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My Mistake


I look behind me and I don't see the boys. "Oof!" I run into someone and start to fall backwards, but he reacts quickly and catches me. "I'm so sorry," I say, pulling away from the guy and looking up into eyes the color of the sky with dark blue rims. "My mistake." "It's okay," he says, smiling. "You good?" Your name is Candice (Candy) Foster, and you're now moving to Florida from Australia with your manager and team. In this fanfic you are a widely know TikTok star from Australia.

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Moving In

"Thank you for flying with Delta Air Lines," a woman says over the speakers as my (now legal guardian) Casey and I walk through the terminal and to the baggage pickup.

"You excited Candy?" Casey asks me. She knew that I could hardly stay still the whole trip.

"Ummm, how about yes!" I say to her.

She giggles. "There are our things," she say, pointing at the baggage as it come closer to us.

I grab my two chromium suitcases (dark red and black) off of the belt along with a large grey duffle.

Once we have our things, we walk outside.

I stop and take in a large breath, breathing in the fresh and slightly salty air.

"Candy, come on!" Casey says. She's standing by a black Cadillac SUV Escalate, loading her baggage into the bag. I quickly follow her and hop in.

We talk with our Uber driver a bit, and soon enough, we pull up into the driveway of beautiful house. Or more like a moderate mansion. The exterior is white, with light gray stone and dark wood accents. Each window and door is framed with black bar and there are a bunch of tiny plants growing on the healthy green grass of the lawn.

Casey and I hop out, thanking and paying the driver before taking our luggage and heading inside.

Here in America, it's about 11:30 in the afternoon, and I slept on the plane, so I am (for once) not tired.

Casey and I start exploring the house, leaving our luggage by the front door. She finds the master bedroom and claims it for herself, and I find the second largest bedroom.

We had most of our stuff shipped here, and the stuff we couldn't ship, we just replaced. There's a new queen size bed setup directly where I would have wanted it. The room is basically it's own section of the house. The ceiling tilts up in an A-frame and some cute wooden beams decorate the ceiling.

I start setting all of my stuff up. Things such as hanging framed photos and fairy light with command hooks and making my bed. I unpack the majority of my clothes, hanging them up and/or folding them and placing them in my dresser.

"Candy!" Casey yells from the kitchen. "Hurry up and get ready to go! I'm hungry! You can finish unpacking later!"

I roll my eyes before grabbing a change of clothes and my toiletries from my suitcase before heading to the bathroom.

I take a quick shower and brush out my hair, putting it in a low braid.

I slip on a pink tank top, light blue jean shorts, an open light grey cardigan, and a thin gold chained necklace with a candy charm that rests on my collarbone. I slip on a pair of black ankle socks and white Adidas before heading into the kitchen where Casey is waiting.

"Finally!" She says. "They already have a car here for us, apparently."

We step through a door into the connected garage to reveal a white Mercedes Benz and a cherry red Chevy pick-up.

I slide into the passengers seat of the chevy.

"Where to?" I ask her.

"Starbucks bitch."

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