Chapter 7 (Xero)


Boreas was a giant compared to us.

Walking into the chasm, I gazed up at a twenty foot tall fully grown man. He held a pair of swimming trunks and flip flops. His chest was bare and filled with specks of body hair, which didn’t help at all.

Khione grew an extra six feet and we remained the same size throughout our long distance walk.

When we finally made it to the god’s feet, I gazed at him dejectedly. Thalia shivered, rubbing her arms trying to keep warm. Pulling out a black jacket I handed it to her, with a smile. “Here, use it, I know you’re cold.”

Glancing at me, my heart did a somersault, as I gazed into her crystal blue eyes. Her eyes had this unique way of mirroring her surroundings, most of the time it held a splash of grey, white and blue because of the sky. But now it was purely blue because of the entire room.

“Thanks.” She chattered. Putting it on, she foddled it, as she drew herself in for a hug. I smiled nervously trying to keep calm, but my heart had other matters of its own.

When I finally calmed down, I noticed Boreas and Max were speaking with each other. He had finished explaining our quest in detail before Boreas glanced at me.

“I see.” He murmured. “So, Xero can you tell me of your prophecy?” He asked.

At first, I wondered what exactly a prophecy was, then I remembered the old hag at the cave, in camp. “Oh!” I remembered finally.

“A child of the eldest shall arrive,

One that has no tides

To find the princess of flowers is your task,

forever speak out of a witches glass

return home safely with your lives

and see what the ocean hides.”

Khione smiled after I finished which meant either something was good or dangerous. Noticing that she was never mentioned in myths, I’d say both. Taking a deep breath, the god rubbed his chin.

“This prophecy is speaking of not only the present but for the future. ‘and see what the ocean hides’ it is foreshadowing something dangerous, or uncommon.”

“What about Clorissa? Have you any idea where she is?” Max asked.

“She’s in Montana,” Boreas exclaimed. “But the prophecy is more important than an old hero. She will only help you when you’ve found the horn of the minotaur. Find the minotaur and she will find you.”

“Thanks, You’ve been a big help.” Max turned ready to leave.

“Before you leave, keep in mind, those who seem like allies can be enemies, don’t trust anyone, even gods.”

“I’ve learned to not trust many people.” Max replied. “I keep a close circle of friends.”

when we finally left the area I smiled, unaware of how happy I was to leave the presence of the god. Thalia and I kept back talking about old movies with 50s tv actors. I told her Gregory Peck was pretty good, while she mentioned Audrey Hipburn. Thalia was awesome, she was easy to talk to, unlike other girls. I could mention just about anything and she would spit out a full detailed conversation.

If there was anything I needed in a girl it was that. By the time, we made it back to New York State, I had told her pretty much every single embarrassing moment that has ever happened to me. I didn’t know why, but that was where the conversation ended.

We eventually met a wild boar in Westchester County, and I simply scared it away. I never tried it before, but just looking at it, made it run in terror. According to Thalia, it was called ‘Induced fear’, it gave an aura to my negative emotions like sadness and hatred and magnified it so others could feel it and either feel sympathy for me or become afraid and run.

When the sun set, We decided to set up camp.

“We should take turns sleeping.” I announced. “Monsters should attack us soon, and besides I sense something close by.”

“Then let’s wait until it arrives and fight together!” Thalia said eagerly.

“No.” Max added. “Xero’s right, we need our strength besides our body being taxed out, we need to let it rest.”

“I’ll stay up first, get some rest.” I replied.

Thalia slumped down next to me and fell asleep on my shoulder, with a calm sigh, I smiled as I focused on the monsters approaching us.It took them two hours to strike, by then Max had drooled, Thalia had grabbed my arm in a panic and I had been capable of learning a few things about my powers. Apparently, I could summon a pair of chains that had gravels connected to them. It reminded me of the chains that Hades would be equipped with in that really old God of War 3 game.

Aside from being able to summon them, they were practically useless. I couldn’t draw in my enemies and the soul eater thing didn’t work. Great. I thought, thanks dad.

Caring after Thalia, I decided to do her hair while she slept, which if you really wanted to know, it’s really hard. Kinda like threading a needle, but a little bit harder.

When I had finished, I had done a french braid which I only had the experience of, since there were three girls in the orphanage this year, one was five the other one was seven and the last one was about my age. Gazing up at the sky, I noticed the two giants from my dream.

I couldn’t tell which was which because they both looked the same. Reptilian feet, a man-like torso and a brutish face. Smiling they landed to wake both Max and Thalia.

Flipping over Max smiled summoning his golden blade. “Finally, I’ve been dying to fight!”

Waking Thalia murmured. “What?! Xero! Did you do my hair!”

“I’ll explain later, right now let’s deal with them.” I gazed at the one named Alyus and skulked forward. “Alyus is it?” I spoke calmly. The giant gazed at me, batheled that I knew his name. “I’ve dreamed about you planning to attack us, you’re after Thalia, while your brother there is after Max, is that right?”

“I believe you’re mistaken, I’m after the son of Zeus.” He smiled, in a quick strike, Max blocked as Otis launched forward. Throwing myself before Thalia, I blocked his attack.

Rising my gaze, I smiled. “I applaud your bravery, but harming a girl is considered wrong. How about you try fighting me instead.”

Fear coursed through his eyes as he backed away. Smiling, I grabbed the chains and smiled, throwing one of them, a gash of golden blood flooded forward.

“What is that? Urine?” I wondered.

“Ichor, the blood of the immortals.” Thalia explained.

Forging a smile, I got a cruel idea. “You mean to tell me that he’s immortal? That’s. . .”

“Bad.” She interrupted.

“No, just unfortunate, for him.” Channeling my energy into the chains, I focused. I wanted to drain him of all his powers, I wanted to show him the might of death, the power of the god of the underworld, the strength of Hades. After a few minutes, I could see a lucid green figure surrounding him. I didn’t know exactly if my plan could work or if it would but so far it was going according to my line of thought.

Pulling the chains in, the spirit drew into me, as the giant began to fossilize and turn to dust. Collapsing to the ground my eyes shifted yellow as I took a breath. “That was . . .”

“Painful.” Thalia finished.

“I was gonna say unusual, but that too.” I sighed rising to my feet seeing that Max was struggling with Alyus. I smiled, as I walked forward.

“We should help him.” Thalia insisted.

“Why?” I asked. “He’s having fun, don’t you see that smile on his face. He actually is playing tag with blades and claws, it seems fun. I’m a little jealous, mine wasn’t that hard to beat. Maybe I’m stronger?” I laughed.

“Really, you’re gonna let pride get in the way now?” Thalia complained. “Max could die! He isn’t immortal!”

I studied his movements silently. Max would draw in his enemy, attack three to four times and then recede. It was the basic tactic to prolonging a fight just for the fun of it. Max wasn’t an idiot, he was a fighting genius he knew when to fight right and when to play around.

“He isn’t going to die. I’m here and if he were I would’ve sensed it long before this.” I replied. “Just watch he isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, he is using the basic maneuvers to prolong a battle. He’s having fun.”

Thalia studied his movements intently. It didn’t take her long to figure it out. “He’s just toying with him!” She said amazed. “But, Why?” She wondered.

“Because it’s fun. He likes the thrill of the danger. He is an adventurous kid. He likes being a demigod, but not for the power or the reputation. He likes it for the life or death situations it puts him in. Max is definitely made to live to the max. Hence his name.” I smiled.

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