Chapter 8 (Xero Cont.)

Thalia gazed at me wanting to differ, but chose to leave it alone. She watched as they matched evenly, by now Max was getting tired but still liked being on the ropes. With a quick swipe, Alyus dodged and did a triple backflip with a superb landing. He smiled amazed.

“You’re all strong, but you’re not strong enough for his majesty.” He said confidently.

“Icarus is no threat to us!” I announced.

Gazing in my direction Alyus noticed his brother was disposed of.

“Surprised? You think Otyus was stronger?” I asked.

“No, he’s always getting in the way, but no worries, he’ll be back soon enough, we’re ancient and we don’t take long to heal, anymore.” Alyus smiled. “Max, I enjoyed our battle, but next time be a doll and use your full power. I hate having to dumb it down for one who doesn’t find me worth of a challenge.”

In a black vapor he vanished. I stood next to Max aware of a challenge.

“You finished him quickly?” He asked.

“Yeah, apparently I have a new ability to use these.” Showing him the chains, Max’s expression changed to shock. He smiled. “The chains of Hades, I only thought they were legends, but to see them makes me wonder. How did you get them?”

“I summoned them, they came to me.” I replied.

“There has to be something more to it. It seems to be like an ability, maybe you can use all of his symbols, the helm, the chains, the sword.”

“It’s called ShadowForce.” Thalia explained. She now had a delta laptop which was ancient but still managed to work as fast as the normal ones. “Apparently, Hades can bless his children to wield his weapons but this comes with a price.”

“What kind of price?” I asked.

“You can’t kill the innocent with the weapons, those chains won’t work on mortals or demigods.” She replied.

I gazed at them, amazed. Focusing on the absence of the blades they disappeared into the shadows leaving me with biker gloves. “That’s better, I won’t use them then. If they’re dangerous there is no need. I’ll use my sword.”

“Well, either way, we should get moving.” Thalia said closing her laptop. “Let’s travel west from here, if we can make it to Montana within the next three days we should be set.”

“There’s no deadline. We have to make sure we just save Persephone.” I reminded her.

“There is.” Max interrupted. “We need to make sure we get Persephone safely back before the summer solstice. If not Demeter might flood the land with snow storms and sorrow.”

I smiled. “Well then, let’s get to work.”

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