Chapter 3 (Max)


Walking towards the forest, I recalled everything about my day. Listening to Chiron talk about the myths and the gods at an old ancient museum wasn’t all that interesting. Especially when you’ve heard them all. Thinking back, I remembered my mom. . .

Racing through the studio suit, I crawled up onto the couch and sat on a beautiful lady’s lap, holding an old book that read Perseus on it. The woman was beautiful. She held long dirty blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes. My mom was a movie star. Aside from seeing her on tv, I also had a few chances of going to Hollywood, where I would meet famous tv kids, and have conversations on their upcoming films.

“Read me this one!” I said eagerly, with a smile of admiration. My mom took the book and smiled. Opening it up, she laughed. “I read you this one last night.” She said soothingly. “How could you bear hearing the same story again?” She asked.

Shrugging, I gazed at the ground unsure of the answer. “I don’t know!” The younger me said. “I just like Perseus! He’s the son of Zeus, the strongest of gods, he’s the king!” I replied. “Perseus is a prince!”

Smiling, my mom hugged me. “That’s right, like you’re mine.”

Flipping the pages, my mother began reading the story. We got through most of the story, she told the background, the moment Perseus’ mom got engaged and the beginning of his quest. By the time she started talking about the Grey Sisters, I perked up.

“This is the best part!” I proclaimed eagerly.

“Of course,” She said. As she continued reading, she told of the dangers, Perseus would foretake. Eventually, Perseus made it out of the sister’s lair, to end up being guided by his half-siblings, Athena and Hermes.Who aided him in weaponry and safe travels. Hermes handed him a lustrous shield, while Athena gave him a blade.

“Medusa!” I cheered.

“Yes.” My mom replied. “With a swift whirl, a snake-like creature traced through the ruined pillars. Slowly Perseus, observed his surroundings. With his shield out in front, he carefully skulked forward.” She read.

“What happens next, don’t stop there!” I urged her onward.

“Perseus had heeded the words of the Grey sisters. He knew that if he were to change the outcome he had to do the out of the box thing. Banging his shield against the pillars, he drew out the serpentine. ”

In a flash, the book sped up, she read it with diction and dedication, almost like this one story was the only one she liked the best. When she finished I smiled. I was happy, Perseus had a happy ending and the Princess got a chance to live.

“Why are you smiling?” My mom teased.

“Because every time you read it, Perseus has a better ending.”

“You think?” She smiled, hugging me tighter.

“Yea!” I laughed. “But you also seem sad this time. Why?”


Gazing at the forest, I sighed. I was now suited up for battle and ready for battle. Pulling out a necklace with eight beads on it, I kissed the center one and took a deep breath.

“Where are you now, mom?” With a faded comment, I walked into the forest to meet up with the others.

The battle field was mayhem. It wasn’t natural capture the flag, normally when a new camper arrived we would play the camp annual game, but this time, we played siege warfare. I ended up siding with the blue soldiers, while Xero was placed in the red soldiers.

For the most of it, I charged through the enemies and slaughtered all of them. Thalia was on my team, so I didn’t have to make a plan of offensive strike. After a while, I made it through the forest, tracing a camper, who was running away from me.

He was fast, but from the way he frantically held his sword, I assumed he was either Xero or some other new kid. When he finally reached the creek, he turned and made his way across. Jumping into the creek, I smiled. I never liked cornering my prey, or chasing after them, but you can’t be picky about things like this.

With one swing, I knocked off his helmet to reveal his face. On his left cheek, he held a deep scar from my attack. His eyes were exactly how you’d see a frightened eleven year old boy. With a smile, I held my sword out.

“Draw your sword. Xero.”

Drawing his sword, he charged, with a basic swing, I blocked and knocked him away. He held fire in his eyes. You could see the hatred stored within him. He wanted to let it out. He wanted to explode, but he couldn’t almost like he wasn’t ready for it.

“You should get stronger.” I murmured. “If you’re as special as they say, prove it to me! Fight! You’re a demigod, and someone has already claimed you to be powerful.”

Enraged, Xero charged at me, with a quick flick of my wrist, I knocked him over judo-style. Gazing up at me, he rummaged through the ground tracking dirty and mudd on his shirt. His eyes were painful, they were filled with sadness and death, like he was waiting for his death to come.

“Don’t expect me to.” I replied. “I won’t kill you. This is training, this helps determine who is your godly parent and your skills as a demigod.”

Rising up from the ground, Xero charged at me. This time he had something else in his eyes. It was courage. He had the confidence to take action. With a strong strike, Xero matched my blade. Brushing him back, I smiled.

“That’s more like it!” I smiled. “I want to see that potential! Show me your power! Prove to me you’re a child of the eldest!” Charging at him, I matched his blade. In a collision of cyclones, our blades danced. It was like a dance of pure passion. Each strike was great, it was like I was fighting myself. I could see everything that was going to happen next.

Breaking a part, I gasped. “You’re more confident now.” I said.

“Confident. I’ve always been confident, it’s just that battle was never going to work for me.” Xero replied. Smiling, I tossed the blade away. “Alright then, let’s try something different then. No weapon’s just our hands, we fight with our fists.”

“Alright let’s try that!” Xero cried. Charging at me, Xero and I matched hands. With the fragmentation of the earth, I smiled, raising storm clouds and lightning.

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