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The Promised Prince


Jon Snow was turned into a White Walker. His family still thought him alive. He found a way to still have human emotions and to fight for his family.

Adventure / Other
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Chapter 1

Jon Snow the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, are busy getting an army ready to fight the White Walkers. And what they need is lots of Dragon stone to kill them. And the only place to find it is on Dragonstone Island, where the House Targaryen reside. And the mother of dragons live with her three dragon children. Drogon the biggest of the three, Rhaegal and Viserion. As Jon and a few close friends from the Night’s Watch and his friend from the Wildlings arrive at the Home of Daenerys Targaryen, the men quarrel under themselves if the legend of the dragons are true when Drogon flew over their heads with a screech. The all fell to the ground and pulled out their swords.

‘What in the gods name! I thought they didn’t exist?’ Jon said.

’Well clearly they do. Do you think the Queen will be able to help?’Tormund the wildling asked.

‘I hope she can. Otherwise we are all going to become White Walkers.’ Jon replied.

‘Well persuasion will be the only option.’

They walked up the path following Daenerys right hand man. As they came closer to the castle, they saw all of the unsullied soldiers standing guard.

‘Do they really have no Penis?’ Tormund asked Jon in a hush voice.

‘Well I don’t know.’

‘Actually they do have a penis they just don’t have any balls.’ Tyrion told them.

‘Well I’l be damned.’ Tormund said.

As they entered the castle Daenerys sat on her throne, with her head of soldiers, Grey Worm on her right with her consultant Tyrion Lannister walking up the stairs to also stand on her right, and on her left was her hand maiden/friend Missandei. Jon and the rest of his crew entered and stood at the end of the stairs.

‘What do we owe the pleasure Jon Snow?’ Missandei asked.

‘We are here to ask the mother of dragons to help us with an army to defeat the White Walkers.’

‘The White Walkers are a myth. They don’t exist.’ Tyrion said.

‘Actually they do. And we can proof it. But then we need to get some dragon stone to kill them. And Dragonstone Island is the only place to have that specific stone.’

‘You can’t be serious to think we would believe such a story. White Walkers. Ha!!’

‘It’s true’ Tormund ansered out of his turn.′ Most of my friends and family were taken by them and turned. And nothing can hurt or kill them except dragon stone that one of The Crow men got from his family and stabbed it with the stone. It died after being stabbed.′

‘And the winter is coming and it will be the longest winter yet to come if we don’t kill the White Walkers. They bring the winter with them.’ Jon added.

‘Fine! We will go and see if what you say are true.’ Daenerys said.

‘My Queen, you can’t believe a word that come out of their mouths.’ Lord Varys said in a whispered tone from the back.

‘On one condition.’ Daenerys said standing up.

‘And what is your condition?’

‘You bow to me as your Queen.’

’I bow to no one. ’Jon said

‘He is the King of the North.’ Davos said.

‘Hush!’ Jon scolded.

‘I haven’t gotten any news about Jon being King of the North!’ Tyrion said confused.

‘Well he is. If there are going to be knees bend it should be yours bending to him.’ Tormund said.

‘There will be no knees bending. I’m here to make a treaty with the Mother of Dragons. Not a Queen. And I’m not going to be bending the knee to two queens.’ Jon said angrily.

‘What do you mean by two queens?’ Missandei asked.

Cersei of the House Lannister, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms. That’s what she calls herself these days.’ Davos said.

‘I’m the only Queen and the Seven Kingdoms and the Iron throne is mine.’ Daenerys said.

‘There won’t be much left of the Seven Kingdoms after the White Walkers have taken every person and soul. No one except them to rule it.’ Jon said agitated now.

‘Missandei, please show our guests to their rooms. We can talk like normal people once everyone is rested.’ Tyrion said. He saw trouble coming.

Missandei walked down the stairs and motioned for everyone to follow her. Everyone turned to leave. Only Jon stood looking at Daenerys.

‘Can you really ride a dragon?’

‘Wait and see Jon Snow.’

Jon turned and walked out the room.

Everyone was settle when Tyrion spoke to Daenerys.

‘My Queen. What if what he says is true about the White Walkers? What will we do?’

‘I don’t no. You are my adviser. You need to find out about these White Walkers and what they do.’

‘Yes my Queen.’

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