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Magic Island


School life is hard, especially if you're someone like Blossom Dark. Making friends is impossible when no one notices you. But today does not seem so bad, once the blue haired boy sitting in front of her starts a little riot. Who knew she would become friends with the blue haired boy named Yeonjun.

Drama / Humor
Ammun Rehman
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"Yeonjun....yeonjun wake up!" Beomgyu shook his hyungs arm. Yeonjun's eyes fluttered open. "Next time you fall asleep on the bus, I'll draw a mustache on your face!" Beomgyu said. Kai giggled. "Better idea, we'll turn your earrings into nose rings!" Soobin exclaimed. Taehyun toppled over laughing. Yeonjun's eyes went wide and he reached over to smack Soobin on the head. But Soobin dodged and he fell into his lap instead. "RoCk A by BaBy!" Soobin sang. "Not funny, you try and I will start calling you SoObIniiieee infront of all the kids in gym class." He threatened and got back in his seat.

Four seats ahead Huening Kai noticed a pretty blonde girl staring at Yeonjun. He turned to him; "Jae-hwa still obsessed with you?" He asked. "Yup" Yeonjun answered pretending to look for something in his bag.


Another boring day in math class. Blossom Dark sat in Professor. Drake's class trying not to doze off. She stared around her. All these kids probably had friends. She didn't have any. All she had were her incredible (as her mother said) drawing skills and her pet cat named Mochi. But that was all she needed in life, these things took her to magic island. Her own special place where she could be herself and worry about nothing ( like global warming and corruption or no world peace for instance -.-). It was Magical.

But right now she had to focus on math, Pfft!Yea right. She looked around once again. Nearly all the kid's around her had dyed hair. All the kids LOVED dyeing their hair. Two rows beside her sat a boy named Jeon Jung guk, but people preferred to call him Jungkook. Nicknames were so common that even the teachers would call the children by their nicknames. Most of the girls called Jungkook ' Kookie' or ' Bunny'. His hair was black from the top but dyed brown from the tips. Another example was the girl sitting behind her, Onda ( real name, Jo Serim) her hair was a pretty shade of orange. She stared at the head in front of her. Blue. Like electric blue. (I read on Utube {yes I call it that, bear with me, I'm lazy XD} someone said that yeonjuns hair was the brightest blue in the universe XDD)

Suddenly the blue head in front of her turned around. Blossom found herself speechless. His facial features were like those she had never seen before. Chocolate brown eyes, so deep. Cherry colored lips. His skin was so fair. It was hard not to stare.

"Hi." He said. "H-hi.." Blossom stuttered. "Do you have an extra pen I could borrow?" He said his eyes bright. "Sure..." She said. She took out her pouch and fiddled through it until she found a purple pen that had paw prints on it. Yeonjuns eyes went wide. "Purple is my favorite color!" He smiled. Blossom felt her cheeks burn a little, his face looked so cute. "Mine too" She said handing it to him. Suddenly a flying board marker hit Yeonjun on the head. " OWWW! What was that for!?" He said turning around.

Professor.Drake was scowling at him. "You were talking during class. And I know you were the one who put salt instead of sugar in my tea. " He said. Yeonjun blushed and put a hand behind his head. "Well sir you were lucky it was salt, some kids suggested putting heroin-I MEAN baby powder in your tea." He laughed nervously. Blossom couldn't help but giggle at him. "It's not our fault learning math is as exciting as watching grass grow." The whole class laughed. Professor. Drake frowned. "Detention." Yeonjuns mouth dropped open. "But,but!" Yeonjun started. "No buts!" Professor said.

Blossom felt bad for Yeonjun, he didn't do anything wrong. "Sir, it was my fault. I would like to take his detention." The whole class turned around in their seats to look at Blossom. Was she serious? Yeonjun found himself speechless this time. Professor. Drake was a bit surprised himself but agreed as long as someone got detention. Blossom didn't have a problem with getting detention, she had never gotten detention before, but she didn't mind. It was not like she had friends waiting for her after school.

The class continued in silence. With a few whispers here and there. But Yeonjun could not focus on mathematics.

Why? He kept asking himself that very question.

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