nowadays. Icarus is it?” I mocked. “My name is Xero, so if you’re trying to freeze me to death, it won’t work. I’m the absolute zero.” With a smile, I charged at the giant knowing that I was going to get a beating.

First rule of combat, don’t charge at your enemy unarmed. Especially when your enemy is a ten foot tall giant storm spirit. Slamming down to the ground, my body ached with pain and misery. Rising up, I wiped my cheek and took a spit.

Max stood there unimpressed, as he smiled. Glancing at him, I frowned. “Well?!” I asked annoyed.

Smiling, he looked at me. “Well, what?” He asked.

“You’re just going to stand there aren’t you?” I asked annoyed.

Tossing me his golden sword, he pointed at the creature. “Kill him, and then I’ll help you. He’s not that hard to kill, especially when you use that.” He pointed at the blade.

Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the storm spirit. I didn’t know exactly what it was at the time, but I felt calm. Like everything in the world didn’t matter, I just wanted to fight. It was like I had a keen instinct to kill the monster with the sole sword in my hand. Gripping the blade hilt, I slashed at the monster’s cheeks.

In a wail of frustration, Icaris cried out. “I see! You are a child of power. You could be the one! The one the gods fear. A child of power will ruin the gods! The child of power will be you! I foresee it! I fore. . .” With a slash at his throat, the venti seized talking. In a slow but steady metamorphosis, the monster vanished into grains of sand until it dissolved to nothing.

Turning with a smile, I gazed at him. “Alright, what now?” I asked.

Max smiled. “Definitely simple. We go to Camp Half-Blood. Come on, let’s get a move on it.”

A few blocks away, Max summoned a horse with wings. It was completely brown and held the attitude of a mare, but of course was a stallion of the teens. “What is this Camp Half-Blood. It seems dangerous.” I asked.

“It’s a place where you can live away from monsters and danger.” He said, guiding the Pegasus through the sky. “Half-Blood is another term for Demigod.”

“Demigod.” I laughed. “Like I’d be a demi-” Before I finished the sentence, I realized it was more-likely. I’ve had strange powers since I was twelve. I even had nightmares about things I couldn’t explain to anyone ever since I was eight.

Focusing on the horizon, I noticed a tiny village in the distance. The more time passed, the closer we approached. In a sudden gale of wind, we arrived on a hilltop, as the pegasus landed. Hopping off I smiled. “What’s this?”

“Welcome to Camp Half-Blood.” Max announced. “I’ll get someone to show you around, before I let you go.” He said with a smile.

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