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Beyond the lie


In a world where the supernatural is natural. Hybrids and humans roam the streets, living their lives. Some humans have a vendetta against hybrids. Believing their beneath them since they arent fully human. Some hybrids have a hatred for humans. Believing whole or half, they're still human and deserve to be treated as such. These beliefs have divided the 2, creating a poison in both houses. You, y/n aka Scarlett hated the way the hybrids were treated. You went out of your way to be kind and caring to every hybrid you met, knowing they hardly ever receive it. Bts Hybrid AU

Fantasy / Thriller
Age Rating:

A bit of information

This is my first book so bare with me pls

▪︎The use of bts and any others are used as characters. Their personalities and actions are of my own doing. They are used the same way actors are in movies and in no way should the situations in this book reflect back on anyone in real life▪︎

▪︎This story has sporadic updates. Meaning there is never really a schedule. I may post multiple times in one day or may not update in 3 months. I'm sorry if this doesn't work for you. I will try to update as frequently as possible▪︎

▪︎This story deals with more sensitive and heavier topics. Such as murder, kidnapping, torture and things of that nature. It will also include heavy adult language and some sexual tension (idk about smut and stuff let me know if youd be interested). If you are uncomfortable with these things I'd advise you to exit now. Once again I'm sorry if this inconveniences you▪︎

▪︎If you choose to continue I hope you enjoy this book. If not thank you for your time and consideration▪︎

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