Chapter 4 (Xero)


Blocking his punch, I attacked. With a sharp jab, Max flew across the terrain into the base of a tree. Rising up, he smiled, spitting out blood. “Good! That’s a nice arm you got there. But,” Charging at me, he jumped and landed a kick to my chest, falling back into the creek, I rummaged onward. “not good enough when facing the son of Zeus.”

In a crackle of thunder, a bolt of lightning fell from the heavens as he arched it into his hand. “Have you heard about Perseus?” He teased. “The demigod son of Zeus, mightiest of them all, he was said to be the first in some stories. He even was the ancestor of Hercules.”

“Perseus, Hercules, Theseus and Achilles. I’ve heard of them all, they’re called Disney movies.” I replied. “Why don’t you throw that little bolt right there, if I die, I’m gone. That’s what you want, no?!”

Laughing, Max was tempted. “I’m not going to go through it, because you and I are the same. We are powerful, in our own way. You’re the darkness and I’m the light. Polar opposites.” He said.

Confused, I gazed at him. In a swift through, the bolt moved. Pulling up my hands a large crystalline rock formed in front of the creek. It was a metal, not a crystal! Examining it, I smiled. “Aurum, the finest ore around, women love this.” Focusing my heart in it, the metal morphed into a blade. It was a long cavalry sword, about four feet long and half an inch thick. But aside from all that it was light.

Gazing in awe, Max wondered what I had done. “What? What is that?” He asked.

“A golden sword, Aurum.” I smiled.

“No, not the sword, the symbol. You’re a child of. . .”

Before he could finish the sentence, the earth churned and split. Out of it, came three skeletons. Each had on a soldier’s rifle and hat. With a raise of my hand the soldiers knelt. Smiling, I gazed back at Max with confidence. “Hades?” I replied confused. “The god of the underworld, or the dead skeletons? Right?”

Agitated, Max nodded. “Seems like you are a child of the eldest god. Hades the first Olympian god to be birthed. Congratulations.” He said a bit unnerved.


After the mass murder affairs was over, I had been placed to sit at a Plutonium marbled table, which only had death festivities and plates. The only good thing about this table was that the food was right behind me and that my drinks refilled themselves.

I was mellow, having Hades as a dad, wasn’t normal but it could’ve been cool? I mean, I get awesome powers. This power thing was also a turn on, apparently the Aphrodite children kept eyeing me in a good way. The girls all smiled and laughed in a good natured way, while the guy’s would wave and pat me on the back or shoulders.

After dinner, I ended up being hauled away by Thalia. Her manners were now in check, and she seemed nicer. Heck even prettier, almost like she had a makeover in the last hour.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

Thalia didn’t say anything, almost like she was nervous. “You’re powerful. A girl like me, likes power. I also like architecture.” She laughed.

“That’s corny.” I laughed. “Hey, so your mom is a goddess, what does your dad do for a living?” I asked. Thalia, usher along holding a gaze for a while, before spilling the beans.

“He’s a scientist, thermologist to be specific. He studies weather currents and patterns. Storms are his favorite thing. That and volcanoes, he accidently found Hephaestus once when he was studying a volcano in Hawaii.”

“Did he know about him?” I asked enthusiastically.

“No, but for some reason he took me and I knew. Hephaestus shushed me to make sure I wouldn’t tell him.”

“Have you met Hades?” He asked.

“No, but I’ve heard he’s gone nicer over the millenia.”

“Good to know.” I smiled.

“What about your mom?” She asked.

“I never met her, she died when I was a baby, apparently I was put in an orphanage and eventually was allowed to go to school.”

Thalia didn’t say anything, she just listened, which made me feel better than someone saying that they were sorry. It never mattered, all that mattered was that they listened.

After our walk through the forest, and the camp, we ended up taking the long route back to the cabin. I had the cabin furthest to the left, while she had hers in the center. Saying our goodbyes, we headed off to bed. That night, I had a dream about something surreal.

I dreamed, I was standing at the edge of a cliff, watching a horde of hyperborean giants. I watched them, as Icaris ordered them around. He was now disguised in his human form, but his eyes held the same intensity as they did at the museum.

“We will take the thing they deem most worthy. The one thing that will cause an all out war. Persephone.” Icarus smiled. “With her, the younglings will have to take action and with that, Xero will come out of hiding.”

Kneeling down before him, Icaris gazed at a giant with reptilian skin, and eyes the color of a kaleidoscope. It was definitely male, but still held the graceful look of a woman. “Sir, what about the child of Zeus, Max. He’s seen you already, who’s to say this time, he won’t stand in your way?” He questioned.

Icaris cringed to the thought and then dispersed with it. “Alyus, you’ll be the one to deal with him, as for the other one, have your brother Otyus to deal with her. The daughter of Athena, wisdom’s a curse more than a blessing.”

“Aye, sire!” Alyus nodded. Gazing up directly in my direction, Icarus smiled. I didn’t know if he could see me, but his look did make it convincing.

In a pull of shadows, I awoke in a cold and deserted place. I was standing in the middle of a throne room, which was decorated in gloomy colors and held skeleton bones around a giant obsidian throne.

Gazing at a black crow, the crow shifted into a tall man with a muscular build and gloomy appearance. He held the exact same haircut as I did and sported a leather jacket, a tombstone tee shirt and fashioned boots. He was in his mid-thirties and held a thick american accent with a hint of british.

He looked like someone I remembered, but the moment he gazed at me, I awoke.

Taking in a calm breath, I smiled to hear the door. Rising up from my bed, I smiled and opened the door to see Thalia. She sported a pink tank top, rose pajama bottoms and bunny slippers.

“Get ready, the head counciler’s meeting begins in ten.” She said, before walking away. I gazed at her noticing her hair was a mess but still looked beautiful. Turning around, I opened the closet to see an entire wardrobe dedicated to me, and my style of clothing.

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