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143-Hate or Love?


Their relationship started with 143-I LOVE YOU Their relationship progressed with 143-I MISS YOU Their relationship ended with 143-I HATE YOU. Will, ever there can be a start to the end in their relationship? If yes, how? Marriage at a minor age is considered as illegal. Still, they were married with their will. How can they handle themselves in the web called Marriage? What is the significance of 143 at the end of their Married life?

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I Hate You

Ratnapur, Gujarat.

Gupta House

"Hello!", she responded to the phone call, after looking at the ringing piece of electronic device for a few minutes. Her stained cheeks with dry tears did nothing more to make it redder.

The pool of tears is ready to flow again. Controlling herself from letting it split out, she made sure her voice didn't sound sore even though her throat is. Silence on the other side of the mobile gave her enough awareness to know who is on the line.

"You wouldn't want alimony? Why?", he questioned after a brief silence from his end.

"Is it yours?", she questioned.

"Yes, it is.", he answered.

"I don't want, tho.", she sighed, a painful sigh.


"I'm not answerable to you.", she flared her nose. He's demanding, even after what all happened with them.

"Oh?! Fine then. Goodbye.", his temper took over his control.

What could they do? After all, they are just 18 years old, teenagers. More than that, while other is desperate, another one is impulsive. And when desperateness and impulsiveness get together, control has to lose, anyhow.

They just got divorced after two years of marriage. Their married life was blissful. At least, it was, up to a year. But then, when they turned 17, things got changed. They are no more able to control their blissfully-married-life only to let it fall apart. Yes, they were happy with their relationship, with their love. But now, they lost the charm in their happily married life. That doesn't mean, they don't love each other anymore. They do, but, maybe it was their impulsiveness that failed their marriage or maybe it was something else. But, they don't care about it anymore. Of course, it was lead to divorce. And they are here, with the divorce in their hands.


It is too rare for an 18 years old couple. But, it happened with them. Whatever may be the reason, they don't care. They are divorced. And it's the fact. But, the fact is killing them. Never the less, they had to accept it.

They are no more married, no more committed to each other.

Could they blame their fate? No. There's no way than to blame themselves in this relationship.

She is sad, better say heartbroken. She loved him. She loves him. But, it's better if they stay away for now. She doesn't want to create any more complications in her-their life, anymore. Whatever she has is enough to bear for a lifetime.

A lone tear rolled down her hazel orbs, as soon as her gaze landed on the photo frame beside her.

Picture of him and her in each other arms, grinning face to face. They were happy.

She is lost. Lost in her thoughts, her memories.



"Our parents will agree, right?"

"Yes, baby!"

She hugged him locking her arms around his neck. They are sitting beside each other under the tree, sneaking away from everyone while the whole class is busy preparing for the seminar.

A shrill ring of the phone brought her back to the earth.

Di - caller id

"Hi, Di!"

"How are you?", Kushi heard her cousin sister concern.

" I'm fine, Di.", she managed to say.

"Hmm. What do you want to do now?", she released a sigh. It was time to let her know.

"I want to continue my 11th class, Di."

"Hmm. Good! All the best for your future, dear. Concentrate more on your studies, you will get out of this phase, gradually. Okay?"

"Okay, Di.", her lips trembled. She doesn't want to go far away from her love, yet she has to. Blame the Circumstances. Only if they were not impulsive, or little bit more understanding, this day wouldn't have come.

Her sister hates child marriages. She was against them. No, no against their love or marriage. But, she was against their marriage at the wrong age. But, nobody listened to her. And now, and she is here, regretting. No, she's not regretting marrying her Arnav, but she is regretting marrying her love at the wrong age. Only if anyone paid heed to her sister.

Di, I hope I was a Christian like you.

She is being silly. She knew. But, she couldn't help but blame all the possible situations which wouldn't let them marry at such a tender age.

Gupta House

Main Hall

" Garima?", Garima came out from her thoughts after hearing her husband call her.


"How's our daughter?", he is worried.

"Do you expect to listen a fine from me?", she was angry at herself, her husband, and everyone.

Shashi sighed.

"We can't change the past, Garima."

Garima burst out crying again. Her daughter's life seems blank. Totally Blank. But, in her agony, she forgot that blankness has a chance to get coloured again.

Shashi consoled his wife. He can't help but accept the fate of their daughter. He was lost in thoughts while his hands busy in caressing his wife.

"Did you know, suma? Kushi and her husband got divorced."

"Yeah, maybe she couldn't fulfil her duty as a wife and daughter-in-law."

"Yeah! You are right. After all, she is just 16 when got married. How could she?"

They laughed at each other, continuing their gossip of latest news-Kushi and Arnav's Divorce.

Time reveals true colours.

It turned out to be true looking at those ladies who blessed their child when she got married. They took the responsibility to attend all the ceremonies. They never took the word child marriage during the actual marriage and now, when they got separated, they turned out to be little better than the worse. Because worse deserved for another one.

"Mom? Dad?", Shashi came out from his thoughts after hearing their daughter's voice.

Garima composed herself before looking up for her daughter. Never the less, Kushi knows them, their eyes answered her. They cried over her fate.

" I Hate You, Arnav!", she gritted her teeth.

Well, not only her but, on the other side of the city, Arnav stood in his room beside the window, his chocolate orbs are red with a sheer line of tears.

"I Hate You, Kushi!", he spat looking at the sky.

To be continued...

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