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My Mistake


โ€œHow can I help you?โ€ The woman at the counter asks.

โ€œIโ€™ll take a grilled cheese sandwich and a grande caramel frappe,โ€ I say.

โ€œAnd Iโ€™ll have the Seasoned Turkey and Green Peppered Pico salad with a grande Dragon Drink,โ€ Casey says.

We grab our orders and sit at a table outside.

โ€œSo,โ€ Casey says. โ€œWhatcha wanna do tomorrow?โ€

โ€œWell, I need to post a new photo on Instagram this week,โ€ I say, taking a photo of my food. โ€œI was thinking the beach? Landon and Preston will be here tomorrow to, so they could join us.โ€

Casey nods her head. โ€œHow about we sleep before we do any of that though?โ€ She says.

โ€œUmm, no dur Sherlock. I need sleep!โ€ I say with a smile.

โ€œUmm, excuse me?โ€ I hear from behind me. I turn around and see a teenage girl.

โ€œHi!โ€ I say.

โ€œAre you Candy Foster?โ€ She asks.

I smile. Yayyyyy! A FAN!

โ€œYes!โ€ I answer her, smiling and standing up. โ€œWhatโ€™s your name?โ€

โ€œOh my God, Iโ€™m Lacy Simpson! Can I get a picture?โ€ She asks, suddenly going from shy to excited.

I laugh. โ€œOf course you can!โ€

She takes out her phone and we pose a few times.

โ€œThankyou so much!โ€ She says. โ€œHave a great day!โ€

โ€œSame to you,โ€ I say back.

I sit back down and finish eating my food.

Once Casey and I are done eating, we start walking around. I keep note of where the car is so we can find it later.

Weโ€™re currently about a mile from the cafe when I hear someone near us say, โ€œOh my God! Thatโ€™s Candy!โ€

I smile, amused. Itโ€™s always funny, when people recognize you and donโ€™t know what to do.

I turn around and see the person that said that pointing at me while talking to his friend. I remind myself not to feel offended, because pointing at people is normal in America.
(Edit: normally in other parts of the world, you point with two fingers, which can indicate the person next to a person as well, so thereโ€™s no singling a person out. Small hand gestures are also used.)

The guy thatโ€™s pointing at me looks at me and I wave at him, trying to make him feel comfortable.

This goes on all day, with people asking me why Iโ€™m here in Florida. I simply answer them by saying that theyโ€™ll have to watch my upcoming YouTube video.

Once we get back to the house, I walk into my room and change into a pair of black shorts and an old grey T-shirt. I flop down onto my recently made bed and connect my AirPods to my phone.

Right now Iโ€™m in one of those moods to listen to a song on repeat.

I go to Spotify and play โ€˜Woke Up Lateโ€™ by Dax Project on repeat, laying my head into my pillows and letting my body relax.

I let my constant tiredness wash over me and I fall asleep.

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