Solangelo goes to Hogwarts


My taking on the cliche demigods go to Hogwarts. Hades has a request for his only son, to destroy the horcrux's made by Tom Riddle. He is allowed to bring one other, and if course takes Will. "Light and dark must forge a path, To escape the dark one's wrath. The boy who lived destined to die, By the hand of the one destined to lie."

Action / Adventure
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Any media I use, I do not own. All character rights go to Uncle Rick and JK Rowling.

Let me get a few things clear before you read. I will try to use as few cliches as possible, only when I think it’s necessary and that is what would happen, and I feel like Nico would be really polite to people unless you mess with him. He may be a child of Hades (a sass king), but he is from the 30′s.

Not everyone will be in Gryffindor.

The hat will not announce their house before it is on their head.

The wizards will not immediately tell that they are demigods.

There will not be a lot of characters/ I will not add all of the seven.

No witches or wizards are demigods.

There will not be an oc.

If you don’t like it, don’t read. Hope you enjoy the story.

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