Chapter 6 (Max)


After lunch, we decided to leave. By then, Xero had gotten his prophecy, we had all cleaned up our cabin and had enough time to get in some extra training, a good meal and a good shower. I decided to sport a blue v neck, a pair of loose denims and sneakers. My hair was pulled back and my eyes still remained the same as usual.

Xero was dressed in his favorite fashion, a blue tee with the sleeves cut off, a pair of skinny jeans and thick black boots. He had a grin on his face, a grin that showed excitement.

Thalia on the other hand, sported a pair of skin tight pants, a white shirt with words on it, and her hair was tied back into a ponytail with the corner hair falling down in front of her face like bangs.

It took us an hour to reach New York City, by then, Xero’s grin turned into a calm yet nervous stare. Walking through the city, I tried navigating our safest way out of the city and to the closest state or providence possible.

Thalia and Xero murmured behind me, as I continued on with a plan.

“Guys, I think you should stop chit chatting and help me out here!” I announced.

Exchanging a look, Thalia smiled. “Clorissa is known as one who loves the wilderness. If she is in the area she might be close to Canada.”

“Nice, She’s in the area where people call you, aeh.” Xero murmured.

Nudging him in the gut, Thalia cringed. She wasn’t one to like it when people made fun of others, and it also seemed like Xero wasn’t an exception.

“We should head for Quebec, Boreas should know where she is, if not we could just use that as a field gamer.” She replied.

“That’s nice, but did you forget one thing.” Xero intercepted. “I’m a child of Hades, Boreas is an ice god, I require solid ground for my powers to work well.”

“There shouldn’t be a need for you to have to fight. Besides, there’s a low chance of use getting in a fight.” I replied.

When we finally made it to Canada, I smiled. This was the first time I had crossed over to another country, but there also was the fear of being caught.

We walked through the wilderness for about four hours until we made it to a small village. Well, to be exact it wasn’t really a village, it was a providence or city-state, as many others would call it.

Turning, I glanced at the billboard up the road that read ‘Quebec’ in big bold letters. “After five and a half-hours, we’ve arrived. Let’s hope, Borease could help us on our way back.” With a smile we raced towards the providence in hope of good news.Quebec was beautiful. It’s forzen gardens, the snow filled streets, even the buildings and awnings were marvelous. I didn’t know exactly what it was about snow, but I loved it. I liked the way you could mold it into anything you wanted at will.

After marveling for a few minutes, I ushered forward toward a giant ice palace in the distance of the city. Outside, was a woman with snow-like skin, and granite black hair. She held the softest lips, and a stern look on her face.

“We’ve been expecting you.” She murmured. “Follow me, Max.” Turning around, she entered the halls of a chasm until she vanished.

Inside the place was marvelous, the ice sculptures and chandeliers glistened up the room. Now I could see her better. She was obviously a goddess. She wore an ancient medieval ground that was ice blue and made her look even more attractive.

I didn’t know why, but the goddess did capture my attraction, but not just that worked, even the silent and arrogant attitude caught me.

When we finally reached a long staircase, I smiled. “Who are you?”

“Khione, goddess of snow.” She replied.

Xero cringed and then clenched his fist. In that moment the earth trembled to a minor degree before halting. “Snow.” He murmured.

“I’m rarely known, but yes, Greece does have a snow goddess, even my father isn’t common with mortals.” She replied.

“I’ve heard of you. You’re not to be messed with.” Xero added.

A small smile formed on her lips as she gazed at him. “You’re wise, I’m actually very moody with demigods, but you’re kinda cute, endearing even. ”

I looked at her, and began to mentally laugh at the idea of Xero actually getting the goddess to like him. Turning, I nodded to see an annoyed Thalia.

“Now, I’m going to open this door, and when I do, keep in mind father isn’t always as civilized as you’d think.” Grasping the door handle, she pushed the doors open as a breeze of mist waded in our faces. Taking a step I waited for the best.

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