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The Servant Girl


Amunet is the newest exhibit at the museum of natural history in New York. She was recently discovered in a lavish tomb, usual for her as she was not any kind of Ancient Egyptian Royalty. All she was a servant to Cleopatra the Seventh. She soon became popular as well as a fascination when research revealed a legend claiming not only was she the favourite and most loyal of all Cleopatra’s servants but that she had magical powers given to her by the Gods. That was only rumours until Amunet was awoken from her long slumber in the twenty-first century to a night guard and a waxwork of a president both baffled by her. To all their surprise they find those powers are real and incredible. Amunet learns to like the museum as well as her new freedom and she soon makes friends, this peace doesn’t last for her when she starts to feel a pull to the tablet guarded by two scary Anubis statues and one angry pharaoh trapped in his sarcophagus. Read to see Amunet's journey from the shy quiet servant to the skilled stunning confident sorceress, and how she falls for the fourth King of the fourth King.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 New Museum


One of the most terrifying and disorientating things a person can go through is waking up in a dark confined space. Was this the afterlife? This is not how the high priests of Egypt described it. Maybe it changed and they did not know. But me doubting them and the gods was unspeakable. What if the gods had decided to punish me by sending me here and not to the afterlife?! I am doomed! Doomed! The gods have doomed me to lie here in this space forever! Unless they had awoken me in the box my body was buried in under the sand. What a cruel punishment! It is not my fault the royal court of my Queen Cleopatra made up rumours about me having powers! I did not, of course, none of the gods had blessed me. I was just a servant girl to the Queen, the youngest at 18 years, but despite my age, I worked incredibly hard and was nothing but loyal to her, despite the danger her actions put me through. She trusted me the most out of her many servants, and it was from her that the rumours about my ‘powers’ began. She, being the goddess Isis in human form, apparently blessed me to have magical powers I could wield as I wished with complete freedom. Freedom, a thing I would never get to have, but I went along with the Queen, knowing she probably was Isis in human form as she was Pharaoh. You’d be a fool to question the Pharaoh, maybe that is why I was where I am now. Oh my Queen, please free me! I beg you, have mercy! Allow me to follow you to the afterlife! I gave my life to follow you after you departed to the afterlife, why am I not able to follow you?!

“Great Scott Lawrence, it seems there is breathing come from this sarcophagus,” I heard a strange-sounding voice speaking an odd language I did not understand. I gasped and held my breath. Maybe I was in the afterlife? I then heard a knocking coming from in front of me. I must be still in whatever it was I was buried in when I died, but why wasn’t it in the ground?

“Yeah, we better get whoever is in out before they start screaming,” Another voice replied, then before I could call out to them I heard the sound of metal rattling then the front of my sarcophagus was pushed to the side letting in light and air allowing me to realise that I was still wrapped in mummification bandages. I touched my face with my bandaged hands and managed to pull them down so I could see and breathe. I took in a deep breath and let it out, dust flying out from the bandages and my dry mouth. I blinked a few times, my eyes taking in the two men in front of me and the new unfamiliar place I was in. The men both had pale skin, one had brown hair on his upper lip below his nose and a warm smile, strange beige clothing as well as an odd-looking crown and some clear circles in his eyes. He also carried a strange long weapon like nothing I’d ever seen before. The other man was younger with dark hair, a slightly glum and confused expression on his face and ash grey clothing similar to the older man but he had some strange tools on his waist.

“Good evening miss,” The man with the hair on his face greeted with a salute.

“Hey, how you doing?” The other man said both of them spoke the same strange language I did not understand. “You must be,” He then paused and stepped back clutching the sword at his side to look at a sign that had been placed in front of my sarcophagus. “Amunet,” I nodded understanding my name then placed one of my hands on my chest.

“Yes, I am Amunet,” I said in my own language but they both frowned and looked at each other.

“It seems she doesn’t understand English,” The first man sighed.

“Uh, I’m Larry,” The other man said gesturing to himself but all I could do is frown and shake my head. “Lar-ry,” he repeated tapping his chest twice.

“Lar-ry?” I repeated pointing to him.

“Yes!” he nodded.

“Lar-ry!” I repeated then nodded my head respectfully to him.

“Theodore Roosevelt ma’am,” The other man greeted holding his hand out. I frowned at them him wondering what to do and nod understanding. He chuckled. “Teddy,” He said then pointed to my left hand. I think he was trying to tell me to hold it out so I cautiously did so and he took hold of it gently and shook it. “I’m Teddy,” He said smiling again.

“Teddy,” I repeated and shook his hand, not sure if that was a greeting or his name. It was strange, but he seemed like a kind person.

“What do we do here Teddy? We can’t understand her,” Lar-ry said frowning at Teddy, the two men then began to discuss in their language. As I stepped out from my sarcophagus and began to look around the new place I was in. It wasn’t a tomb, I was in a grand looking building that had high ceilings and many important-looking artefacts and strange writing on the walls that weren’t hieroglyphics. There were various colours both vibrant and dull as well as some unusual looking torches, some of which were different colours too! I had never seen anything like it, I must be in a palace in the afterlife! Everything was so strange, perhaps these strange men were going to guide me on my way. They were not what I thought the gods would have set to help me, but then again I was not a Pharaoh. Maybe they were testing me.

“Amunet!” I heard the jolly man call to me and I turned around again seeing them beckon me over with their hands. I frowned at them as I took more of the bandage off around my head and neck freeing more of my bronze skin and black curly hair that had been partly tied back when I was buried.

“C’m here,” Lar-ry said also beckoning me again. Teddy was pointing at a message that had been written in hieroglyphics on the front of my sarcophagus lid, which it alone took my breath away. It looked more like one fit for a lord or member of the royal family that wasn’t as powerful as the Pharaoh but was still important with the beautiful colours that had faded over the years, gorgeous images of various gods and charms written on the sides. I didn’t have the mask as the pharaohs would, but it was still more stunning than I ever could have hoped for. It was an honour to be laid to rest in that to start my journey into the afterlife in that. But the message left on the front stood on its own on the aged stone lid and I had to read it.

“Once you served the Pharaoh with only your labour and loyalty, now you will serve yourself with power truly mighty. When the time comes for you to awake, you will shine like the sun while you pursue your fate. Seek the moonlight, that is your power’s strength. Seek true freedom and Ra watch over you Amunet.”

When I finished reading the message the symbols began to glow like gold in the sunshine, was it Ra’s magic?! I gasped then bowed lowly on the ground before the sarcophagus, paying no attention to the two men bickered amongst each other instead of bowing respectfully. The gods would punish them then.

“I think we may have to let the Pharaoh out, we cannot let this girl be here without anyone to communicate with,” Teddy said, but this time I understood him! His words were making sense to me, but I did not know their language or even where it came from!

“We don’t have a lot of time left, how are we gonna do that?” Lar-ry replied his words I could understand too. Had Ra given me the power that was mentioned in the message? Did me saying it out loud grant me these powers?

“We must after what we just witness Lawrence!” Teddy told him gesturing to the sarcophagus. As I slowly stood up I began to build up the courage to try and speak to them, hoping that I would be able to make them understand me.

“Teddy? Lar-ry?” I began making them both look at me. “I can understand your language,” I then gasped at the fact I could speak to them in their tongue.

“My name is Larry, and you speak English?!” Larry, not Lar-ry, said and I nodded.

“It seems so, and forgive me. I have never heard of your name before,” I admitted bowing again. He seemed angry, I hope that wouldn’t affect me getting into the afterlife.

“Don’t panic young one, everyone feels a like a headless chicken when they first come to life,” Teddy told me making me frown at his odd saying, and that he said I had come back to life.

“Is this not the afterlife?” I asked pointing to the building we were in.

“No, this is life, and we’re in the museum of natural history,” Larry told me.

“What?” I asked. I was not dead?! “I am alive?! Am I in a palace of some kind? Where is my Queen Cleopatra, she will need me to attend to her at this time. She is in danger from Roman with her love Marc Antony,” I stressed then Teddy sighed and stepped over to me.

“My dear, this isn’t Egypt. This is the United States of America. And your Queen has been dead for thousands of years,” Teddy told me and I felt sadness and guilt fill me. My Queen was dead, and I had not followed her into the afterlife! I was not worthy to serve her in the afterlife!

“No...” I whimpered. “But what do I do now?! I exclaimed looking from Teddy to Larry for an answer. I had no purpose now. I was in between life and death somehow.

“Now you can be a part of this museum, now come. It is Lawrence’s first day too. Now then, to answer your question Lawrence, follow me,” Teddy said then turned back to me. “You may come with us if you wish to learn more about why you’ve been brought back to life too Amunet,” I nodded then followed after them still in my bandages. I began to unwrap them so I could get my fingers free and wiggle them about. By the gods, it felt good to do that.

Hello everyone, so I decided to do a new story even though I should be working on other stories but this one is special to me because it is the first story I have published on Inkitt! Woohoo! 🥳 I came up with the idea for a few years ago, and I was sitting at home watching the films the other day and felt nostalgic cos these films were a part of my childhood, and I also thought Rami Malek as Akhmenrah was adorable and did have a crush on him a bit. Nowadays I still think he cute and talented and am proud of how far he's come in his career, but I am in a relationship with a guy I really love and miss so much right now cos of Quarantine, and my celebrity crush has changed to Lewis Tan. (If you don't know who that is and like men, google images right now my friend. You're welcome in advance 😘). Anywho, hope you enjoy this probably cringy little fanfiction. PEACE!
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