A Happy Fox and A Lazy Cloud


Tracy Tice
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Broken Family

LazyFoxLover: Hey y'all this is my first try at writing a Naruto fanfic and I hope you all like it. You'll probably know most of the characters in here because they belong to the Naruto creators so yea hope you enjoy.

Bold: Means a summon animal is talking or when the Kyuubi is talking.

Italics: Means flashbacks/ thoughts

Bold italics: mean authors notes

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto or the other character in this story except for Kaede all rights to Naruto belong solely to MASASHI KISHIMOTO god bless this man for creating such an amazing anime T^T

A Happy Fox and a Lazy Cloud

An eerie howl ripped through the air of The Hidden Leaf Village. The villagers cowered in fear because before them stood a terrible creature of immense power and fear. The might beast had swirls of red and dangerous energy flowing from its body destroying everything in it's path. This beast resembled a fox, but this fox had nine tails and was to known many as the Kyuubi.

"Ahhh MONSTER!" were the many screams of the terrified villagers trying to flee the terrible beast. "Someone call the Fourth Hokage to save us!" were the screams of others.

As panic and terror spread through the village a huge cloud of smoke appeared in front of the Nine tailed Fox. When the smoke cleared a giant toad with a pipe in his mouth was reveled to the scared villagers as a tall blonde haired man stood proudly on top of him.

"It's the Fourth Hokage, were saved!" cheered the villagers.

"Gamabunta, I need you to lure the Kyuubi away from the village and towards me" ordered the blonde haired man.

Gamabunta breathed in a huge puff of smoke from his pipe then breathed out before he spoke. "You do know you will not survive after this right?" questioned the toad sage.

"Yes, I'm well aware of that fact Gamabunta, but this is what is best for the village and for my little girl," the fourth Hokage proclaimed with a line of regret in his voice.

"Very well. I shall led the nine tails to you just be ready with that jutsu of yours and be ready to say your good-byes," spoke the toad sage as he leaped towards the fox.

"I will and thank you my old friend I won't ever forget you," spoke the fourth as he disappeared off of the toad's head in a swirl of leaves.

The man soon reappeared in front of a deserted cabin in the mountains outside of the village. It was there the man found a women with fiery red hair cradling a blonde haired baby in her arms.

"Minato where's the Kyuubi?" asked the women.

"Gamabunta is leading him this way. Kushina how are you feeling," asked Minato.

"I won't last for much longer Minato. My body has taken too much damage from giving birth to having the Kyuubi released from my body," she tells him.

"Kushina don't say that. You have to live so you can take care of our daughter and mold her into a miniature you," Minato pleaded in a teasing way with tears in his eyes knowing the fate he has brought upon his daughter.

Kushina smiles at him. "My beloved you know I am going to die, but I'll die knowing our daughter will be cared for by you and I'll know she'll become a strong Kunoichi because of you," she tells him holding their little girl closer to her.

Minato eyes darken and his voice creaks a little bit when he speaks to her again. "No, I won't be here to see her grow up either. I've decided to reseal Kyuubi inside of her," he confessed heavy heartedly.

" Minato you can't do that to her! She needs to have one of us with her. How could you even think about doing this to our daughter?! Your willing to make her life a living hell by sealing that demon into her!" screamed Kushina.

"I know this will make her life harder and I know the pain you went through by being the Kyuubi's host, but I believe she can handle it. She's our daughter after all," replied Minato with a grin on his face.

"I hope your right about this Minato," Kushina says with a grim look on her face.

"Don't worry I'm positive she will be a ninja this village will be proud of," declared Minato proudly.

Just then a huge crash can be heard outside of the cabin causing both Minato and Kushina to look out the window to see Gamabunta covered in blood.

"Minato, I got him here. The rest is up to you," wheezed the great toad sage before he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"It's time." Minato stated carrying Kushina and his daughter outside. " Do you want to say anything to her."

"No, I told everything I had to say in the cabin, but you need some time with her, so I'll hold the Kyuubi off as long as I can for you," Kushina says before giving Minato their daughter. "I love you be a good girl for Mama when I'm gone," Kushina says softly to her baby girl creasing her face with tears falling from her eyes giving the baby a gentle kiss on the forehead before going off to face the Kyuubi.

"Well baby girl looks this is my good-bye to you, but don't be sad okay," he says softly to the sleeping baby in his arms. "In your life your going to face many troubles and a lot of heartache and that will because of what I'm about to do, but I hope one day you'll understand why I did this and I hope you'll forgive me. I want you to know that your mother and I love you with all our hearts and I hope that someday the village will recognize you as the hero you are," he tells her with tears flowing from his eyes.

"This sucks you know because I was really looking forward to being a father to you and seeing you grow up and to see you become a beautiful young women and a strong Kunoichi like your mother," he tells you as the tears continued to flow from his eyes. "I really wish things could have been different, but I have to do this because it will save the village and it will protect you from harm in the future, I just wish I could be there for you when you grew up baby girl," he tells his daughter with a sad smile on his face looking at the beautiful baby in his arms as the tears continued to flowed from his eyes.

Minato hears Kushina scream his name when the Kyuubi knocked her through the cabin walls as the Kyuubi appeared in the clearing cover in chains from Kushina's attack.

"Fourth Hokage! Where are you, you coward!" roared the Kyuubi.

"Right here Kyuubi! It's time to put a stop to you," Minato yelled performing multiple hand signs for his soul reaper jutsu.

With the completion of the hand signs a giant soul reaper appeared behind Minato and attacked the Kyuubi and sucked out the demon's sprit. When the Kyuubi sprit was sucked out Minato placed his hand on the baby stomach sealing the Kyuubi's sprit into her along with Kushina's and his soul.

"Farwell my precious little girl. May you find happiness someday Naruko," were Minato's last words before he passed away with Kushina and Naruko in his arms.

After the Kyuubi was sealed away inside of Naruko a group of ninjas appeared in the clearing where the little family lay.

"Looks like Minato beat the Kyuubi," said a man with long white hair with a sad face looking towards his fallen pupil holding his family.

"Yes so it would seem, but at the price of his life and his daughter's happiness," said an old man.

"Because of that demon my sensei is dead now," spat a silver haired teenage boy glaring daggers at the baby girl in his sensei's arms. "We should kill it now before it can cause anymore harm to the village."

The silver haired boy then started performing multiple hand signs and when he was done his right hand had electricity flowing from his palm as he charged at the baby in his sensei's arms. Right when he was about to strike the child, a teenage girl with purple hair jumped in front of the man to protect the baby from his attack.

"Kakashi stop!" screamed the purple haired teenager.

"Yugao get out of the way! I have to avenge my sensei's death!" Kakashi growled.

"Do you really think killing your Sensei's daughter will avenge his death Kakashi?" Yugao asked gently knowing he was in pain.

Kakashi dropped his attack when Yugao words sunk into his head. The girl he was about to attack was indeed his sensei's daughter, his flesh and blood and he was about to kill her.

"Forgive me sensei for I have brought shame to you," he says bitterly hanging his head in dishonor for his actions.

"Kakashi I know you hate the Kyuubi for taking your sensei away from you I hate it too, but the Kyuubi is inside the fourth's only daughter. We have to protect her from danger or he would never forgive us if we let anything bad happen to her," Yugao tells him.

"Yugao is right we must find someone to care for the child," stated the old man speaking up once again.

"I'll take care of her, Lord Hokage," said an elderly looking women with grayish-brown hair.

"Thank you for offering Lady Kaede, but I don't think you can care for the girl in your age," said the Third Hokage.

"Look here Hiruzen, I may be old, but I can still care for a child and besides I'm not taking no for an answer. Kushina was like a daughter to me and I'll be damned if I let anyone else rise her daughter," stated Kaede showing her resolve on the matter.

"Very well Kaede you will be allowed to be the girl's guardian," Hiruzen yielded knowing he would never win against his stubborn Ex-wife.

"What are we goanna name her?" Yugao asked looking at the baby in the white haired man arms.

"I remember Minato telling me he was planning on naming the baby Naruko," the white haired man tells them as he hands the sleeping baby over to Kaede.

"I like that name Master Jiraiya," Yugao said walking over to the sleeping baby in Kaede's arms.

"So her name is going to be Naruko Namikaze?" Kakashi asked.

"No, she will take her mother's maiden name, that way she won't draw too much attention to herself and from our enemies for being the daughter of the Fourth Hokage," Hiruzen stated.

"I believe you are right about her not taking Minato's name, but is it really to keep our enemies from getting her or so the people in this village won't have a fit about the Kyuubi's host being the daughter of the Fourth Hokage," Jiraiya inquired.

"I will not inform the village that this child is the Kyuubi's host as none of you are to speak of it as well. Is that clear," Hiruzen ordered.

"Yes, Lord Hokage," everyone replied.

"Good. As of now Kakashi, Yugao you two will be put in charge of being Kaede's and Naruko's Anbu guards. Make sure to protect her and Kaede from danger," Hiruzen ordered the two teenagers.

"Yes sir!" replied both teenagers.

Hiruzen then looked over to the baby girl cradled in Kaede's arms and gave the blonde haired girl a sad smile.

"Kaede I'm counting on you to take care of this child. I could never face Minato or Kushina again in the afterlife if anything ever happened to their daughter," he said solemnly with a reserved look on his face.

"No need to worry Hiruzen. This child will grow up to be one of the greatest ninjas this village has ever seen. Believe It!" Kaede shouted cheerfully pumping her fist in the air with a huge grin on her face.

"Why do I have a the sinking feeling those words are going to be a real pain in my backside in the future," muttered the Hiruzen with an edge of humor in his voice.

Lazyfox: Well people that was my first chapter of 'A Happy Fox and Lazy Cloud' hope you all enjoyed~

Kushina: Review so you can see more of my little girl or I'll destroy you all! Review please ^.^

Lazyfox: Bipolar much, but yeah please review (ducks a flying shuriken aimed at her head) before Kushina here destroys us all! (Runs away from an enraged Kushina.) AHHHHHH!

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Minato: (sighs) Just review while I try to calm down Kushina so until next time….

Everyone: JAA-NEE!

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